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  1. Try http://www.lostoutdoors.com/newmap.html looking at the USGS Photo image of the area and compairing it with other maps you get a good idea of exactly where to look for a cache in relation to the objects at the site. its very helpfull if you need to know what side of a river something is on or how far off of the trail it is Scoobydooers quote:Originally posted by Team DEMP:Is there any online service that would be the equivalent of MapQuest but shows trails with a pin for the cache waypoint? I think software like Delorme Topo does, but is there anything online? David
  2. quote:Originally posted by Team DEMP:It was a blast!!! Whenever you guys are ready for the next one, I'm game. David I would love to be involved also, I wish I could have been with you all on this one but I had other commitments. I would vote for Wednesdays (hump day) sort of a mid week cache fix Scoobydooers
  3. quote:Originally posted by Kber:What does "DPM" stand for? posted September 05, 2003 11:04 AM DPM quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Originally posted by StayFloopy: I can't type all that, especially when I'm logging away from home at an Internet terminal. How about I shorten it to DPM for 'des palourdes mortes'? For example: Find #1955 TNLNSL DPM! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I second the motion! Watch for this phrase - it will eventually arrive at a cache log near you (hopefully not too often).
  4. quote:Originally posted by Team Shibby:Scoobs I hunted your cache this weekend and I didn't think it was a DPM! I am sure I missed the element of the way the cache was intended to be, but considering where I parked it cut out all the stream crossing and camel rubbing Maybe some day Ill pay more attention to the parking coords/suggestions and I'll get to see the cache from the hiders perspective Kar Actually you were the only one who saw the cache from the hiders perspective <G>, Its not that I placed the DPM warning because of the cache being easy, its because there is nothing here to see. No famous people died here as far as I know,(a few people lost a shoe in the mud, but all lived to tell about it) no sceanic overlooks, no purple mountain magastisy, no fruited plains, just a cache in a park... . I am still going to place the micro in the hollowed tree branch and reglue it back to the tree at the 13 foot height, but thats not because of this discussion, it will be because that is a growing trend in mirco placement technogly. On another note does anyone know what happens to a camara that is left in a cache during the winter? I am thinking of retrieveing the camara before the film gets damaged due to the cold and Im wondering if that would be advisable scoobydooers
  5. quote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- and what if it is on the cache page? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then its a warning! I have just edited my first cache discription to include a DPM warning. I was almost going to archive it based on this discussion but I decided to hold off and just include a DPM note instead. GCG3NZ - Parsippany Partroy Park by volenteering the DPM I hope to apease both sides of this discussion. I feel both points are equally valid, 1) there are people who like to hunt for easy caches in order to increase thier numbers, and some people who like to hunt more than one cache on the same trip. also there are some people who like to bring young kids along and look for caches that they can later play at. on the other side of the coin, there are some people who travel great distances only to find a lame find and are disappointed. one of The orignal intents was a rymeing cache, where the cache was easy, the hard part was comming up with the log verses. If I am wrong in my feeling that this cache has redeeming values then by all means I will archive it and place a mirco in a hollowed out tree branch re-glued back on the tree (13 feet above ground) Scoobydooers
  6. We are having the exact same problems attempting to log caches or edit anything. it keeps sending us to a page to ask us if we want to switch usernames. we have had to logoff, reboot and retry in order to submit logs Hope this too will pass scoobydooers
  7. quote:Originally posted by bthomas:Mine is the kiddie playground or tot lot. Please stop putting caches in there! It's actually a personal safety issue. It may also be a national security matter. Plus these caches go MIA when kids eat them. Im kinda new here, (42 finds and 2 installed) and both of my caches are in parks. (actually they are in the woods at a park) both caches are Kid friendly,(easy to get to, very very short hikes and they contain stuff for kids like hot wheels, squirt guns, dolls, (action figures) and the like. I chose this theme because kids toys make good trinkets to trade, and many geocachers have kids, and geocacheing is a good sport that can be enjoyed by the whole family. plus you can get brownie points telling the wife your taking the kids to the park (and you can log a find at the same time) if you want keep the youngsters interested in it you tell them "your going on a treasure hunt and there are toys" The thought never crossed my mind that the rest of you guys are weirdos <G>
  8. I think I know who it is, based on some searching and some clues I believe the NJ Admin is actually from VA. Out of respect for his identity, and because perhaps I am wrong I will keep most of the information to my self. after all if it actually IS the person I think then he has spent a great deal of effort in concealing his identity and if it is NOT the person I am thinking then it would not be right to cast accusations on an innocent party. That and in the interest of the othe of the spoiler ( raise your right hand and repeat after me " I promise on my honor, as a geocacher, never to deny the thrill of the find, to any geocacher not absolutely known by me, to be have logged the find,)(lower your hands) however I will say how I came to find these clues and you can try to deduce for yourselves. I did some research on his profile http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest_cache.asp?ul=NJ+Admin and checked the msg boards armed with that information, and found a likely suspect. then I did some background work on this suspect and I could find nothing that would point otherwise. of course he could have put this quote in to throw us off track. but in one post the suspect mentions obtaining multiple accounts regularly . (that and the fact that scooby and shaggy pulled the mask off of this guy at the end of the cartoon. <G> ) Scoobydooers (I just love a mystery !)
  9. A DNF in my book. this year I attempted to bring a TB upstate NY to get it closer to its home, out of 4 planned caches I only had 1 find.((easter bunnys revenge)) (silly me forgot that just because the snow had melted in NJ, NY would be the same. PLUMB POINT had 12 inches of snow, could not find the cache, a few months later it was revieled the cache was plundered and the hours and hours I spent driving, searching, and driving back was for nothing. The good news is that I had a great day, visited a park I would have never bothered to visit, and now I am planning on returning to enjoy it without the snow. Scoobydooers
  10. I used to do that untill I made up some cards and gave the dog a stapler, now she affixes a scoobydooers were here card to the logs and then rehides the cache back where she found it, saves me the trouble of signing in. scoobydooers I can usually just whisper the coords in my Greyhound's ear and wait by the car until he arrives with the cache. Saves alot of wear and tear on my shoes and gives me more time to eat my lunch
  11. ..... Right from the get go I knew I was orange and the crayon would be my signature item. I was thinking of making a calling card to leave when I visited a cache. but then I thought what if someone took the calling card and left it somewere that I had not been to so I have decided to staple the calling card to the logbook in place of our signure (after all isnt that what a log book is for... to record your visit. should I be carefull NOT to remove crayons from caches? I dont want to mess up your calling card system
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