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  1. DUDE!!!!!!!! I think I just peed a little....
  2. You knew you gave up some of your freedoms when you let Bush create your homeland security super-duper ultra mega terrorist fighting ninja squad. Now whenever anyone yells terrorism the fit hits the shan. The US is as near to being a Police State as you can be without calling it a police state. I'm frankly astounded that he's only getting a disorderly conduct charge. With stupid caches like that being made, it's only a matter of time before some <<removed by moderator>> mysteriously disappears after creating that really nifty cache right in the middle of LAX. Placing a camo box in a dumpster isn't necessarily going to get you put in the clink, but placing one on private property in a public place where there is lots of people is not a clever or responsible place to put a cache, and you can't be suprised that the screwball who does get's in crap for doing it. The bottom line is that you have to realize that most people are paranoid now (for whatever reason... media, government, etc) about terrorist attacks. If you aren't sensitive to that, and insist on behaving irresponsibly, you're gonna get in some hot water.
  3. I'll be willing to bet that there's a new cache in NH tomorrow planted somewhere in McQuade's flowerbed.
  4. “It’s an interesting hobby, but they need to find a better place to do it,” said McQuade. MCQUADE's a <<removed by moderator>>
  5. Just want to thank you Anthus for bringing this problem to light. As someone just breaking into the coin scene, I'm finding this very educational. Perhaps I missed a post, but have you managed to get your dies? (I know you said that you'd not heard from Geocoin store)
  6. The number of active cachers in the area definately drops off after snow falls... too bad...there seemed to be quite a lot of actvity in the summer and fall. Now there only seems to be 3 or 4 families around Sudbury that are still oot and aboot on a regular basis. PaulnJen, Red&Kodiak,Denis&JulieandDon,and Need1es & I... even El Dee hasn't been around in a while. The weather isn't THAT bad folks...
  7. "I like. Is nice." ~Borat
  8. This is not the design, and is not approved by any grand lodge. A design is being made that is approved and will be distributed soon. Stay tuned for developments.
  9. Good to see you getting such a great response on these brilliant coins! I'll be anxious to see how they all pan out.
  10. That is absolutely fantastic! Right down to the dog's expression!! I'll be happy to put a bid in for one as well!
  11. YUP, got him his coffee... although I suspect you guys were in cahoots.... >
  12. wow, Andrew Jackson! How was his penmanship? The book I signed still had the price tag on it... k, not quite...
  13. Dressel! I'll trade you a bag full of earwax beans, and a chocolate frog for one of your coins! wait... forget the frog, it just got away. Sign me up for a spoon flavoured bean Jim.
  14. I did the PB3 cache last week in the snow. Left tracks directly to it, looked at 'em, thought it was just TOO obvious. So, I walked around in circles for a while and then all over the hill just in case someone was coming to the cache after me. You would have had fun following THOSE footsteps Paul.
  15. NO DOUBT! I was just thinkin, "Man, shouldn't you be somewhere right now??"
  16. No kiddin! Good Job Ranger! I've got 3 years before I get there. S.D. right now. Anyone else?
  17. Well, since I'm the one makin it and designing it, figure I'll get permission from my Grand Lodge. It shouldn't take long. I'm persistant. In the mean time, hands up if you're a PM!
  18. You know, I didn't mention, but funny you should post whitebear... I've got one of YOUR coins in my pocket right now! )
  19. Artwork is almost ready. Just getting a few tweaks here and there. Should be ready for approval from Grand Lodge soon.
  20. Well, the folks next door would sure agree with that... Mon dis taber...
  21. I know! But those guys down in Hamilton and Toronto have WAY too much time on their hands... I know.. I used to be one of 'em... (...sorry... guess it's "up" there in Hamilton and Toronto to most of you.. )
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