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  1. OK, I have never had much luck with trying to post pictures, but I will give it my best shot. First the front and back of the micro coin - the coin being given out at the first event. Both sides will be color. Now the regular coin which will be given out at the final event. The back will be 3D and the front will have translucent enamal for the colors. Now, if that all worked there should be some pictures in this log ................. It worked!! The picture of the falls is actually "Big Falls" one of the local attractions, with some wildlife photoshopped in.
  2. Looking for a great geo-vacation opportunity? The Chippewa Valley Visitors Bureau is hosting a geocaching promotion starting April 14th and running until June 3rd 2007. In conjuntion with this promotion there will be 2 events that will be listed on geocaching.com. The first will be a CITO event taking place on April 14th in Eau Claire, WI. The second event will be on June 3rd and we are working on finalizing the details on that one. The first 250 people who participate in the CITO event will receive a free, trackable, micro-geocoin with it's own icon. The first 400 people who pre-register and attend the final event will receive a free, trackable geocoin with it's own icon. If you are not in the first 400 you will receive a ticket when you attend the event that will give you a chance to get one of the 50 remaining coins. There will also be lots of other prizes available that you do not have to be present to win. Last year a couple of the larger prizes included a GPSr and a mountain bike. Drawings for prizes are linked to finding geocaches included in the promotion. There will be about 75 caches available and most of them will be listed on geocaching.com. If that's not enough for you, the Chippewa Valley has over 400 geocaches and they are not your usual micro spew. The area is loaded with regular caches, including a 50 part mystery cache (each part is a separate cache and loggable on it's own). There are caches here that everyone will enjoy! I will follow up with links to the events and the promotion website as they become available. So mark your calandars and come visit the Chippewa Valley for a great geocaching experience!!
  3. Hi - I will be handling trades for the Zuma and Jesse Top 40 geocoin. I would like to trade for other (non-Top 40) trackable geocoins. I will have 50 coins available for trade. Thanks!!
  4. Didn't get much done this week since I came down with pneumonia right after completing an exceptional 3 way trade for my secret cupid at the begining of the week............ I was so sick I didn't even check my e-mail or try and get in on the latest Coins and Pins sale!! I guess it all worked out, because an other trade that I had been waiting for finally arrived on Thursday. With trades finally in hand my secret cupid package was sent out on friday; I am pretty sure it will still make it in time. My package also arrived this week. I don't even know which day because the week was pretty much just a blur. Just what I wanted!!!!!!!!! A Geocaching Dragon, a blue Magic geocoin and an "I Love Geocoins". Thank You Very Much Secret Cupid!!!! I love them all!
  5. I had some caching pills on Ebay so I ended one early since the item is "no longer for sale". I don't collect geocoins, but I do like to place them in caches. Being a single parent money is always tight so I buy a couple of each coin I want to place and place one and sell the other one or ones. I usually have some money in my paypal account to be able to place some coins in the wild. I probably wouldn't be able to do it otherwise. Some people on the forums don't think it's right to sell them on E-bay, and I would never sell a trade only coin; but if the coin was being sold and some people are willing to pay more for it on E-bay, I don't see the problem. At any rate - PM me with your mailing address and I will send you one caching pill geocoin, my gift. Thanks for serving our country!
  6. Zuma and Jesse Top 40 coin invoice paid. I will be handling trades for Zuma. I have 50 of the coins available for trade and would like to trade for other (non Top 40) trackable geocoins. Send me a PM if you are interested and I will get you on the growing list.
  7. WI_Robin


    I too have some activate coins that need to get out in a cache. I would love it if you would take them with you!! PM sent.
  8. I did hear back from the minter and indeed two sets of different coins where issued the same tracking numbers!! So if you have a Zuma and Jesse personal geocoin hang onto it and contact me with the tracking number. The coins may have to be replace - or the other persons coins may need to be replace (Brady Bunch Boys) - I would hang onto that one also if you have it. What a mess! Luckily there where only 60 coins made of the Zuma and Jesse coins, but to track them all down may be a problem because only a few trades where made, only 1 was sold and the rest where distributed unactivated via geocache.
  9. I actually copied and pasted the numbers directly off of the list that was sent to me by the coin manufacturer. I would have just thought it was a mix up like that, except all the coins that have been activated with the same tracking numbers as my coins have all been the same type of coin - four coins all the same are about 3 to many to be coincidence?!?! I will send my list of tracking numbers, along with what I have discovered to Brian at Groundspeak and see what he can figure out. It's very frustrating since I had so few coins minted to have 4 - that I know of so far, that look like they won't be able to be activated.
  10. Last year I had a very small batch of trackable coins (60) made for my "geohoney's" birthday/2000th cache found milestone. I gave most of them away in local caches and traded just a very few. I have had 2 people contact me recently stating that they where unable to activate their coin because it came up as already activated. Both coins came up being activated as the same type of coin (not mine). I kept the list of all the tracking numbers and activation codes just in case someone misplaced their code so I checked all of the coins. About half where unactivated and in the activated half there where 4 coins, all the same type, that where not mine but had a tracking number that had been issued to my coins. One even had a picture on the coins webpage that showed the tracking number so I could verify that it was the same. I contacted a few people who had the coins. One person stated that the coin came in a flip from the same company who manufactured my coin. When I contacted the owner he stated that the coin was manufactured by a different company. I e-mailed the company who made my coins with the tracking numbers and the picture that I found on the coin's page. I have not heard back from them yet. About half of my coins are not activated, and I don't know who has them all, so there is no way of telling how many of those coins are also affected! Has anyone else had this happen??? If so, what in the heck do you do after that.......
  11. Hi - my "Geohoney" (officially move up from "cachedate" ) is having a Top 40 geocoin made. He ordered an extra 50 for me to use for trading since I did all the "messing around with it" that he doesn't like to fool with. He is not trading any of his 50 - he plans on placing them in the next 50 caches that he finds exceptional or is FTF on and he definetely would not like the "messing around" with sending coins out and keeping track of trades!! I will be making trades for the Zuma and Jesse Top 40 geocoin. I would like to trade for other (non-Top 40) trackables since I like to place coins in caches. Please send me a PM with trade offers. Thanks - Robin I will post a picture if someone could tell me how to do it!!!!!!!!
  12. First part of 3 part trade recieved and I will be trading it for the final coin this weekend............... Attempted 8 trades in hopes of making 3 and only worked out 2. Oh well - one is incredible! Can't wait to get them in the mail!!
  13. There was a bear near here that made punctures in each side of a lock-n-lock, he didn't manage to get into it though.......
  14. Second trade arranged and ready to send out. Thanks to the traders who are helping to make my Secret Cupid mission a success!!
  15. First part of a 3 part trade worked out and ready to be mailed and OH What A Trade. Thanks goes out to a super great geocacher who just made a new friend in WI!!!
  16. Re: onesearching2find (my just changed from geonick) Ooops - I guess when I cancelled my premuim membership on my old account last night it cancelled my ability to leave a signature in the forums?!?!!?! I updated my new geonick so my seeking list will appear in my signature line here. So if you are looking for "onesearching2find's" list you can look here............ Sorry for the confusion...............................
  17. This is my new geonick. Decided that onesearching2find is too long to write on the micro logs when its winter in WI . The hard part was re-logging all of my finds! I "adopted" all of my active coins and left the 3 that are MIA with my old name. Now I just have to "adopt" my caches that I placed and the transfer will be complete. Thought if I posted here it would be a little easier for "Cupid" to find my profile.
  18. I would really like a bronze Geocaching Dragon geocoin. I am also looking for a "RUNNING WILD CACHE TO CACHE 2006 PERSONAL MICRO GEOCOIN"? The only place I have seen it is on E-Bay. It is 4 colors with 2 running horses on the front of it. I have to trade for the above coins : - a Zuma and Jesse geocoin (for Geocaching Dragon only) - a personal geocoin, trackable, very rare 1 of 12 of that metal, one of 60 total coins made. - or any one of the "Dreamcatcher" geocoins - or 2006 "Crop Circle" Thanks!!
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