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  1. EDIT TO ADD: item is now GONE. thank you for your interest. howdy geocachers! i found an old etrex Venture (made in 2005 maybe?) in a desk drawer the other day. i was given this unit back in 2006 to use for geocaching, but then i packed it away when i moved to a new city and i lost track of it. anyway, its an old GPS unit, a little beat up, but it still works! this would make a good "back-up" unit or something for the new geocacher to try out, or perhaps a fun first unit for the little tyke to play with. i don't have any manuals (although you may be able to find them at the garmin website), its got a mono gray display, forrest green casing, no maps, no attachments, and no way to upload or download information from the internet (not paperless). so all geocaches need to be entered manually! hard to believe it is only a few years old, but already a primitive dinosaur! anyway, its FREE to the 1st person that wants it. all i am asking for is $5 dollars to mail this to your U.S. location (slightly more for International). you can PM me here or email through my profile. thanks.
  2. it looks like Montgomery, Texas is closer to Houston than Austin. are y'all from Austin? or is there any special reason for choosing an Austin saying? just curious. many people know Austin through the popular music program "Austin City Limits", so perhaps a theme around the music of the city would be cool. about the armadillo theme,...there have been a few armadillo themed geocoins before, but you can never have enough armadillos, as my pappy used to say! what i think of when anyone mentions armadillos, is their hard armour like protective shell...a shell as strong as a metal box...or geocache ammo can...so what if...you had a shaped coin with an armadillo head and tail, but with an ammo can for a body?! on one side of the geocoin, the ammo can would have the likeness to match the real animal shell or skin, and on the other side of the geocoin, you could place the colors of the state flag! can you tell that i like "shaped" geocoins?! well, it was just the first idea that came to my mind, but i'm sure that brain storming it would produce better results. good luck on the new geocoin!
  3. it wasn't me either...lol...i think my idea was too expensive to have made. oh well. better luck next year!
  4. got mine today, too! thanks for the excellent service! by the way...you have the spelling incorrect on the title of this thread. i believe it should be "davy" and not "davey". the icon at geocaching,com shows the official name as "davy jones locker geocoin". "davy" is the correct spelling according to wikipedia as well. so you might want to edit the item description at the "Geocoin Store" too. just a suggestion.
  5. i vote for renaming this thread: "What Was In Your Mailbox Today...And the 'drneal' Daily Report!" when i get an email notification that you had a new delivery, i immediately click to see the new arrivals! thanks for sharing with us!
  6. i have seen many roadrunners, but that video is the FIRST time i have ever actually heard one! they usually do not make any noise at all. i have a feeling that the sound we hear on the video, is a mimicking sound they make to attract reptiles, rodents, or insects. after watching many videos of the roadrunner, it is amazing how unafraid of humans they are! i have a feeling that many native americans and pioneers, must have made the roadrunner a friendly pet. i understand now why the roadrunner was considered "good luck" and was thought to have "special powers".
  7. EXACTLY! i couldn't quite pinpoint the sound, but you are right on the nose! (pardon the pun!)
  8. Honestly, I've never heard one. here is what they REALLY sound like, but its a rather difficult sound to describe...a rapid clacking sound, maybe?!
  9. hey Gatoulis, is the name "Chelios" a Greek name or did his family change it when they came to America?
  10. Woooohooo agreed! Go Blackhawks! so, if the blackhawks win it all, only one of us wins the cointest?! If the Blackhawks win at home I win but if they win away you win!.... They better win at home lol GAME ON!!!!!
  11. Woooohooo agreed! Go Blackhawks! so, if the blackhawks win it all, only one of us wins the cointest?!
  12. the Groundspeak tracking policy was changed in March 2009. the minimun for a unique icon is now ONLY 50. good luck! Current Coin Tracking Policy
  13. 1. Bastet (Egyptian Cat Goddes) 2. Pouncer 3. To Cache A Mouse
  14. in the U.S.A. the cartoon roadrunner says, "beep, beep", and that name has already been suggested. Technically it is mee meep This is absolutely correct! MEE MEEP!!! according to wikipedia...they are both "technically" correct...lol... from Wikipedia: "The Road Runner vocalizes only with a signature sound, "Beep, Beep" (Sometimes Meep Meep), and an occasional tongue noise. The "Beep, Beep" was recorded by Paul Julian." and cartoon episode number 2 was actually titled "Beep, Beep" Technical Road Runner Stuff More Technical Road Runner Stuff
  15. the valium, xanax, and alcohol helps a lot!
  16. ummmmmm...how shall i put this?!... AWESOME!
  17. in the U.S.A. the cartoon roadrunner says, "beep, beep", and that name has already been suggested.
  18. i think its a better geographical location map, how do you feel about it? although, i am still partial to the 3D design. just my 2 cents worth.
  19. #25 please...thats my birthday! thanks for the fun cointest too!
  20. i see it on your geocoin page as well. no problem at all.
  21. thats pretty good! i hadn't even thought of that. there was an event called the "beep, beep, i'm not a jeep", but no official "beep, beep" geocoins. i will definitely consider it . thanks!
  22. i just saw this new uploaded graphic...i like it! i bet this would look awesome in 3D relief! very classic look!
  23. by the by...i now know EXACTLY where Somerset is located! have you considered adding the "Union Jack" to your design, or is that "over kill"?! cheers!
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