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  1. It's no secret. Freemasonry is a club or fraternity dedicated to the good of people everywhere... which isn't nearly as hokey as it sounds. If you'd like information regarding the masons, I urge you to check out this website. You will find a lot of misinformation on the web, so take anything you read with a grain of salt. http://www.torontomasons.ca/flash_content/flash_content.html Getting a great response about the coin! If you are interested be sure to leave a post here so that I can use this as a pre-ordering gauge. CHEERS!
  2. yup... thought I saw that somewhere....
  3. Man, we're EVERYWHERE!! lol
  4. Yup.. didn't take long for me to be addicted. Couldn't even help hitting a cache in the dark on the way home from work tonight. ... didn't I see you make the exact same comment to another person earlier this week too? \:]
  5. I've heard of people creating clones of their coins and circulating them instead of the actual coin. I realize that there is a bit of contraversy over this practice, but I think it merits mentioning. I don't see anything wrong with it myself, but think it's waaay cooler to find a real "live" coin in a cache.
  6. I'm drafting up a few preliminary designs. Once I get approval from Grand Lodge we'll see what we'll see.
  7. Any masons out there interested in making a trackable Freemason Geocoin? I haven't been able to find one, and I thought that was a little unusual. I'm going to put a 'blurb' in our newsletter, but thought I'd put a post on here as well.
  8. Hand on chin is best. Failing that... New Jersey if only for comic effect.
  9. I'd stand on ByrnedFish's head while he did the macarena!
  10. Nice Job Simplyred!!!!! Who says folks in the Valley aren't good for anything!!!
  11. Very cool. Wonder if there's any decoder caches around here.
  12. Hi Folks. Never heard of a decoder coin before.... I'm intrigued!! How would one use a decoder coin, and what would it decode??
  13. http://siobhan.blogs.sapo.pt/arquivo/Birthday-Cat.jpg
  14. think I got it... post 104 was 69 I think.... minus the extra posts by keewee
  15. Think we're gonna need a ruling Chris... How many are you counting so far that actually count?
  16. wow.... I'm so lost.... I lose track when Dressel does all those posts at the bottom of page 1...
  17. what about minus the pics posted before each poster's 10 mins is up ? (does this make sence? ) Oh crap.... recount!!!! lol
  18. ok, so it wasn't a Hello Kitty.. but close enough??
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