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    Wyoming Coins?

    It was stated that the Wyoming coins started going out on the 1st - has anybody gotten them?????
  2. I just got the Maritime today. The Illinois and the Tennessee Micro (both regular and LE) showed up in the last couple of day. Still waiting for the Wyoming - any words on the shipping date? (I also know the reason why their late - just interested in an ETA )
  3. The invoices have not been sent out yet. They will come from teamskirtlifter @ gmail.com thru paypal (remove the spaces to contact). T1 I just got an invoice for the coins but it came from longash @ gmail.com . How come the difference - it makes me nervous when they don't agree. -40-
  4. 40

    New Stuff

    You need to empty Safari's cache. Click on the Safari dropdown menu to the left of the File menu and select empty cache and hit the Empty Dialog button. That should fix the problem.
  5. 40

    Geocaching.com Maps

    You forgot step 1. Buy a Windows machine. :- ( Paul Soon however you should at least get Google Earth on a Mac OSX. I have seen the non-public beta and it works OK but still a little buggy. You can try searhing for the program - it was floating out there a while ago at some site, not that I have it !
  6. Email send (4 regular and 2 LE). -40-
  7. I agree also. I have hit my head against the wall enough now so I'm heading back to gc.com and not worry about the demise of VC over there but I still don't see what wc.com will be it for me. I guess I'm in the resignation phase of recover!!! I will check wm.com in the future to see if it has change (or that my opinion of it has changed). Contrary to someone's implied opinion I do have an open mind that is willing to change!!!
  8. Actually if you buy non recurring subscriptions it just appends a year to the end of whatever you have left. So in theory you could pay for 5+ years as long as you run through the PayPal process over and over. Just don't make them recurring! If you do you'll end up adding 5+ years every year. I get an email from Jeremy asking for my opinion on Waymarking.com a couple of weeks ago. It stated to respond via the forums which I did - and what do I get but an implied insult that I am closed-minded? I guess I'll just keep my mouth shut about Waymarking from now on since I seem to have hit a raw nerve- but it does make you wonder who the person is that is closed-minded??? . Anybody (somebody) can respond to be directly if they have something to say since I won't be back at this forum catagory.
  9. I think that gc.com is already a bunch of servers with parts of the site being split up to the different machines.
  10. So CITO and events would then need to be moved to wm.com???
  11. If I am required to go to another site than gc.com to do VC and locationless, who says that I will decide to go to wm.com? I know of another site that already has many locationless (that will remain nameless here ) - to me that site is looking more like a real alternative for LC and VC every day although I haven't been tempted before! As a business man, I would think that Jeremy needs to take that into account.
  12. Ah the first good reason stated for the new site! But why can't the existing LC and the other "out of favor" cache types stay on at geocaching.com even though new caches of this type aren't allowed anymore? Any new caches would be created at wc.com but no new caches - similar to the A.P.E. caches. As the caches are archived over the passage of time they will eventually go extinct. -40-
  13. But why does the virtuals, webcams and Earthcaches have to move from gc.com at all? Couldn't the gc.com site incorporate some of the wm.com site attributes instead into gc.com? I can understand that the locationless caches never seemed to work well in the whole geocaching.com stucture but the others seem to work well (if you ignore the addition of the "WOW" factor that was added to the VC criteria for listing which seemed to me to just muddy the water and gave the TPTB a reason to discontinue these type of caches). Personally I wish the WOW factor would be added to some of the 35mm micros (but that is just me). I've heard the arguments against VC; there isn't a log to sign and so they aren't a "real" cahce. I disagree with that argument - it you feel the need to sign a log instead of describing something to verify that you've been to the site then don't search for this type of cache. The argument usually adds the qualifier that there isn't anyplace to trade items - which I can also use for a majority of the micros! Also, if you use argument that a container is required to make it a "real cache" then the CITO and events don't really belong in GC.com either. There was response regarding my earlier comments (not quoted again) on long term/high count finders thoughts on this subject. I haven't done a survey but the local caching group mailing list had a thread on wc.com a week or two ago. A number (but not all) of the long time/high count finders that responded were lamenting the impending loss of the locationless caches. A few seemed to like wc.com and the potential. There were many that didn't chime in at all. When I say high count finders that includes finds of more than 2-3 thousand caches with some having more thatn 100 locationless finds. I have only 500+ finds which is nothing compared to these guys/gals. Why NOT a survey for the all of the active cachers including the heavy finders and/or long term cachers and see what their feelings are on these changes? -40-
  14. I will toss it my two copper lincolns... For me, I don't see the draw of Waymarking.com and I do not see that I will be using it except for getting some data on occasion (like the locations of the closest brewpub when on travel). In comparison I use geocaching.com amost daily for fun, adventure, competition, etc. I have tried the locationless a couple of times and there are not for me and that's OK. I will however, miss the Earthcaches, Virtuals and Webcam which look like they are will be moving over to the Waymarking site. I however won't be moving with them. I will have to go grab as many as possible before they disappear!!! -40-
  15. 40

    Geocoin Icons

    I was wondering what are the current Geocoins that have their own icons? Here are the Geocoin Icons that I am aware of - am I missing any? Also what coins are in work that will have Icons? Moun10Bike Coins USA Geocoins German Geocoins Geowoodstock Coins Colorado Geocoins GB Geocoins Michigan Geocoins CC Geocoins Maryland Geocoins Ohio Geocoins -40-
  16. I also would be interested. I currently use GSAK for DB management on my work PC. I would love to upgrade to my home mac. I am actually reading up on Cocoa programming since I have been thinking along the same lines. You need to try GSAK to see the benefits - I especially like the ability to export caches to the GPS along a route!!! Now if someone could come up with a Mac version of Streets and Trips! (I have Route 66 but I can't figure out how to get waypoints into the program. -40-
  17. Since I don't understand the database system behind the website it hard for me to know if my ideas are infeasible BUT--- Don't you already have a filter feature that removes the found caches and creates a list of caches (from the "Filter find" link with &1 at the end)? You could use this list as input which to overlay the caches on the map. I would be happy if when I went into the "filter find" page that lists 20 caches that I get a plot of just those 20 caches and if I wanted the next 20 caches plotted I would go to the next page.
  18. When I click "Map It" on the caches I have yet to find a way to remove the caches that I have found to be removed from the map. When I click off the box in the legend for "You Found/Own" how come that doesn't hide the caches I have already found instead of just removing the checks but still showing the cache??? When I uncheck the multi-cache icon and redraw the screeen the multi-cache disappear but that doesn't happen when I unckeck the "You Found/Own" legend. It would be a great addition to have the "You Found/Own" feature to do the same as the traditional, multicache, virtual cache etc!!! Just a thought. -40-
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