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  1. I contracted Lyme's last year and was sick as a dog for 3 days. Chills, sweats, fever 100-104. The antibiotics worked wonders and I haven't had any recurring symptoms. I do however try to remember to apply insect repellant before every trip into the woods these days.
  2. Hey Avoair! Thanks for the comic(?) relief and protecting the location of my caches. I'm so glad I got to contribute to your interesting afternoon!
  3. Hey wait a minute! Avroair didn't get arrest, just frisked and questioned. Besides I can't help it if he looks like the terrorist type and doesn't speak very good english.
  4. For physical caches: States: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Illinois, Maryland, District of Columbia, Hawaii, South Carolina Countries: USA, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Vatican City, France, Germany, Spain I should be adding Mass and California to state and the UK for countries before years end.
  5. You all forgot "Piscataway" which is named after the method used my an indian brave to to scare off a mountain lion while relieving himself.
  6. Way to go Teamhopewell, Congrats on the milestone!
  7. Alright Trowel32. I smell Sticks and Stoines in your near future!
  8. Congrats Ladylake! Hope to see you on the trail again soon.
  9. Congrats Joisey!! On and upward to 200. Be looking for you on the trail.
  10. Congrats to you, the girls, and Autumn!
  11. I've place a cache in a cemetery but was very careful to ensure that nothing had to be trample or walked over and could be found without violating the respect that I feel should be preserved in a cemetery. I think this can be done a number of way, but ultimately the ability to find the cache without violating this respect should be the final evaluation. I also suggest you clearly indicate on the cache page that others should remember to not only be respectful of the surroundings, but other people or mourners who may be there for more personal reasons.
  12. I agree with this advise. When you eventually find it (note my optimism based on your persistance) your satisfaction level will be significantly higher than if it is "given" to you.
  13. Hey all you cacher near in Alberta Canada! I'm a cacher from NJ, USA and I'm looking for a partner to log the locationless "Where's in a Name" cache (GC3153). I need someone near the west coordinate 63 28.7xx (any x's will do) and any north coordinate. If your willing to go to a place with this west coordinate and take your picture and the surrounding area showing with your GPS showing the above west coordinate, we can both log this cache. FYI I'm 5'8", 175 lbs, blue eyes, and just kidding! No dating required.
  14. Things are looking goood for me to attend.
  15. Hey Quoddy congratulations. I glad I had the pleasure of teaming up with you to find a few of those 400.
  16. Congrats Avro!!!! Looking forward to doing a few of yours soon.
  17. I had the same problem a few weeks back. See this thread. Satellite Glitch, GPSr Problems, or Aliens
  18. Glad you listed this one BeeGee. It tells a facinating little bit of revolutionary history and the flag.
  19. Hey All, I thought you'd be interested to know that Turtle Boy and Monkey Girl (who happen to be siblings) both reached the 100 mark today! I'd had the honor of doing a couple of night caches with Turtle Boy and his grandfather Quoddy a while back a quickly realized what a fine geocacher Turtle Boy was. Unfortunately, I haven't had the opportunity to cache with Monkey Girl yet. These two young cachers have a serious nose for caching. For those of you who may have been stumped on a cache or two of mine, you should note that I believe these two have found all of my caches including Power Trip 2 and all of my Sourland caches including the only finds of Sourland Sweet Spot in it's previous configuration. Congrats on the milestone you 2!!!!!
  20. Hey all, Did anyone else experience a strange occurence with satellite reception this past Saturday morning? I was driving in the Madison, NJ area around 10 a.m. when I not only lost my previous strong lock on all satellite for about 20 mins, but the satellites (except 1) totally disappeared from my tracking screen. After about 20-30 mins they began reappearing one by one over about another 20 min period. It was very strange. Especially since my GPSr had me located in the Artic Sea before the satellites finally relocked.
  21. Congrats Nik on 400 finds to one of our areas great hiders!
  22. I really sorry to have missed this one, but my schedule just did work out. Oh well, hopefully the next event won't be to far out in the future.
  23. While I enjoyed finding one of your caches today, I must admit this was a little better. Great post! P.S. Is 7b DD?
  24. Now all we need is for Bush to find his brains!!! They seem to have been missing for a while.
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