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  1. I have in hand the copper XLE edition of the CITO Around the World geocoin - only 30 made. I would like to trade them for coins on My Seeking List. In particular I am looking for a Geocaching Round Tuit. (1 trade made (Thanks Wolfmaster)- 19 available) Here is a picture of the coin: 18 Left - Thanks Glenn! 17 Left - Thanks Summerandnana! 16 Left - Thanks Team Maddog! 15 Left - Thanks Team Sand Dollar! 14 Left - Thanks IndyDiver! 13 Left - Thanks CKayaks! 12 Left - Thanks AtlantaGal! 11 Left - Thanks LadyBee4T! 10 Left - Thanks Shop99er!! 9 Left - Thanks Team LegGoes! 8 Left - Thanks Marmocette! 7 Left - Thanks Wyohunter! 6 Left - Thanks Nolefan9399! 5 Left - Thanks SERGI0! 4 Left - Thanks DLiming! 3 Left - Thanks OshnDoc! 2 Left - Thanks Chrisgun! 1 Left - Thanks Sandtracker! Gone.............. Thanks Captain Zulu! I am holding on to one XLE copper CITO Around the World that I would like to trade for a Geocaching Round Tuit. A local coin enthusiast is looking for one and I said I would do my best to help him out. Thanks! Got it!! Thanks Creacher!
  2. Any idea of when we can expect to receive these coins??????????????
  3. I have some CITO coins that they just started selling at Coins and Pins. E-mail me with your address and I will send you some.
  4. Here is a peek at the CITO Coin that will be sold at Coins and Pins starting Sunday evening. These coins are 1.5" and 3.5mm thick and have a great translucent color with texture underneath. They are trackable on geocaching.com and have their own icon. They come in either shiny gold or shiny silver. I am not sure of the price, but these coins will be going on sale begining 8:30 Eastern - 5:30 Pacific time at Coins and Pins.
  5. They are officially gone........................ I had an other CITO coin made also- with Coins and Pins. I will post a picture of those on an other thread. At this time I am not able to sell or trade that coin until they have sold the coin out on their website (once it gets up and running). Thanks again for the great response!!
  6. Great coin!! Put me on the list of those interested in a trade. I will have a new personal coin headed to the mint myself. Thanks!!
  7. WOW!!! Thanks for the great response! I have sent e-mails with payment information to everyone that I have received an e-mail from. If you didn't get an e-mail, I didn't get one from you. I still have 5 coins left if anyone else is interested. I am going to try to get most of the coins sent today, and they will all be out by tomorrow at the latest. Thanks and hope you all enjoy your coins!!
  8. I hosted a CITO event and thanks to Georgia at The Caching Place I had this great coin to give to participants! I was hoping to have at least 100 participants and fell short of that goal by 40. We still had a great time and picked up a lot of garbage. The good news for you is that I now have some coins available for purchase! Money raised from this sale will go to defray the costs I incured related to hosting this great event-food, drinks, hand sanitizer, garbage bags, door prizes,ect. The coins are $7.50 each plus $1.50 s/h, s/h on any additional coins .50. (for international shipping please add $1.00) The 1.5" coin is minted in shiny nickel and imitation hard enamel finish. Trackable with icon. These have never been sold and previously only available at my CITO event. Please provide the following information in your e-mail order: Your Full Name Your Geocaching ID Your Address Your payment information (paypal address) Quantity Please send requests to: wisconsin_robin at yahoo.com dot com Also look for a new CITO coin at Coins and Pins. I will post pictures at a later date.
  9. Oops - my honey was logged in...................... accidently posted as Zuma. Good Luck!!
  10. No offense intended to anyone who sells their personal coin. I know when I have mine made I will be selling some also. But if you are selling something should you be offended if the person who buys it resells it?? If everyone bought only one of your coin how long would it take you to sell enough to pay for having it made? Would it help you if you sold less coins? I hope when I make my coin everyone buys 3 or 4 and if they want to sell them on e-bay they have every right to do so - then I won't have to!! I do sell some coins on e-bay. As a single mother of 3 who places all of my geocoins in caches I buy a few extra to trade or sell and hope that what I sell pays for what I place. Trust me, it's a wash or a loss by the time it's all said and done!! Sometimes I make a profit, sometimes a good profit and sometimes I take a loss. It's a risk. I personally would never sell a trade only coin. But if I buy something that is for public sale I think that whom ever I bought it from would be glad that I subsidized their personal coin, not worrying about what I do with that coin after I pay for it. Just my opinion...............
  11. Dang, can't believe I had to be away from computer and missed this GORGEOUS"S"S"S"S coin. Sorry but I must say apsotrophes weren't even on the radar when you look at this coin. WAYYYYY to analytical for me to understand. Anyone want to trade please contact me. E-mail sent.
  12. Silly me, I can't believe that I never read this until today!!!! I send all of my coins out to travel. I will just have to send a few more of yours out!! I wonder if any of those coins I gave to an other cacher who wanted to set some free in Australia where any of yours and when I activated them........... I guess I will have to check on that!!! (Oh they wouldn't count because I mailed them to him I will have to see if he has left yet, maybe I can make a quick hand delivery . Thanks for the contest!!
  13. Got mine today. What a cute litte coin! Thanks!!
  14. 78 Geocoins activated under my account 50 have been placed (in one form or an other) 4 given to an other cacher to place in Australia, 46 placed in caches directly 23 activated geocoins to be placed in caches hopefully this week before our big event starts 12 yet to be activated, hopefully will get that done and those in caches this week also 5 activated and placed coins have not been moved in 2007 0 are confirmed missing 2 are with other cachers 2 are in remote caches that have not seen any activity this winter 1 is in a cache owned my some local teenage geocachers, they have been having problems getting the cache published and may have lost interest. The highest mileage of any one coin is 4,662. 19 coins sit in an individuals inventory (including the 4 on the way to Australia) 0 are in a unknown state 31 are listed as in caches Total mileage of all geocoins regardless of state 22,154 Several Geocoins have completed their temporary missions of informing geocachers about the upcoming Chippewa Valley Geocaching promotion!! Some people have logged that they wouldn't have found out about it except for picking up my coin.
  15. I got them each started.................... Good luck on the auction! My thoughts and prayers are with your friend and his daughter.
  16. They're here!!!!! Check out www.cachebug.com for the link to get some of these cuties.
  17. Got a glittery one! Thanks Castle Man!!
  18. Whoo Hoo, I got it! But it says the Pot O' Gold is copper!
  19. The Easter Bunny came to my house today, all the way from Canada!! The nice little package contained a "Bouncy Bunny" geocoin (how appropriate!) and a Toronto geocoin. Thanks Secret Bunny!!
  20. Thanks for the contest! Happy Easter to all!
  21. MAY DAY 1. PARTICIPATING - Yes 2. Received Mission - Yes 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received GEO-BIRTHDAY 1. PARTCIPATING - Yes 2. Received Mission - Yes 3. Mission Complete 4. Package Received Now the hard part..................... Researching and trading!
  22. I have some coins I can send you to auction if that would be helpful. One is the LE cactus coin that Castleman just had for sale and I'll send you a couple of of LE CITO Around the World - nickel "event first" coins not sold at the Caching Place. I did order some extra's. I also have a few more common coins that I would part with.
  23. There may be some confusion because I did the work on the coin for Zuma - and under my old caching name besides (onesearching2find). I noticed on the Geocoincollection website it listed a onesearching2find Top 40 coin - there is no such coin. If you are looking for a trade I have several to trade - Zuma likes to cache, place and move coins, not go to the post office and keep track of trades, or even mess around with designing a simple coin, so I get to do that part .
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