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  1. Hey Guys: Thanks to Harmon for the WebCam expertise,,,,AGAIN! Don't know where I'd be without him,,,well, actually, I'd have about 21 caches fewer, as I can't work a WebCam to save my life,,,,ask Flagman. Splashette and I scored 3 more of the photo-ops today. Want Trailgators to know he came be a Geobabe anytime he wants, we'd LOVE to have someone who actually knows how to cache paperless, instead of clueless with us. But remember, you have to be available on Wednesdays, as that's our regular day to assault the hides. Now want to congratulate Chuy on reaching the 1,000 plateau AND Tucson Thompsen for being the second in the county to get to a ton of caches! Congrats you guys! Later, $kimmer
  2. Wanted to thank,,,,I think, everybody who expressed Birthday greeting to me. Better make it short though, have to get to bed, 60 IS OLD ya' know. A special thanks to my good buddies, Harmon, who knows more than he should; and my fellow Geobabe, Splashette. Also HelBobduo for the kind words.
  3. Great idea, but wait until after March 28, as that's my B'Day and I have asked for a PDA. After last Saturday, should have asked for a new GPSr too. What kind is your's again, RM? Also need to know where to get the best price. When we have all the equipment, will NEED your class deperately! Better rope Harmon in too, he's a regular wizard with all that stuff. Besides, it's something he can do while mending. Will ask The Vulture if he knows of a place to hold this techie class. Later.
  4. Wanted to thank Rocket Man for all the work and organization with our caching safari yesterday. We all had a grand time with our assault on the Elsinore area. Really enjoy the pictures. Wanted to congratulate Tucson Thompsen on reaching 1,800 caches during the day. And Trailgators for getting to 600, with trendy socks yet! Hope I didn't give anybody any ideas about competing with me on the money side. As Harmon mentioned. I did score a $1,500.00 ring at the Splashes' Laguna Junction cache. Traded the ring in, got a new diamond for my engagement ring. Life is good. Now I am saving to buy a boat, just like Splashman's. I have a way to go. On another subject, have an idea for Flagman's card. Don't have the photo expertise to produce it, but after trying for Flagman's Misdemeanors, think the card should depict Flagman in Wonder Woman's outfit! Just a thought.
  5. Rats! Tom beat me to it, wanted to be the first to congratulate the mighty threesome on Flagman, Rocketman, and Trailgators for setting the standard of 100 finds at a single day caching event! Great job guys! We all had a blast at the big event in Palm Springs. You wouldn't believe how many caches are out there! Every corner holds a prize, and most of them are very clever to boot! If you are in the area, a must do is Lucky Kid and Proud Parents, along with Pam's parents, Stoneyagers, very original and FUN series, starting with the Ladybug Cache. It was great fun getting together with cachers from all over the West; Nevada and Arizona were represented, along with all of California. Who knew Dr. Webe was a woman? Huh! San Diego was well represented by Lucky Kid and Proud Parents, the might threesome, aforementioned, Ruscal & Eagle Eye Rye, the Splashes, and even The Vulture had a blast. The Palm Springs cachers sure know how to throw a party!
  6. To everybody going to the Palm Springs Caching Event this weekend. The new caches are up, so start downloading. sorry you won't be with us Harmon!
  7. Was with Splashette today when we grabbed the RocketMan, #6, from Tool Time; and Senior Sleuths, #5, Beeque, Iron Chef, and good, old Gromit, from Max's.
  8. Rocketman~ We are staying at the Quality Inn Indio, it is 76.49 per night. I think that is the 'Geezer' rate. The reservation #'s are: 800 228 5151 or direct ~ 760 347 4044 That was the cheapest and closest we could find at the time. Since we have already done alot of the caches there, we will just do normal caches on Sat. that hopefully we can download from there. Daryl said there was about 90 that he is holding for release. BTW, Pat, I have no idea what your last post said about pda, pdf's, etc. but we are moving into the modern age, just at a slower pace! Splashette Thanks for the info $kimmer and Splashette. Pat and I have a reservation at the Quality Inn in Indio for Saturday night. I couldn't get the $76.49 rate. The 50+ rate that I was quoted was $95 which I couldn't get anyway. I am still a few years away. I was able to get the government rate for $81 which isn't too bad. RM Hey Guys: Jeff just told me that we will LOVE this Motel, especially those of us who like trains....It sits right along the tracks. Maybe ear plugs are called for.
  9. Oh PLEEEEAAASE! One of the Electronic Wizards is needing help from those who still cache via LOTS of printed cache sheets? The Splashes and Jeff and I are heading over to the Palm Springs Event EARLY Friday morning. Will go via the Idyllwild (back) way, caching in from there. Having done LOTS of caching in the Palm Springs area, will let you in on a secret.....Get a map of the area, stick it up on a wall, back up 10' or so, throw a dart at it, start from there, and just DO IT! Actually, Janie has been in contact with Daryl, who says they will be set up to download the new waypoints into our GPSrs at the Park/meeting area, Saturday morning. We are staying at the Quality Inn in Indio. According to Jeff, who was over there for business last week, the joint is short on quality, but what the heck, the price is right, and how much time will we be there anyway? Think the phone number is on the Event cache page. Hope lots of San Diego Cachers will be there, should be lots of fun!
  10. Hummmm. Always knew that Cowboys and Fishermen were related, until now, didn't know how close they are. Has anyone else noticed that Harmon's ladder has already grown 2', in less than 24 hours? Can hardly wait to see how tall it is after, say, a week! Wish I had SOME control over this machine, would LOVE to share the latest cheesecake shot of the injured limb an d lower environs, complete with a fig leaf! Also want to THANK Hemlock for rescuing my original message regarding Harmon's mishap, which I, somehow, amazingly, gave it's own forum.
  11. Oh no! I HATE this Thread! I keep getting in trouble here. Don't know how I did it, but posted a notice about Harmon, of SDRowdies and Sandy Creek Cowboy fame, breaking his leg today. Somehow, I started a NEW forum. Please see that listing for particulars. Can anybody get that notice over here, to the Thread? Help!
  12. NEWS FLASH NEWS FLASH NEWS FLASH NEWS FLASH NEWS FLASH NEWS FLASH Seems Harmon was trying to keep up with TT today. Found himself on top of a 10' ladder out at the Ranch, got down the FAST way, fell. Broke his ankle. Dragged himself back to town and to his Doctor's office, only to be told he needed to go to emergency. Got fed up with the authorities, so took himself home, to bed. That's where Sandy, his wife, found him when she showed up for lunch. She ate, when back to work. Then rethought it, returned home, dragged he to emergency where they put him through the obligatory misery of X-rays, manipulation, etc. He is now home, and humble. Only wish I had more control over this infernal machine, you guys would get quite a kick out of the cheesecake shot of his cast.
  13. Took the last of YMC #4, $kimmer, from THe Mystery of Livinrgttoo (GCMR3M) today. Will be glad to trade it for YMC #5 Senior Sleuths.
  14. Congrats to the Senior Sleuths on being honored on the #5 YMC! I grabbed the last TT Card out of The Crown Jewels cache yesterday.
  15. Oh how this Thread scares me! Keep thinking I'm going to get lost in here and never resurface! Wanted to add my 2 cents to the plethora of congratulations headed to the Splashes. Felt privileged to be with my fellow Geobabe when she hit the 2 ton number on Tuesday. Way to go S & S!
  16. Hey Guys! Want to thank Duscwe!!! for the nomination for my card, AND to notify you that I took all three cards from Woody's Way today. What can I say, I', vain! Figured this was the only way I was going to get one of these cards. Think it 's mean that they keep showing up in mystery caches, when I am challenged enough with 1/1 star caches. Took what I could get. Will give one to my buddy Splashette; one to my mentor, Harmon; and the last one is for the family album, I am humbled.
  17. To Flagman: No, I did NOT use the FLAGSTAFF WebCam to reach 1,000.
  18. Hey out there.... Does anybody know what those new icons on the "nearest caches" page are about? They are rectangular with various little red marks in them. Would love an email explanation, as I may never find my way back here again. Thanks, $kimmer
  19. Hey out there! A bunch of us in the East County, who attended the Potluck, are trying to figure out the cache puzzle. Does anyone know where the Munchkin's are? We need help.
  20. A group of us from East County are trying to solve this, we're stuck on the Munchkins' location. We haven't a clue where to look. Any help out there?
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