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    We feel you should leave as good as you take. TB, coin or whatever. TBs are made for the purpose of trading and to follow through its paces. Our thought is you leave as good as you take or at least that is how we play the game..... could be wrong, just our thought.
  2. Our Dodge Ram has it's own # and travels twice a year from Kearney to Myrtle beach. Catch us is you can. Still waiting for FTFMonterry
  3. Now THAT is a great idea. What number are we at now?
  4. Why not? sounds like a topic to me. Where would these come from? Anything new for the area would be great.
  5. You read our minds. That's where we fall too.
  6. Sure does....but you gota luv'em. They are half the fun of hidding.
  7. That is a perfect answer for my question on the other forum. Thanks a bunch.
  8. I have never seen a vehicle TB. What do they look like?
  9. It takes many types to suit all cachers. You do the ones you like and don't go where you don't like. You place them in interesting places and in areas that need stelth. That way all are happy.
  10. I admit that I am an all about the numbers cacher. just look, i have 250 finds and have yet to place one. I thank those who have placed a cache. yet being a numbers cacher I am absolutely a true geocacher. While I like my numbers to groooowwww.... part of ADDING to the game is hiding your own caches. It helps those whose caches helped your numbers grow, grow theirs too. We have set ourselves a goal of 10%. We place 1 cache for every ten found. In that way, we feel we give back to the sport. i will place caches once i think of a placement worth bearing my name
  11. It should not be just part of life. If you spend a lot of time making up a cache and figuring someting unique then if it disappears , yes, it is a big deal. Play fair!!!!!!
  12. In letterboxing you would have your own stamp that represnts you. The letterbox would have a stamp that represents the letterbox. You stamp your own log with the letterbox stamp. You stamp the letterbox log with your stamp. That's their version of a find/trade system. There already exists such a game; it is called geocaching. Play it or leave it.
  13. I believe the "numbers" people must have met just about any type of cache possible. The "don't know how to reclose excuse does not work for me. I think it is still just a case of laziness and disrespect.
  14. Thanks, bud. We will hold you to the S&R come drier weather.
  15. Amen! Have often encountered the "mouldy treasure" and I completely agree. It is still true "do as you would like to have done to you.'
  16. We have been checking on some of our caches. Due to this extra ordinary Winter thaw, a lot of our specials are either underwater or totally washed away. This in spite of the fact that we were so careful when we placed them. I.E. rocks on them or tied with fishing line. Now what???? Do we wait for Spring to see how many are missing or what
  17. Can anyone tell me what makes a cache Winter accessible. We have placed caches in the Winter only to have complaints from some? cachers that they are not Winter friendly. We do cache in the Winter and expect to have to deal with snow and digging. Other than placing caches indoor during Winter, what is the solution?
  18. Here's what I think, for what it is worth: People spend time figuring a purpose for these bugs, so we can have fun. The least we can do is read the mission If we can help attain it's goal , GREAT, if not, then we DISCOVER the bug and leave it there. 2 seconds to read the purpose is not too much to ask. I say this because I have launched bugs in Florida, with the mission of making it home. Never heard of them again. Same story with some placed in Ontario. Now I just launch them and see where they end up.
  19. I hear you.... thanks Sorry for the repetitive style of mine -just getting used to loving the forum. Great ideas an knowledge aquisition. Thanks to all.
  20. CONGRATS- VISITING N.C. IN OCTOBER SURE HOPE TO FIND ONE. THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO (DID?) Thanks. Hope you find one of them. Currently there are 4 of them as TBs traveling around. I think atleast one of them has made it out of state (Ohio, I think). I think the other 3 are still in NC. I've released several others as swag and have no idea what's happened to them (other than some good logs that they've been found). I know it's not a fancy geocoin, but I would think these would fall into the "very hard to find" category for collectors, I just hope some of them keep moving. Can You tell us approx. where in N.C. - Would really like to try for one of them.
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