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  1. Create the route in MapSource. Connect the GPS unit with the USB cable and allow it to go into USB Mass Storage Mode. Click the "Send to Device" button in MapSource. Wait for the data to send. Disconnect the GPS unit from the computer. Allow it to start back up. Go to User Data on the GPS unit. Import the Route.


    Yep. That worked! THANKS!!

  2. I recently purchased a Nuvi 855. From the description in the owner's manual, it appears that there is a way to create a route in Mapsource and then copy it over to the Nuvi.


    What steps are required to copy the route from Mapsource to the Nuvi? Any help will be appreciated.

  3. I recently purchased a Garmin GPS 60, ( it arrives this coming Wednesday) is it a good choice for Geocaching? I know its a little late to be asking now. Thanks


    P.S. I've never gone geocaching but I know some people who do and they really enjoy it.


    I have the GPS 60CSx and it is great for geocaching (plus city nav as well as I have City Navigator maps loaded). But, to answer your question, given that the GPS 60 is in the same series as the 60CSx, I would think it would be equally great.

  4. You should have a window open on the left with several tabs (routes, tracks, etc)

    Go to the route tab.

    Highlight the route.

    Right click it and select properties.

    You will see a tab "via points".

    Highlight and delete the route points you do not want.

  5. I recall there is a way to find out what software and chipset version my 60CSx is using, but I cannot remember how. Any help will be appreciated


    Goto main menu, setup, system and then hit menu key on 60csx. :lol:


    Yep. That is it. Thanks!!!

  6. HI all! I am new to these boards (actually just got on a couple minutes ago), and have been geocaching for almost a year now...


    With all the big sales for black friday I was thinking this would be a good time to buy a gps for my car...I soon learned though that i needed to do some research before I spent that kind of money...


    I've searched through all the manufacturers and I think I have found the perfect one for me...I'm looking to buy the Garmin street pilot c550, it's a little expensive, but i think it offers the most for the least amount of money.


    My questions are...Garmin is a really good name, right? Have you used this or heard if it is good or not? where should I get it at (is ebay too risky?)? And most importantly...Can you plug coordinates into an in-car gps...and more specifically my model? (I have a handheld one but i would like to plug the coords into an in-car gps so it can tell me where to go...)?


    THANK YOU!!!


    We have a Garmin C550 and have used it since moving here to Helotes and San Antonio in June. We absolutely love it. The text to speech feature is very nice. You put in the address, but not coordinates, like you can do with the Garmin 60CSx (which we have as well, for hiking and geocaching). Overall, I give the C550 a thumbs up.

  7. I have a Garmin C550. Every now and then, while we are driving, the map view will switch from showing the highway on which we are driving to a view of the entire United States with our "vehicle" icon showing our position. Then, after about 15 seconds, the view will return to the normal map view. I reloaded the unit software, but it still does this. Any idea as to what may be causing this? Is this considered normal?


    Thanks in advance for your help.

  8. I purchased a copy of Garmin City Navigator v8 (DVD version) in November 2006 for my Garmin GPSMap 60CSx. Does anyone know if a free update is available from Garmin? I could not find anything by way of a quick search on Garmin's website, but perhaps I missed something. If a free update is not available, can an update be purchased?

  9. Is there a way to sort the waypoints on the 60CSX so that the geocaches (the ones with the treasure chest symbol) appear first or so that the waypoints with flags appear first? There are times when I want the geocaches to be first. Other times, I want the other waypoints like to places of business to come up first. Right now, it looks like mine are sorted alphabetically.


    Thanks in advance for your advice.


    (edited for misspelled geocache)

  10. Have you considered purchasing from another retailer?


    Not yet, but that's only because I assumed that no one else used this particular material.


    Does someone else make shields that are equivalent material to the shieldzone? Because I may just ask for a refund instead.


    I will report back here when I find out which of the three eTrex colour shields currently available from Shieldzone is the correct one. Perhaps if everyone who has a badly fitting one, sent it back, it may possibly make them want to only sell the right one and not offer the others, but I wouldn't bet on it.


    I have had great service from Shieldzone, so perhaps someone new is on the job at their location. Nonetheless, I have used protectors from another company (see link, below) for my Canon A700 and were very pleased with them:



  11. From the description, you have plenty of sky view for it to lock onto a satellite (or SV as they are called).


    Check the setup on the GPSr to be sure it is set for autolocate. In autolocate mode, the GPSr will always find the SVs by searching the sky. That does take a few tens of minutes usually and it is best to leave the GPSr sitting on a table, with full view of the sky, undisturbed for several minutes to autolocate and lock.


    Anyway, that is my thoughts...


    good luck...

  12. I just bought the "Invisible Shield" screen protector for my Vista HCx. It was recommended to my by the guy at Offoute.com. Anyone use these things? Specifically, I'm nervous about applying this "application solution" that comes with the kit. There is nothing on the package that says it will not damage the GPSr. I'm also wondering if the shield can be removed with no damage to the unit or it's screen. Just thought I'd ask before I wipe this stuff all over it.


    This is my very first GPSr. Do the screens scratch up easily? Any advise would be appreciated. :P


    I have used both the Invisible Shield and some of the other ones that just apply to the screen itself. I like the Invisible Shield much better. I applied quite easily and does not come off. I removed mine once after it was on for several months to see what would happen. I came right off...no residue at all. Of course, I had another Invisible Shield and promptly applied it and it has been on ever since.


    The screens scratch VERY easily...so a screen protector is a MUST.


    Hope this helps...

  13. Having recently bought my first GPSr and laid down more than a few bucks I want to protect the screen from scratches. I'm looking for a screen protector that's basically invisible and will not alter the fidelity of my Garmin 60Cx's screen. Durablity of the screen protector isn't as important to me as its clarity (a screen protector is supposed to get scratched so the actual screen doesn't).


    I blind bought a screen protector from SheildZone but was very disapointed with it. It had an orange peel texture to it that really throws off the fidelity of the screen. I had found the perfect screen protector for my PSP years ago, it is totally invisible, but I can't recall the manufacture now.


    I'm not necessarily looking for a screen protector that is cut exactly for the Garmin 60Cx. Its easy enough to cut an existing one to make it fit properly.


    Do you use a screen protector? If so what is your expierence with it?


    I use the Shieldzone for my 60CSx and have been very pleased with it. However, you are right...there is a bit of a texture to it. If you want a completely clear, completely smooth go with the ones from ScreenPatronus (link below). I use one of theirs on my Canon A700 and it is completely clear. When you order yours for your GPSr, be sure to ask for the "clear" one; they typically ship the non-glare ones for the GPSrs. The non-glare also have a texture to them that is noticeable. So, ask for the clear and you will be good to go. The ScreenPatronus ones are also very easy to install and remove. They work great!



  14. The Garmin 60CSx, as mentioned in the previous reply, is the only game in town. I use it for geocaching, hiking and city navigation and it is EXCELLENT. Of course, you need to get City Navigator for the city navigation portion. Overall, just plain great.

  15. Hi, I am looking to buy a gps for the car and would like to start geocashing this summer, especially while camping but am confused as to what to buy. The Garmin Quest looked good until I read the FAQ and some of the bugs noted causes a concern. And after you buy a GPS you have to buy the maps as the one it comes with is not detailed? Is this accurate, and if so which ones are recommend.


    Thanks in advance for any assistance.





    I have a Garmin GPSMap 60CSx and it works great for geocaching, hiking and city navigation. I purchased Garmin's City Navigator maps and use them for the city nav and it is great!!

  16. I find that the color display really helps with topo maps making it easy to distinguish between contour lines, trails, streams etc.


    Go with the 60CSx. The color screen and ability to put in a memory card is a real plus.

  17. This is GREAT! I just downloaded the macro and it's SO HELPFUL! Thank you for your help!


    I know this is a dumb question, but how do you install the macro?


    Got it!

    Found the how to in the help file on GSAK. Wow...very cool macro!!!

  18. This is GREAT! I just downloaded the macro and it's SO HELPFUL! Thank you for your help!


    I know this is a dumb question, but how do you install the macro?

  19. I just upgraded to the Garmin 60csx and have tried to transfer a City Navigator map to it. When I get into CN's transfer window it finds my device, but all options (maps, routes, & tracks) are greyed out except waypoints. I suspect it's because I have the micro sd card it came with (64 mb) and it's too small for the map. Do you think that's the problem or am I doing something wrong?


    If you tried to transfer multiple map segments, you could easily exceed the 64Meg limit, but one or two should not do that. Are you using Mapsource to select the map segments? If so, it should provide you a count of the total map size and you can use that to help you determine if you are exceeding the 64Meg size.

  20. As I prepare for a 4-week trek in Nepal, I'm wondering if I have enough memory to record tracks for the whole trip. I don't have any maps installed, and will empty out all the waypoints and caches. I'm aware that I can set the frequency of recording track points, but I'd like to hear any other trips for optimising memory usage. I've heard that saving tracks is a bad idea, as each is allocated a fixed amount of memory, irrespective of length. Is this so? Should I never save enoute?

    Is there any way that I can see how much memory has been used, and how much remains? I am definitely not carrying a laptop in my rucksack!

    Thanks for any help.


    I cannot comment on whether or not saving the track uses a fixed amount of memory. However, I do know that saving tracks causes some of the data such as speed for each segment to be lost.

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