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  1. Yes very nice!! I also like the recent addition on small cache sizes.
  2. I'll be there! Looking forward to seeing you all!!
  3. Now that's a milestone cache and I thoroughly enjoyed the log. I've got to agree with Avroair that this was the most physically demanding cache I've done thus far.
  4. If you really want to have a cache up there, use the spot or spots on the mountain as a leg of a multi and as suggested above hide the final cache somewhere else. At each of the stages use a natural feature as part of a puzzle to the next stage.
  5. Congrats to one nice geocacher!!!! Hope to do a few more with you soon.
  6. This just got added to my list of caches to do in the near future.
  7. Good job! That can be a very interesting cache depending on your approach.
  8. Hey All, my name is Natureboy44 and I have a problem. I actually look forward to business trips so I can snag a cache or two in some city/state/country where I haven't cache before.
  9. Here are my two caching buddies.
  10. As a megellan owner I can confirm that it is important to have your unit upright and not laying down, but make sure the top of your unit is not leaning against a tree or other object which will interfere with reception. Assuming you've initialized correctly (this is important and I'd suggest using entering coordinates and making sure your set to the correct time), I can't think of anything else except to make sure you are in an open area (i.e. away from buildings and not under heavy tree cover. For the first lock, I would also suggest doing this with the GPSr stationary (i.e. not in a moving car). Good luck!
  11. Hopefully my plans will be made a little earlier the next time, and one/some of you will be able to join me for another hunt. Although I found 12 caches that day (and had 2 DNFs) there's plenty more caches in this area to be had. I had a very enjoyable day with my two four-legged boys Django and Finnegan, and my cache mobile got a workout in a few places. My thanks to Tneigle & Elise, Lavarocks, Moose-is-Loose, luvs2yak & yakette, and KatieBTrekkers for the caches I found (and DNF).
  12. Good Job Trail Hound and Happy New Year!
  13. Hey All, I know this is late notice, but I have off tomorrow and decided to head south and hit the cache rich area in and around NJ's Wharton State Forest near Atsion. I've identified 16-18 caches that make a nice "loop" all within 5 miles of each other. I plan to get started around 9 am at Drive-by. Anyone interested in joining me?
  14. Welcome! I hope you sent out holiday cards this year, because if your like some others you'll be to busy caching to get around to it next year.
  15. Django and Finnegan sent wishes of a speedy recovery to one of their caching buddies. Get well soon Quoddy!
  16. Thank you all for the well wishes, and my thanks to all of you who have done the hides for me to find!
  17. I can answer that question in two words: Roman Forum! You are in the center of one of the greatest cities in Western Civilization, surrounded by history, a few feet from where they creameted Caesar, and you can find a cache! I agree. Great location and the cache required some stealth.
  18. First an foremost I hide them to give back to those who have hidden for me. I also like the challange of creating something that a little different from the average cache, as they are the ones that I remember finding most myself. It when I get a log like the following that I know my efforts have been worthwhile. "Everytime I think a hide can't be bettered, here comes another one to prove me wrong. I started at ground zero (or as close to it as I could figure) and for about 20 minutes worked in a slowly widening circle. I then went back to the original spot and just stood there (feeling REALLY stupid) for about five minutes, just looking all around. I then thought, "No, it can't be", and even when I had it in my hand I was still saying, "It can't be". I LOVED this cache, what imagination! I swapped the WG$ and signed the log. I think I was singing as I walked out of the cemetery. Thanks NB44. " "WOW! What a great multi. Both of the 1st stages, The Stones & Sticky Fingers, Are very worthy and challenging caches. After getting the necessary info and doing the correct math, we arrived at a non-descript area for the next stage. After a good 20-25 mins, along comes a gentleman with his 2 four footed friends. Natureboy44! Great to meet him after all this time. He sat and enjoyed the four of us searching for this stage. I had a feeling it might be somewhere, but my first glances didnt reveal anything. Then, Bang! I spotted it. Yet another evil hide! well done. This is a great multi. plan to spend sometime in the park to do this one in a day." "My 4th find of 7 for the day, during my first day of paperless geocaching using my Palm. I did this around 1:20 pm on a Friday, so there was practically noone around. Although not the hardest cache of the day, I'd definitely say it was the coolest! Total time of search ... 8 minutes. Enjoyment factor ... priceless! Thanks for the great hide!"
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