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  1. I will do my best to let everyone I know to keep an eye out for her. I will also post a note on the Socal Geocacher site to give everyone there a heads up. My prayers and thoughts go out to your family during this difficult time. --CoronaKid
  2. I say forget donating a lump sum of money to a charity. I've headed fundraising in the past and the best method is to have a physical item that the money buys. For example, let's say that the benches are in need of replacement in a certain caching area. Get together with the park and offer to buy replacement benches. People will be much more motivated to buy a calendar that helps out with something they can physically see the result. You could even use the slogan "Buy a Calendar and help buy a bench." Just a thought. --CoronaKid
  3. I would love to have this for my kids but I don't like the fact that they have a service charge between $20-45 a month. Ouch. I would've seriously considered it if it was a one-time payment of $199. And they say money can't buy happiness? Well, it can sure buy peace of mind. --CoronaKid
  4. quote:Originally posted by Jomarac5:Wake up people -- you're being taken advantage of. I challenge you or anyone else on this site for that matter, to please describe an actual incident in which they were taken advantage of because they did not read the T & C's. Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? From my experience, I'd say that most T & C's are designed to protect companies from getting sued, not the other way around. FWIW. --CoronaKid
  5. quote:Originally posted by seneca:Its not just being sued that you have to worry about. As discussed on the other thread, are you aware that, pursuant to the Groundspeak Terms and Conditions, once you submit material to this site, over which you own the copyright, (including photographs), you will have permanently lost the legal ability to grant any other party an exclusive license to use it? Yawn. I venture that 99.9% of most people on the geocaching site could care less. I highly doubt any other party would be interested in my caching exploit pictures. --CoronaKid
  6. Actively monitor your placed caches and promptly respond to any emails inquiring about the cache. I am also much more likely to visit a cache where I can see that the owner has written several logs with updates or changes to the cache. It shows he cares about YOUR experience. And for a personal tidbit: Searching for hours in a rock pile with a 30 foot radius is NOT my idea of a great experience. --CoronaKid
  7. quote:Originally posted by martmann:_Additional Hints_ (Decrypt) Bcra gur qbbe va gur gerr fghcvq! LOL...and someone would STILL complain that the hint was too vague! --CoronaKid
  8. After hearing and reading about flashmobs (a mob meeting at a pre-determined spot and time and then performing some unusual group activity), I was wondering if anyone has ever thought of combining geocaching with flash mobbing? For example, a mob of geocachers agrees to find a cache at the exact same time and agrees to meet at a pre-determined set of coordinates to begin the hunt. While this is already similar to groups that meet and hunt caches, I think having a exact preset time would make it a little more fun. Or how about using coordinates and time for flash mobbing itself? I personally don't see the joy in flashmobbing, but I think the potential exists for using GPS technology with flashmobbing. Thoughts or other ideas? If interested in reading more about flashmobs go to flashmob.com. --CoronaKid
  9. I think the best solution is to modify your profile page to include your top ten favorite caches to date like many cachers have already done. To figure out the best caches, just find a few top ten lists from some local geocachers and look for the caches mentioned most often. I'm in the process of completing mine and it should be up shortly. An actual rating system just wouldn't work as many have stated. --CoronaKid
  10. quote:"Here," the man says. "Take this....it's got to be in San Diego by Thursday or all is lost. Whatever you do, don't let it fall into the hands of...of...." and he dies. One disc, one mission, and a network of hidden boxes that spans the country in a race against time to save the fate of the free world. Interesting, I'd buy it as well. Maybe the hidden boxes could each contain a rare and valuable McToy. Throughout the book, the hero is being chased by an evil Ronald McDonald clown. The final chapter would involve the hero throwing the clown off a cliff and then placing a beanie baby into a secret slot which will permanently shut down eBay. --CoronaKid
  11. quote:Originally posted by Jeremy:After several offers for working on a book deal, Groundspeak has agreed to work on one that will be coming out in the spring. We hope to incorporate input from you folks to make it the most accurate and useful book around. I'll let you more details as we get further into the project. Jeremy Irish Groundspeak - The Language of Location Now that's a book I'd fork some money over for! It would also make a great first finder prize, especially one autographed by the great Jeremy Irish. --CoronaKid
  12. What about none of the above? The only thing that worries me while geocaching is finding a legal, safe, and cache accessible place to park. For me, part of the appeal of geocaching is walking into the unknown. If I ever feel that I will have to break the law to find a cache, I simply pass on it and inform the cache owner of my concerns. It's all about using your own common sense. --CoronaKid
  13. quote:Originally posted by Vacman:Some late suggestions : The Jail House Cache The Butcher-Pig Cache The Stash Cache The Toke-Poke Cache Any others? Out on Bail Cache Code 11357 Cache Parole Violation Cache This Joint's in the Joint Cache Maybe you could pick a few of your favorite suggestions and take a poll. You could even make the trade items all jail related. The possibilities are endless. --CoronaKid
  14. quote:Originally posted by RJFerret:I just noticed (responding to emails a 1/2-hour ago) that the insidecorner.com stats were WAY off... (My 82 finds were shown as 60-something which was months ago.) I put my FTF list in my profile for the heck of it... We certainly don't want to burden the GC server or distract Jeremy while there are still log-in issues pending! Enjoy, Randy I liked your idea regarding having the FTF's in the profile. So much so that I decided to copy the idea. I hope you don't mind! --CoronaKid
  15. quote:Hmmmm, you're telling me you don't know cops have a sense of humor, too??? An officer put the cache in the jail cell and used the camera from the cache to take the picture of the "incarcerated" cache. That is the new name I suggest for the cache when it's rehidden. The Incarcerated Cache. A pair of handcuffs or legirons on it somehow would have made it even better, or an improvised striped outfit...lol. Funny how I haven't seen much retraction of the "those terrible police officers and their facist tactics" talk since we've now learned they pretty much did the right thing by this cache and the circumstances, but then again, I didn't expect to....LOL. I guess it was so obvious that it didn't occur to me. I'll agree that they pretty much did the right thing in this case and they did display some common sense rather than throwing the book at Vacman. It even appears they have a sense of humor. However, I do challenge their notion that caches are litter and that they have the right to tell Vacman not to place any more caches in the area. --CoronaKid
  16. quote:Originally posted by Vacman:Ok folks - just when you thought this story couldn't get any better..... Here we go with part #3 of the jailed cache.... I got the film developed and tru to his word the guy actually did take pictures of his genitals. While I can't show you those pictures, I can tell you that he is a white, circumcised male. Here is the funny part : http://www.vacsew.com/cache/cachepic/butcher0703/jail.jpg Notice the cache sitting on the floor of the jail cell! -------------------------------------------------- Black holes are where God divided by zero. This story just keeps getting better and better Vacman. What I don't understand is why the box is in the jail cell. Wasn't it evidence? Furthermore, why is the box in there all by itself? Who took the picture? I think the further we go with this, the more unanswered questions we will have. Strange yet intriguing. Just when I think this story can't get any better, it does. --CoronaKid
  17. I'm still laughing. Thanks for the levity after a long commute home. --CoronaKid
  18. quote:RJFerret - I indeed HAVE the camera! As near as I can tell from the logs/picture count this guy may have taken as many as 6 or 7 pics. This brings up another issue..... do I get the film developed? He indicated that he took pictures of his.... genitals..... If I develop these pics - well.. you see the quandry I'm in... Indeed. I'd just toss out the camera because I don't think it's worth the reaction you might get when you pick up the pictures. I think most places have a 'don't ask, don't tell' type of policy regarding nude photos. I think WalMart refuses to print such photos and may report it. It's your call. --CoronaKid
  19. Thanks for posting the pictures. This just goes to show you that you never know who or what you'll encounter in the wild and wacky sport of geocaching. Now that you have the cache safely back in your possession and were not charged with anything, have you thought about emailing the PVPD back and ask for the specific details of what actually happened? I think you are at least entitled to some sort of explanation. --CoronaKid
  20. quote:Originally posted by RJFerret:http://www.rusticweb.com/geocaching/ncalert Enjoy, Randy PS: My first 4 ftf's (see profile) were before I signed up.. Very cool. Thanks RJFerret for the tip. --CoronaKid
  21. This is quite a story Vacman! As the finder of all your caches, I read this thread with vested interest. My main concern was that the PVPD was going to get on its high horse and remove all the other PV caches. From the looks of it, though, it seems as if this was just a strange and isolated incident. How many cachers can claim to have their cache confiscated and reclaimed with marijuana? I'd just chalk it up as a bizarre experience and move forward. I look forward to your future caches. --CoronaKid
  22. quote:Originally posted by The Gowen Family:You can sign up for alerts that let you know when a new one has been placed in your area. If I remember right we signed up for it when we entered our info for the profiles. Actually, the profile setting is not for alerts but rather for an email sent to you every Thursday informing you of the new caches. I am not aware of any other available method. I know that sometimes people have certain groups that they email the coordinates first before submitting it to the site. Another method is to list it as a member's only cache for a week or so. As for myself, I do it the old fashioned way and just check my local area each morning for new caches. I've still gotten quite a few FTF. --CoronaKid
  23. I'd say it's a toss-up between two that I've found. The first was a moving micro placed behind a tree that was clearly used by many people as a human toilet. Needless to say, I step right into a fresh pile and splatter the nasty stuff all over my pants and shoes. Luckily, I had a change of clothes and shoes in the trunk. The second was a cache place within 15 feet of a major freeway with cars zooming by at 80 mph. This cache was eventually archived due to its dangerous location. --CoronaKid
  24. quote:Originally posted by BrianSnat:I'd say you're no longer a newbie as soon as you develop what many call "cache sense". Cache sense is the thing that tells you exactly where the cache is as soon as you get within 50 to 100 feet of the cache. LOL...I'd say that's an excellent measure. Sometimes, however, even the most savvy cacher loses the force and is still fumbling around like a newbie. --CoronaKid
  25. I'm curious to know what types of areas people use and decide on for their pocket queries. I use the following: 1. Corona (92883): This is where I live. 2. Torrance (90503): This is where I work. 3. Santa Clarita (91354): My parents live here. 4. Diamond Bar/Walnut (91765): My wife's family lives here. 5. Wildcard: I always leave one open as a wildcard for vacations or if I'll be in the area. Right now I have around 20 caches that overlap out of 800. Although this is for my curiousity, it might also give me some ideas for future pocket queries. --CoronaKid
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