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  1. Way to go Jan/Man. Hope to see you on the trail again soon.
  2. Way to go John, and to think we once had similar counts.
  3. Hey TRL, good to see you pick up right where you left off last year!
  4. Ashley, I hope you are still reading this forum so you see this message. First, I want to say that when I read your message above, I was struck the maturity you exhibited in the expression of your thoughts. It is not what I expect from a 14 year old. In of itself, it is a tribute to your father (and mother for that matter)! Second, I and I'm sure everyone else who has been reading and contributing to this forum appreciates your taking the time to let us know that we've helped you in some small way. I can only imagine what you and your family are feeling, but I hope our continued thoughts and prayers are of some additional comfort. While I only met your father on 4 or 5 occasions, he obviously left an impression. It is evident from this forum that he did this with many others also. Finally, I want to share an observation I made of your father during the "Harriman Pirate Picnic Event" in July 2004, and the impact it had on me. I came upon him and you and your sisters as we all approached one of the caches hidden along the lake. I vividly remember watching your father coach you along in your search for the cache, and thinking that he was having more fun and getting more enjoyment out of watching you all search and find the cache than he ever would have had finding it himself. You could see in his eyes how proud he was of his three girls, and it reminded me of how proud and how much I loved my own three children. When I got home, I gave them all big hugs.
  5. Congrats Laura. It's always nice to run into you on the trail. When are coming out to find my new hides in Hunterdon County? Wait a week or tow and there should be two more new!
  6. What a shock I just received to hear of Helmut's passing. I'm remembering like others before me what a nice guy he was and how much you could tell what a great father he was by the way he and his daugthers interacted when you had the pleasure of caching with them. My thoughts are with his family and friends. A real loss.
  7. Update: Now living in High Bridge, Hunterdon County and working on add more cache to this generally low density cache area.
  8. Yep, they all got approved tonight. Guess I just should have been a little more patient.
  9. Has anybody else been waiting an unusually long time to have a cache approved in NJ? I've been waiting for 5 days to get approval on 3 caches and was wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same?
  10. Thanks BeeGees! Glad to see you spreading the international geocaching spirit.
  11. Hey All, Please see the below note that was posted on my Tom, Dick, or Harry cache. This could be a way for someone nearby to also bag the Where's in a Name Cache." I've already got this one otherwise I'd do it. December 29 by Pie Man (412 found) Not much time left. "Wheres in a Name" (Locationless Cache) expires at midnight 31st December. Does anyone fancy wandering along to W074.36.26x? North can be anything, but you have to post a photo of your GPSr showing the co-ordinates clearly to log this cache with me. Thanks Pie Man
  12. I'm little late on this but my congrats to the "Team"
  13. Way to go Nik!!! And you did it on one of mine. I'm soooo honored. Hope your ready to do some caching in the High Bridge area soon. This is my new stomping ground and the Columbia trial is literally across the street form my house and I'm within hiking distance to the Ken Lockwood gorge. I've got about 4 cache spots already scouted.
  14. I agree. He's got the credentials and the enthausism. Hey Avro why don't you just set up one of your classic events to coinside with the CBS thing. Then they can experience the social side of geocaching also!
  15. I've heard a rumor about TRL and jelly donuts, but I didn't want to believe it was true. Count me in for th group hike! Django and Finnegan will be coming too.
  16. I'm going to really try to make this. I haven't been able to focus on caching do to a move in two weeks but hopefully thing will settle down by then. Hope to see you all there!! P.S. Hope your all ready to do more caching near High Bridge, NJ. That's where I'm moving and the the cache density is pretty low out there... for now anyway.
  17. Nice Brian. I like the alternate picture though.
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