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  1. Hi as a premiun member you can set up notifications which emails as soon as a new cache is listed within the guidlines you request EG. 80km from home co-ords, new listing only, trad, size or how ever you wish.


    This email tells direction and distance and provides link to cache page for quick access to info.

    If you are after FTF this is a great way to get ahead as the email usally comes a few minutes before it is showen on wed site.


    "Instanotify" Notification Service

    The Notification system is currently active .


    The Geocaching Instanotify service is a Groundspeak Premium Member feature. As new logs are posted to Geocaching.com you can get an instant email sent to you with the contents of that log entry. The Instanotify feature is now out of beta but is still not yet approved by the Food and Drug Administration.



    New Notification Traditional Cache [edit]

    Log type(s): Publish Listing, Enable Listing


    Enabled subscriptions are checked. Click checkbox to toggle status.


    Create a new notification

  2. Do like new map feature except that if you zoom out more then a couple of sceens

    you can't see any caches which is handy if you are looking at different routes to take.

    Also at the monemt after scrolling around several pages the whole map locks up.JABs

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