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  1. I helped my son set up and hide his first cache. I even helped him post it. I did not however take any of the credit for it. It's his cache, let him have the hide. Should I log this as a find or am i doomed to have that occursed green lid box staring at me evey day? Would it be poor taste if I logged it as a find considdering the fact that I actually told him where to hide it?


    Your biggest mistake was asking the question here in the forums. Go log the cache. No one should care. If they do, they shouldn't be playing the game.



    I had the same problem but if you look in my profile I have logged most of her hides cause it is hard to explain to a 7 year old that it is bad form to log a cache you helped hide.



    I just wait till several others have logged it before I go back and check all is ok and log the book. Each to there own.



    If my wife hides a cache with out me under our caching name can I go log it under our name. If you adopt a cache that you already have found should you delete your own find as you now own that cache.



    My daughter gets such a great amount of joy from recieving emails that someone has logged her cache, more so when it is caches she knows and always waits and tries to guess when dad has gone out and do her cache.

  2. JABs is the initials of my three children.

    Yes all three kids first names start with a J, there second or middle name start with a A and the family or surname starts with a B.

    The first two have there names before we noticed the link and so decided that the thrid also should have the same initials as the first two.

    Oh the little s is because its a plural, there is more then one of them.

  3. We have been exploring Google streets and the scenery is good enough to make a cache out of some of the spots the Google camera has spotted. Anybody game for making a geocache? Sort of? And what are the ramifications of this? :)


    poikää es butterfly



    Took about a week before the first cache can out in Oz using Street view.


    Will find GC no. and post later.



    It also helps solve Multi and Mystery cachers.


    Can find out alot of info before you go to an area and solve puzzels.


    Eg. At waypoint one there is presdition crossing and it askes how meny white lines are there.


    using street view the answer was 11.

  4. Ok I see now others are also having problems with maps and thanks for the reply that something is been done.


    My problem only happens when I try and look at the Maps on my PQs page, ie preview map in google maps.


    Looking forward to the fix.

  5. Ok don't know where else to post and not shore when it started.


    When I go into My PQs page I see alist of PQs I have but now when I click on the icon which should alow me to preview in google maps, all I get when this button is clicked is the standard Green Lake background and the bubble which says Requesting Geocaches. I even tried leaving it but after 15 mintues it was still requesting geocaches.


    If this should be else where please let me know and I will post it there.

  6. It is imperative that you read and understand the Cache Listing Requirements and Guidelines prior to placing each and every geocache. Please make sure to obtain permission from the landowner or land manager.



    Please look at the part that talks about Maintenance of caches and ablility to check and or fix any problems that may come up.



    I would surgest that your first hide be close to home where you are able to keep a close eye on it.



    Try also posting a note on the GCA forums Geocaching Australia Site you will need to registor on that site as it is a different group to the GC site but you will find most Ozzies hang out in there and there is also a section for each State can post notes.



    Hope this helps JABs.

  7. This is the message I currenty get when logging onto the GC site.


    There is a problem with this website's security certificate.


    The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address.


    Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server.

  8. The Riverina Geocaching Committee has much pleasure in announcing the official name of the mega event for 2010.


    The official name is.........Oz Mega Wagga Wagga.


    The Committee decided to keep it simple.


    All felt the OZ...tells all which country its in.....the Mega, what type of event it is ....and Wagga Wagga ,which city is host .


    The name has been well under way for awhile and will feature in everything from signage,merchandise,logo's,geocoins and many other highlights to this much anticipated event.



    President ,


    Riverina Geocaching Committee.


    Is was copied from the GCA forum site.


  9. Ok I am sick of some local cachers not proforming maintenance on there caches and after a long time of placing SBA or Needs Maintenance on the cache page, I have even tried sending our local reveiwer or two a list of caches that require help, are full of water, have been missing and disabled for over two months and now a month later that still sit there wet missing broken or even co-ords way off.

    Jewel in the CrownGCP089

    up there climbing a week ago and its gone


    This is always a tough subject. It's gone? Or not where you found it? You did not log a DNF. No 'Needs Maintenance'. 3 DNFs in a row doesn't necessarily mean very much. Owner still active. 3 for difficulty. One of our local "Cachers of the Year" admits not being able to find one of his caches. But others are logging it. If you're absolutely sure that it's gone, then you might consider logging a 'Needs Maintenance." But, how is anyone going to know that it's missing if you don't post that?



    Why have I not posted a note or SBA is it is the same owner who I am always posting those note on his cache pages this one is a little distance from his place (40km) alot of his other caches that need help are withing 10-20km of the town he lives in and he even drives parst several each on the way to work.


    It is just hard when sometimes you don't even get a answer. The answer is yes it is gone only one place an Ammo can could be hidden up there, posting a note or sending an email usually gets no answer or if I am lucky he will disable it with a . for a reply and then it will stay disabled for a couple of months till I send him another email or post a SBA not.


    Yes I know I sound like the cache police but I try to keep our area up to date, just needed to vent.

  10. Ok I am sick of some local cachers not proforming maintenance on there caches and after a long time of placing SBA or Needs Maintenance on the cache page, I have even tried sending our local reveiwer or two a list of caches that require help, are full of water, have been missing and disabled for over two months and now a month later that still sit there wet missing broken or even co-ords way off.



    Why have I posted here maybe it is just to vent, but allready I fell better.


    These are only some of the list but I feel heaps better.



    Jewel in the CrownGCP089


    up there climbing a week ago and its gone.One wood one BrickGCP08Abeen wet for along timeI got the deadend bluesGCPCGAbeen wet since July 07Life SaverGCQMGQStopped by larst week with daughter tin was full of water and no sign of owner Wee Willy GCXK4FBeen missing since Dec 08 J.C's Grove GCTA4Qhas a long history of problems Holy Park GCXERPmaintenance posted July 08 Old Rankins GCT9R9

    April 08 was first needs maitenance note. Vella's View GCTAQVthis one first noted wet back in Nov 07 Judy's View GCQ7PPFebuary 09 wet MEAT SHOP APPARTMENTGCX1ZFinteresting history co-ords may need updating. Total EclipseGC1BDHClarst find July 08 owner not logged since Dec 08 Rally Round GCP2VVDisabled January.

  11. Hi from the JABs, Not from Tassie but have been there for a short trip and loved the place, the people, the caches even the tourist places we visited we found to be great. We are planning a second trip down there as it was such a wounderfull place.

    The March average for Min Temp is 10°C with a Max average of 20°C whick is a very pleasant time of year. If you wish to find out more please visit these forums http://forum.geocaching.com.au/index.php where there is a section for international visitors can post, you will find most Ozzies hang out in that forum and will get a bigger reply from there.

    Good luck and if you are planning your trip for next year 2010 be aware that Australia is planning its first Mega event Over the Easter break (early April), this will be held in Wagga Wagga NSW. See this topic - http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php...207953&st=0

  12. Hi from the JABs,


    Try this link http://www.geocaching.com/seek/


    You will found some stash notes on the right hand side of the page.


    Some more can be found here also http://geocacher-u.com/content/blogcategory/36/61/



    Where do I find the "Stash Note" to put in my cache to explain what it is?



    I hope you find this of some help, also just google Stash Note and you will find


    a list of other web links which have downloadable stash note.

  13. Still looking for anyone who would be willing to put out some of our event wooden nickels!





    Hi from the JABs, have sent you a PM


    Would be more then happy to show them around Oz.


    Mailed out to the Land Down Under yesterday!



    Here I am sitting at work looking at these fine nickles.


    Thanks for sending them and for the surprise.


    Look forward to passing them out.

  14. Ok forum timed out.


    Please help me I am looking for an old topic where it was

    talked about using a DS and by adding an extra program

    one was able to load up cache page info to help go paperless.


    If any one can remember this topic and where I might be able

    to find it please let us know.

  15. Ok I beleive a new problem has come up with the maps.


    In my profile When I click on Map it in search options it brings up map with all the caches nearby, when you click one of these a bubble pops up with the cache info.

    Ok problem is if you use the zoom to address feature it takes you to your given address and shows all caches within that area ok but when you click on any cache it comes up with small black bubble 'requesting cache description' and that is it NO cache bubble appears.

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