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  1. No wounder, because GC.com indicates that it normally takes at most about 72 hours. Maybe they should not raise expectations. The reviewer will looked at. GC.com and say it does not indicate that at most 72 hours for the cache online, this would have been a reaction of a reviewer


    Mod (name removed) has repeatedly said that if people really start to whine then they can repay like buying a car and get text that the cache is notified and that it may take a few weeks before the cache online.



    These two quotes have been taken from the a countries geo forum and I hope shows some light.

  2. Ok the friend in question is not from NSW, Australia or even the southern part of the world.

    The three links have already been parst on but still there is an issue of not been able to say anything without reprisale.

    Can a mod or someone with inside knowledge contact me and I will give more details.

  3. OK I am not having any trouble with getting a cache listed but ask on behalf of a freind.


    They submitted a new listing over a week ago and still have no reply, they are scared to post a reviewer note as other's before have had trouble from the reviewer for been to pushie. But is not over a week much to long for a reviewer not to even post a note?


    Their words -"at forum we may not ask questions about a moderator because we get banned ....... we have to wait patcienly. don't say our name

    otherwise we get trouble"


    "cachers are waiting more as a month at cache published"



    So please tell me why they must wait over a week and I can get a cache published within 24-36 hours?

  4. Magellan will not reliese there code to alow this to happen.

    I find it does not slow me down I an still using a Explorist 500.

    Make a PQ or Bookmark and send file to Magellan Geocache Manager.

    There is a topic here somewhere for Magellan uses I will see if I can find it for you.

  5. Hi obehere, I just noticed your question on the GC forums about postcodes. I believe they are an US feature as this site is US based, so it will not work for us Ozzies.

    Try and visit this Site and ask on the forums here for more info, as it is where you will find most Ozzies hang out.


    Yes you will have to registor same as GC site, there is even a space for each state to list.

    Hope this helps JABs.

  6. You will find about 80 caches within a 20 km radius of Albury take this GC as centre and do a PC - Down Mexico Way GCNPGV .

    Also try joining this site and post on there forums as it is where you will find most Ozzies hand out.


    There is a section for international visitors but if you post in the indervidual states section of the forum you should get more help. Hope this helps.

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