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  1. P.S. Brian, did anyone ever tell you that picture looks like you?
  2. Love Shack et al sounds like fun. I'll have ot see if the kids are up for a hike this weekend. I'll follow-up for details if so.
  3. Congrats Nik!! I've been away for a while (caching in Rome) and just saw this posting.
  4. Here's one that I've heard about but haven't done yet. I've been told it's good fun. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=19533f36-0a85-46e9-8477-9be5c79aa7c1 I've also been thinking about setting up something similar in my area.
  5. Thanks back to all of U! Of course this would not have happened if you all hadn't taken the time to hide those caches.
  6. Way to go Stayfloopy! I just got to 200 and at this rate I'll get to 2000 in 2011. now that put's things into perspective.
  7. Since becoming a geocacher in January, I've wished that this cache would be re-activated as it certainly appears to be a worthy challenge. I intent to give this cache a try early tomorrow afternoon. I'm now one away from my 200th cache and thought this would be a great cache for that milestone. Based on the logs, I decided to invest in some safety gear and I'm now ready to give it a shot (I thought this would be particulary important since I'm only 5'8" and it sounds like I may need to reach for this one). Wish me luck, and "Long live the good King Pellinore!
  8. I just learned about this forum and have spent the last 20 minutes laughing out loud while reading my way through. Thanks to all contributors! Since I haven't seen any nominees for July yet, I'd like to make the first: Team Ekitt10 July 17 DNF of Dawg Gone It http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=59377
  9. I have a general question for more experienced geacachers. Would it be inappropriate to design a cache where the given coordinates do not actually take you to the cache, but instead serve as the starting point for the hunt. More specifically, if the coordinates got you to one location, but to find the cache the hunter would have to decifer clues in the description that would lead them a short distance away (about 75 ft). Is this acceptable cache hiding etiquette? I wasn't planning on making this obvious in the cache description, but making it progressively more obvious if the first two hints were decripted.
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