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  1. heres a story from the other side of the coin....

    I attended a meet and greet in south Jersey. there was a cache that had been recovered from the mud

    and was brought to the meet in order to pass it back to the CO who was in attendance.

    The CO was planning on archiveing the cache and one of the other cachers picked it up from the fields in order to return it to him. I knew of the cache because I knew the CO, and I was watching the cache from the day it was published. it had been out in the wild for a couple of years was on my to do list. While at the meet, I had the cache in my hands, I opened it and examined the contents, I read some of the entrys in the log book, and then I signed the logbook with a note about being one of the easiest caches I have ever done. I logged the cache as a find when i got home. after all, I "found" the cache, I had it in my hands, I opened the log, I signed the log. the CO later asked me to delete the find because I did not go out into the wild to locate the cache. he said that some of the orignal finders felt it wasnt fair that they had to go out to find it but I got to log it without completing the adventure. out of respect and friendship I deleted the log, but it always bothered me, I met all the criteria of a valid find. just becuase when I found the cache it was not in the orignal location. think of how many other people have found caches that were moved to a different location by "well meaning" cachers.

  2. Congrats to Trowel32 on find #2000 and he did it with style on Chipmunks revenge!



    Chipmonks roasting on an open fire....

    Jack Ross nibbleing on thier heels...

    I know its been said, theier much better off dead,

    happy chipmonks..... for stew.







  3. hey thanks so much,

    its been a while since I have been in the forums and I just noticed this topic.


    I cant think of a better way to celebrate a milestone than with your friends so

    thats what we did. it was really great hanging out with all of you.


    today is our 4th year Anniversary of geocacheing, (12-31-02)

    at this rate we will hit 300 in another two years!





  4. December 31, 2002 - Team Scoobydooers completes its first cache

    Limpidity-4: George Washington's StairMaster


    today is our milestone 4th year anniversary.


    and what better way to celabrate then to go get some more DNF's <G>

  5. Okay, I am obviously out of the loop here :rolleyes: I do think I remember hearing or reading something about that area before though. Just saw the road on the map that leads north from Ramapo Reservation. So if I go there alone, will I ever be heard from again?? :anitongue::anitongue:


    I think I hear a banjo playing


    Don't he look perdy

  6. I actually forgot to bring my orange hat or vest once while hunting one of Brians caches. ended up singing the geocaching song.." Im not a dear, dont point that gun over here, Im not a bear, dont shoot me if you care.

    god damm brian, im not lying, I dont care, I want to get out of here!"

  7. The best thing to do is to only place geocoins in diffucult caches.

    so that a good deal of effort is required to obtain them.

    a person investing the energy in a difficult cache is no likely to steal someone elses property.



  8. You've got a typo, works fine here:



    You are correct that within the message I misquoted the url. however the server was down for a period of time. no one could get in even when using the links supplied by Groundspeak on the index page.


    for the record its not because I mis-spelled the url in a message on this board that I was unable to gain access to the rules. it was because the jeep servers were down for an extended period of time around the time of the final drawing. and only recently were repaired.


    Thanks for bringing to my attention my mispelling. the URL mispelled would cause the same problem.

  9. Congrads to Vanm who SINGLE handedly led a group into the 4 foot high seas of the depths of the Bottom of Lake Passaic. more commonly known as HELL.

    Other members of the group applauded his efforts from some 15.4 miles away.

    Read about his adventures in the log sheets of BLOP 1


    BLOB 1




  10. We didnt whimp out, we all decided to meet in sussex. tell him Straatmaker 5... didnt we meet in sussex. I know PBS were in Sussex but they were on the other side of the hill . we were over buy the Wild West City picking up the 2 newest caches that were placed today.



  11. I was out again yesterday looking for an alternate way in. one thought was parking near the old Hanover Airport, but thats not doable, another idea was parking over at Sharkys Dump and walking across 280 overpass, but there are fences blocking access into the area. the third probem is the 4 feet of water that is in the entire area. there is absultly no dry land past the fence line along 280 anywhere between the sewage plant in hanover all the way to rt 80. the entire basin is flooded.

    I am strongly sudgesting putting this off until either it freezes or drys up alittle

    BUT if you really want to go swimming then I would really love to watch.




    Parking is at BLOP 3 off Troy Meadows Rd


    I would strongly sudgest a drive by at Rt 280 exit 1 (edwards rd) and have a look

    see for yourself

  12. 11. WINNERS LIST: For the names of the winners, mail a self-addressed first class stamped envelope to: Jeep 4X4 Geocaching Challenge-Winners, P.O. Box 6666, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 for receipt by 12/15/05. For a Copy of the Official Rules mail a self-addressed first class stamped envelope to: Jeep 4x4 Geocaching Challenge-Rules, P.O. Box 6666, Saddle Brook, NJ 07663 for receipt by 12/15/05.


    FINAL PRIZING 12/19/05 Jeep vehicle


    Oh I get it.

    the rules state that you have to ASK for the WINNERS 4 days before they choose the winner. and then to make things harder for you they shut down the web servers for a couple of weeks prior to the date so you wont know the rules in time to follow them.


    very sneaky

    Im sorry but it seems to me that JEEP has set up so many hurdles to jump over and so many hoops to jump thru that the adverage person would just give up.

    why cant they just print the name of the winner on thier web site? it wouldnt be too hard, after all they know how to print thier endless list of rules.

    and just think of the millions of dollars in postage fees that would be saved


    of course that would make sense and we couldnt allow that could we.



    I see they fixed the web servers in time to launch JEEP 06



  13. ;)

    Looks to me like Jeep hit a speed bump on the information highway

    and the whole thing busted apart.


    instead of finding jeep travel bugs, perhaps we should be searching for

    Jeep the company.


    very interesting that around the exact time the contest is supposed to end

    and the winner be declaired, suddenly jeep falls off the face of the earth.

    maybe we should call it Project APE/JEEP.

  14. I was scopeing out the area yesterday. the water table is indeed high.

    The schdedule was very flexable and being open to sudgestions and so far Friday Dec 30 is the only day that has been sudgested, since this will give the water a little time to receed, We will reschedule the expadition to Friday Dec 30, at about 10am.

  15. What do you say Brian... you interested in watching first hand the wrapht of your cache?

    care to join us for some mud, muck and misery?

    I would like to try Wednesday at around 10am

    but I am open to others sudgestions..



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