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  1. The shield I have has an imperfection on it that did not work itself out after a few days or "drying". So, it will need to be replaced. Thus, the reason for asking about removal. Anyway, called them today and am getting a replacement sent. They are GREAT to deal with.
  2. Hopefully you registered it, but even if not, I think they will work it out for you. If you order from them by calling (or from their website), you are automatically registered (the purchase order number is your registration number). Had to get a replacement for mine and called them today and that is what they told me.
  3. Has anyone had to remove their Invisible Shield from their GPS? Did it leave any residue? One other question on it -- I have read that to remove it, it works best if you re-wet it with the solution that is used to apply it. Any input will be appreciated.
  4. I upgraded Mapsource and my 60CSx when the updates first came out and have had no problems at all.
  5. Ooopsss...my mistake. Misread the question. My quick flyovers are not always the best when it comes to comprehension. I know that under the display settings, you can change to a night time display, but I sure could not find anything about changing the color of an active route.
  6. Can you change it by going to TRACKS >> SETUP, and then when you get to the track log setup page there is a color dropdown menu. Does that work?
  7. Yep....I second that recommendation on Thomas Distributing. Have purchased batteries and chargers from them and have been very pleased. Great company to deal with.
  8. david.travis

    Garmin 60 CSX

    Nope...have not had that type of problem with mine. I have had my 60CSx since November.
  9. Here is a link to Garmin's website that outlines the changes in 3.3... http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=1245
  10. Oh, man. Great question. One thing that comes to mind -- for those who are hikers and using a GPS to guide them through remote areas, be sure you have a topo map and compass as backup, just in case.
  11. My friend owns the Magellan and it's a very nice unit for the price but my 60CSX is as good or better in accuracy, is quicker, has an electronic compass and color screen, and IMO has a better interface. Is it worth the extra $200? I guess that's up to the person. I think it is because of all the features I listed plus it's a handheld that's good enough to use for navigation while driving (I have the optional US Mapsource software). You got a good price too - I searched and searched and I paid $342 to the door for mine. Did you get the window mount as well? I like it and it was only $18 or so. The 60CSx is the only game in town for geocaching, in my opinion. I have had mine since Nov 2006 and just love it.
  12. I have a 60CSx and use it for city navigation. It works great and I have been very pleased with it.
  13. I use a Maha smart charger with my NiMH batteries and have been very pleased with it.
  14. Agree with the assessment on the Energizers. Had terrible experiences with them. I know use the Sanyo 2700 mah NiMH and keep the eneloops as backup...
  15. I have a 60CSx and have not found an extended warranty. However, doesn't Garmin offer a flat rate fee for repairs of their GPS's? Here is the link to the out of warranty page: http://www8.garmin.com/support/outofwarranty.html
  16. I am looking at purchasing a StreetPilot C550 for my wife for her to use in her Mazda Tribute. Has anyone used this Streetpilot? What has been your experience? Any and all comments will be appreciated.
  17. That's what I'm thinking. 7 and later was DVD I thought. It is. In fact, I had to install a DVD player in my computer so that I could read the disk. Needed a DVD player in it anyway and picked one up cheap from Tigerdirect.com
  18. You may have already tried this, but could you reformat the card? I know that is a real shot in the dark...but may be worth a try to see if it resolves the problem.
  19. I have a Garmin GPSMap 60CSx. When you hit the 'FIND' button, it brings up the waypoints and geocaches. Currently they display in alphebetical order. Is there any way to change the order according to whether it is a waypoint or a geocache? (I want to have the waypoints come up first in the listing, followed by the geocaches). There probably is a way to do this...but I have not figured it out. Thanks in advance for your help and advice.
  20. Just curious...when I turn on my Garmin GPS 60CSX after it has been off for a day or so, it takes about 45 seconds to get a fix on my location. If I turn it off and then turn it back on a few minutes later or even a few hours later, it gets my fix really fast. I know that is normal from the descriptions in the manual. However, what is the technical reason for the difference? Thanks!
  21. Definitely get the additional maps. I have a 60CSX and have City Navigator, the US Topo Maps and the Central U.S. National Parks maps. Sure...that adds some $$$ to the overall cost, but the versatility and utility these maps provide is well worth the cost.
  22. A friend of mine shared this on the Garmin's (not a big deal, but if you want the detailed tracks, you may want to keep the track active until you download to your computer:
  23. Yes...without the right drivers, you will not see it in the hardware list. I know that for the Garmin 60CSx, there were some updated drivers that were recently made available on their website. Here are the links to the eTrex Legend series (and there are some recently updated drivers listed): http://www.garmin.com/support/collection.j...ct=010-00358-00 http://www.garmin.com/support/collection.j...ct=010-00440-00
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