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  1. Headed your way Team Cedo! Thanks for playing everyone!
  2. Somewhere in the below picture is a geocoin its there but its hidden. In order to win you have to be the first to post a picture of the the below picture with the geocoin circled. If you dont have any photo editing software you can use Microsoft paint to circle the coin. The Picture: Here is a link to a large file of this photo: Larger Photo The Prize, a trackable sample geocoin, Pirates of the Geocache. Jake
  3. Yes she does it's called Glass Garden Creations. You are very welcome.
  4. Here is our write up on the process for any one interested; It order to create a piece of fused glass, you must be sure that the glass you choose is a compatible COE so that the glass will expand and contract at the same rate during the heating and annealing process and will produce a strong finished piece. Glass is selected, cleaned, and cut into the shape needed for the finished piece. A special glue is used to hold the colored squares onto the base glass. The glass "sandwich" is placed in the kiln and the kiln is warmed slowly to prevent any cracking of the glass. After approximately 1.5 to 2 hours, the kiln is at 1500 degrees. After checking the kiln visually for "doneness", the kiln is turned off and allowed to cool over several hours. Cooling the glass slowly makes for a very hard, durable finished product. This process is then repeated 3 more times fusing each different colored piece of glass to create a glass geocoin with a total of 5 different colored pieces of glass. This long process also ensures that the glass coin is durable. Once the pieces are cool (about 6 to 8 hours) They are washed and the edges shaped and polished on a grinder, then washed again. Once they are clean, the design is hand-painted on the front of the piece with special fusible glass paint which is made of finely ground glass in a suspension base. The design is allowed to dry, then the words on the back are hand lettered with the same paint. Once the paint is completely dry, the pieces go back into the kiln for another firing and cooling cycle. The final phase with this glass coin is to hand etch the trademark symbol on the lower right hand corner of the design, clean the pieces and pack them for shipping. The total time involved in producing one coin from start to finish is about 17 hours!
  5. Yep we sure do, we ship worldwide. In fact just shipped some packages to Germany, Canada and Australia today.
  6. The first batch is in production now and should start shipping on or around the 31st of this month. Also there will be a work in progress pics on flickr for those who want to see the whole process.
  7. Just confirmed with Sharon and she will be able to make yours wearable and it should look really cool. If anybody else wants a wearable one please email me.
  8. Yea I know me to, lol, these cost about 2.5 times more than an average coin made overseas. I will have some in stock but if you want in on the personalized one we will only have that in pre sale, just an fyi.
  9. Samples have arrived and pre sales have begun. If you are a member of our newsletter be sure to check your in box for a coupon code. Otherwise you can purchase a coin here: http://www.coinswag.com/glasstraveler.html Here are some photos of the final product.
  10. I'm all signed up and ready to order, how do I get the pre sale discount coupon? Email sent.
  11. Yes Bryan has approved the design. The ® is actually etched in after the whole process.
  12. What would be the purpose of the hole, if you intent is to make it wearable that is something we can do for sure. Send me an email and we can talk more about it. contact [at] coinswag dot com Jake
  13. Hmmm good question. I'll ask Sharon and get back to you.
  14. They will be 14.95 for reg and 15.95 for personalization. Subcribers to our newsletter will get a coupon code for a pre sale discount. More info can be found here; http://www.coinswag.com/glasstraveler.html
  15. No, lol. We have been making geocoins since 2006. www.coinswag.com we used to post under our caching name Team JSAM but now just use this account to help separate business and the fun of caching. Jake
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