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  1. The Lackey and the Midwest GeoBash Volunteer coins have been relisted and the above links updated. Thanks!!
  2. I made some errors in the listings for the MWGB 2006 geocoin and the 2007 Lackey. I guess you shouldn't work on these kind of things when you have to leave the house at 6 with one kid and have the other kid asking "when are you going to be off the computer every 5 minutes . Tennessee Jed and I thought that it would be better to remove the listing and then relist them. I will get them back up tomorrow on a 5 day listing, so they will end Saturday afternoon. So sorry for any inconvenience. - Robin
  3. Math Trades received from: Wutzebear, Swedenhawk, The Moop Along, Kehunt64 and PSU_Fan. Thanks!!
  4. Here are some more thanks to Tennessee Jed for the donations and Pengo Family and Groundspeak for authorizing the sales. Tennessee Jed Hard Enamel Geocoin GeoWoodstock 4 Volunteer Geocoin 2007 Groundspeak Lackeys Geocoin October 2005 Geocoin Club Ammocan Glitter Tennessee Jed Geocoin Pengofamily XLE Satin Silver/Glitter Geocoin (only 12 made) 2006 Midwest GeoBash Volunteer Geocoin They will be listed for one week. Please bid generously! Thanks!!
  5. These are ending in 3 hours. I will be placing some more up for auction including a geocoinclub ammocan, a 2007 Lackey, a Tennessee Jed hard enamel, a Tennessee Jed glitter, a Geowoodstock 4 volunteer and a Gold MWGB 2006 volunteer; all Thanks to Tennessee Jed. Also a Pengo Family XLE Foggy Silver Geocoin w/Glitter Enamel - Thanks to Pengo Family.
  6. Here is a partial list of some people who can help you with geocoin design. I have worked with Jamie at MadHattersNeverland for several projects, but I am sure they are all good. Some coin vendors may help you develop an idea for free if you are going to mint a coin with them. Good luck!
  7. I was worried that was going to happen. Right now there are several "charitable" geocoin auctions running. Mine are still up, you can check them out. I tried to word things in a way that "we" understand what the auctions are for but specifically avoid stating the funds are going to anyone else.
  8. I would be interested, maybe in both trackable and non-trackable.
  9. I have a few more auctions up and running thanks to donations from Laval K9 and CachingCoins. LE Glitter Laval K9 Geocoin CachingCoins Birds of a Feather Geocoin LE Purple Quadcacher ATV Geocoin #12 Geocache Hockey Geocoin Canada's Capital Cachers Biking Against MS Geocoin Please check these auctions out and bid generously. All proceeds will go directly to TnT's paypal account. Shipping and E-bay fees are my donation. Every little bit helps! Thanks!!
  10. I have one that is traveling http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1262223 . It was first placed in a cache on 9/20/2007 and has traveled 1967 miles so far. As far as I know it is holding up fine. I did resort to marking the outer ring with a permenent marker stating that "This is a traveling geocoin". I did have a little anxiety when I first released it, but now that it's out of my hands and traveled a bit I am more relaxed about it.
  11. My postage was $27 - one package to Germany over $5 . My postmaster also says that I don't need a customs form. I have had pretty good luck sending them without - only one package has ever went missing for me.
  12. Thanks for setting this all up Brady! I would definetely be interested in doing this again. All trades sent out with today's mail.
  13. I did the auction for the Lackey and I certainly didn't send out any second chance offers! Please be careful in what you respond to!
  14. Took a break from my little "geo-vacation" to enter my wish list. Didn't mind letting my honey go caching by himself on this chilly morning .
  15. I sent a package off to you today. Hope the child comes out OK, children have a remarkable ability to recover. I can speak from experience. When I was three I was infected with La Crosse encephalitis. I got very ill and was in a coma. My parents where told that I may not live, and if I did live I would have severe disabilities. I did wake up and had to re-learn everything that a 3 year old knows how to do, but had totally recovered by the time I was 4 and started school. I ended up being totally normal, well at least by some standards . Good luck with your auctions!
  16. There is one on the group nerd E-bay auction for TnT. You would get at least 26 nerds, including the Renegade. I don't remember if I sent you my nerd or not. If I didn't send me an e-mail and I will get one out to you.
  17. Wanted SnowWolf - Will trade my personal or a gold German Reviewer geocoin. Thanks!!
  18. I had them posted on the previous page, but it doesn't hurt to bring them to the top .
  19. I recently had someone contact me who I have been sending a polite e-mail to every month for a year. This is the first time they returned my e-mail. They said that they would place the coin soon and if it didn't get placed in the next week send them an other reminder . I have had some luck with new cachers that picked up coins and stopped geocaching by checking their logs to see if they where caching with an other person. If so I send that person a nice e-mail asking if they are still in touch with ----- because it appears that ------ is no longer active and has one of my geocoins in their possession. Sometimes it works. If I release a coin I try to not get too worked up about it going missing. I have had coins that I have given up for lost re-appear after a year of being missing. For the coins I have that are missing I have started a book with the coins picture, logs and how it ended up going missing. I am going to put this book in a cache at my house (A TB cemetary - that accepts traveling visitors). That way people can still "discover" the missing coin. I figure it's as good as sending out a copy, but I can easily remove the coin from the binder if it should re-appear in the wild - while recovering a traveling copy would be more difficult. Currently I have 290 activated geocoins. I have 21 still in my posession, 19 of those being prepared to be released. 38 are confirmed missing. All of the rest (231 geocoins) I am either pretty sure they are still in the cache listed, or have received an e-mail from the holder stating they will release it some time in the future. It comes out to a 14% "failure" rate. I don't think that's too terrible.
  20. I am interested as well .
  21. The Auctions are up and running . Please check them out and bid generously. All paypal payments are being sent directly to Tank and Tracy. 2005 Groundspeak Lackeys Geocoin - Thanks Rockin Roddy! Mickey Diver Mystery Coin - Thanks Rockin Roddy! Artist Edition Cache Critters Geocoin 22+ Geocoin Nerds Geocoins - Thanks Nerds I see the Mickey Diver is already getting some bids. Way to go gang!!
  22. I ordered 6 of the German Reviewer geocoins- three of each and 2 of the Lord of the Caches. It still come out to almost $15/coin. Ouch! I am willing to trade - for the right offer. Or you can buy one at cost once I get them in. I am keeping one of each to release. My seeking list is terribly out of date. Feel free to make an offer. I am looking for a Snow Wolf for a area cacher.
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