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  1. A real milestone for njski and I have the honor of it coming on one of my caches. He doesn't know it but during the hour hunt for his "Sand Trap 2" cache, I had the inspiration for two of my cache.
  2. I can't help you with the Sport Trak question, but if you want to get together with other cachers, you might want to schedule an event cache. Example of these can be found on the geocaching.com home page.
  3. I was in the city last weekend, and while getting signals is definitely more of a challange in the heart of the city, it is possible.
  4. I would also recommend getting a mapping unit. I've used mine while touring in Europe and it greatly enhanced my cofidence/ability to explore areas I would not have visitied otherwise.
  5. The bottom line is different people like different types of cahces, and that's fine by me. We all have the option of NOT searching for a cache if it doesn't appear to be to our liking. This is where the difficulty/terrain rating come in.
  6. Definitely from muggles, but I also like to make them creatively challenging for a geocacher, since these are the ones I get the most satisfaction from finding.
  7. Just to even things out, hide one real close to the ground so the tall people have to bend way over!
  8. I too am a big proponent (sp?) of the DNF for all the reasons stated. They're good for our character and make the cache logs more interesting. I'm glad to see that the question even came up in your mind. Now a quick jump on my soap box. I also don't like the practice of deleting a DNF for a cahce after a find. It fun to see a historical representation of the challenge that a cache has offered and this is diluted if a DNF is deleted just because it was later found.
  9. I think we've heard from the other extreme now. I personally would like to think that if there is no good reason to destoy something, such as that it may just be more delicate than we are, we can leave it alone. Especially since I can't believe other none-damaging cache locations can easily be found.
  10. In general, I think Ferfel makes a good point. We do need to be aware of how the placement of a cache and the resulting hunting will effect the surrounding area. Taken to an extreme, a large number of caches could be viewed as being detrimental to the environment. I while I don't agree with an extreme perspective on this, some areas should be avoided. It appears to me that Ferfel was referring to such sites. There are of course many caches where our presence far outway any damage we may be doing especially when we CITO.
  11. Did you see any strange saucer-shaped aircraft at the time? I hear they really screw the signal up!
  12. Don't mess with a good thing. The caches I remember and get the most satisfaction from are those that require some physical or mental exercise. In the long run, i think you'll find most will like it. Yes there will be some DNFs, whether recorded or not, but that just gets me back for another visit, more fun, and a greater sense of satisfaction from the eventual find. Keep the good challenging ones coming.
  13. I've started doing the same also. It saves on the second trip out to the cache to add the waypioint info. and also ensures that I've got everything set up before the cache is approved.
  14. Divine you just made my day!!!!!!! I travel in Europe quite a bit, and the lack of map functionality for European caches (as compared to the US), has resulted in some effort to find a cache in the region I'm going to so I can get a listing of nearby caches. This site just solved my problem. A great page for anyone looking to geocache outside of the U.S. THANKS AGAIN!
  15. Good question. The picture taker had previously done this cache and as there to enjoy the show. Since he knew where the cache was, I was left to do it on my own.
  16. Another shot I found that explains things better.
  17. Here's a link to "Mr. Button" and the hand press kit that I bought. All other supplies can be purchased from them. Mr. Button
  18. I make them froma kit I bought from a company named Mr. Button. After buying the press, they cost me about 20 cents each to make, plus my time to design the buttons. If you don't want to spend the money on a press, you can buy plastic snap-togehter buttons from a craft store like Michael's, although these are about $1.25 each.
  19. Do any of you place items in your caches for finders to keep as a kind of memento for finding the cache? By this I don't mean trade items, but something a finder can keep whether or not they trade another item. I've been making up buttons for my more interesting caches (see picture below). I got the idea from another local cacher Team Ekitt10 (his is the button in the middle).
  20. Mines a relatively simple staff made from red cedar. I just love the smell of the stuff.
  21. I have two labs and have been thinking about training them to sniff out tupperware. My two-year old loves to stick his nose into every cache I find and I have to be careful that he doesn't walk off withthe lid. Did you train your dog to find them or has he taken to it naturally?
  22. Ohhh, I bet I can! I'll bet you can to Mopar. It's not one you forget if you've been there, whether you get the cache or not.
  23. Look at it this way, after I blew the tracks I no longer had reception problems. On another note, can anyone out there can identify this cache.
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