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  1. oops...i was mistaken. after some extensive page searching, it seems that trackable icons DO indeed show up in the search results next to "members only" caches and regular caches too. of course, you still need to be a paid member to see the page and any details regarding the trackables found in the cache. so, to be honest, not being a paid member myself, i cannot say from personal experience that "members only" caches are more or less prone to theft. it was simply a suggestion, in a mad mad mad world...lol...i hope the geocoin turns up again! .
  2. Being a members only cache doesn't really protect the coins from going missing. Since they are found less often it may just prolong the time before it does but during that time it is just sitting in a cache. It also implies that a member is more honest than non members. In this area a suspected coin thief IS a member... no, i never said a "members only" cache "protects" the coins from going missing, and i certainly didn't mean to imply that "members" are more honest than "non-members". however, a "members only" cache page and the online search results do not show the trackable contents on the page itself like the regular caches do, so in a way, this makes it a little more difficult to see any geocoins placed in a particular "members only" cache, thus a bit more difficult for the contents to go missing as well. similar to drilling a hole in your geocoin, it doesn't guarantee it won't disappear, but it certainly makes it less attractive. so, this is in line with what mama used to say: "never tempt a thief." .
  3. this was a couple of years ago but my former geocaching partner and i decided to place one of our unactivated "code 3" geocoins in a particulary difficult cache (see picture below)...lol...we felt it was like dangling some juicy grapes just out of reach of the fox! the geocache was not one of our own, and the description didn't quite mention the difficult bouldering that would be involved, so it was kind of fun to watch online as cacher after cacher would make the long drive out to the cache only to be defeated by the steep climb involved and so they would place another sad face on the page! i suppose we did have a bit of an evil streak in those days...lol...cool thread! i will enjoy reading the stories here! Tanks for the Cache Page
  4. i would say most people here have experienced what you have...a placed activated geocoin goes missing after only moving to a few caches. sad but true. in an effort to prolong the life of her own geocoins/travelbugs and geocoins/travelbugs owned by someone else that she would move, a friend of mine would always place them in "members only" caches. of course, this is no guarantee that muggles won't find the cache too, but theft from a "members only" geocache is probably significantly less than from a traditional cache. you could place a note with your geocoin and ask that it be moved to another "members only" cache. again...there are no guarantee's once the geocoin is out of your hands. don't give up on placing geocoins, i've recently had a geocoin travel over 32,000 miles around the world before going missing! .
  5. you got me curious too. so i googled it...here's the link i found... 5x5 i believe this is the meaning most often referred to. although, i'm not sure if this was the meaning on the particular coin you saw. so, how do you read me now?! .
  6. no apologies needed, i think your message is very clear for all to read. thank you for your support, and for remembering...even as painful as those events were... .
  7. thank you all for browsing the charity auctions. i apologize to our european forum members about the giveaway time, as it will be well after 1 A.M. for those of you that log in from the UK, however on a bright note, it will be 8 A.M in sydney, australia and 10 A.M. in perth! .
  8. Hello forum friends! To raise awareness and in recognition of the memorial date of 09/11/01, I would like to have a REAL TIME online forum geocoin giveaway beginning promptly on Friday, September 11, 2009 at 8:15 PM Eastern Time U.S. One lucky forum member will win a FREE "Code 3" Geocoin Artist Edition. Here is a link to a picture of the prize: "Code 3" Geocoin Artist Edition I would also like to take this opportunity to bring to your attention three very special charity eBay auctions that I am holding this 9/11 Memorial Week. 100% of the proceeds from these auctions will be donated to the American Red Cross through eBay's Giving Works and MissionFish. Please spread the word and bid if you can! Just click on the links below for more information. "Code 3" Geocoin Set Charity Auction: eBay Auction "Code 3" Geocoin Limited Edition Charity Auction: eBay Auction "Code 3" Geocoin Mint Error Charity Auction: eBay Auction So please join me here on September 11th promptly at 8:15 PM Eastern Time for all the geocoin giveaway details (I will start a NEW FORUM THREAD for the giveway). The contest will be a Q&A REAL TIME contest and should move along rather quickly, so don't be late! Mark your calendar and set your watches! See you all then. Thank you and...NEVER FORGET. ~Odyssey Voyager~ P.S. Can the forum moderators please leave this thread open until the end of the auctions on 9/11/09? Thank you. .
  9. i'd like to ask for an opinion from geocoin designers here, since this thread seems appropiate. question: if you were going to produce a 2nd run of, say 100 geocoins, in new and different colors or finish, would you use the new geocoin policy (mentioned in previous replies) to create a new or altered official name, and new or altered official icon? or would you simply go with the original name and icon? and, does the revised geocoin policy even apply to 2nd run or new versions? what are your comments, concerns, or suggestions? thanks for the feedback! .
  10. kudos for taking the bull by the horns, and eliminating the middleman! you've got more guts than i do...lol...producing a coin can be very frustrating, and i can only imagine what it would be like if i tried to communicate in chinese! you have pointed out the pro's and con's quite nicely. since i only create a project once every 2 years or so, i'm better off leaving most of the mint business to the experts. i really don't mind paying a little more for their expertise and advice. however, you seem to have several projects in the works, and having more control is to your benefit. i wish you continued success! .
  11. that's cool. good to know that only 50 or 100 geocoins is an option now. i take it your geocoins are all trackable and also have a unique icon? All are trackable but I did not go with the unique icon. This was a Military Team Coin/Geocoin. 16 coins for the team. 20 reserved for future care package for deployed goeocahers (I recived a care package of 5 geocoins myself and wanted to help out with the next care package that gets put togather), 10 to cache with, 10 to trade for other military geocoins. A number were sent to close friends. I have sen't an e-mail to every cache owner that placed a cache in Afghanistan, Kuwait and Kyrgyzstan afther I found their cache as a thank you for placing a cache for other deployed geocahers to send me their mailing address and I would mail them one of my geocoins. I have very few coins that are not earmarked to someone now. None of them were or are for sale. i saw the pictures of your geocoin, good job. it looks great! be safe out there and thank you for your service. ~odyssey voyager~ .
  12. that's cool. good to know that only 50 or 100 geocoins is an option now. i take it your geocoins are all trackable and also have a unique icon? so, how do other forum members here feel about the lowered minimum requirement? better for the geocoin collecting and design hobby, or worse? just curious. ~odyssey voyager~ .
  13. all very true comments. i see so many new vendors making such costly mistakes, that a little homework and research would have easily solved. of course, we all learn to either sink or swim. hopefully, the sport of geocaching and the hobby of geocoin collecting and design will continue to grow. ~odyssey voyager~ .
  14. this comment and question may also be related to this topic. its been some time between designs for me, so i fall behind on news and policies regarding geocoins. i recently read the pinned thread concerning Groundspeak coin policy revisions of 3/2009. am i correct in assuming that the amounts went from 250 geocoins to 50 geocoins as the minimum amount needed for tracking numbers, custom icon, and custom name?! if this is now the case, does anyone know if geocoin manufacturers also now offer these same minimum numbers to have a geocoin produced? it seems to me that the previous 250 minimum cost to produce a geocoin was one of the reasons many people could not afford to have one made, but now that the number is down to only 50, a nice geocoin run of 50 pieces can be made for under $500.00. can anyone with more experience, elaborate and shed more light on this relatively new policy? thanks. ~odyssey voyager~ .
  15. 1. What is your favourite finish? well, i wasn't originally a fan, but i'm becoming quite fond of the copper finishes as of late. i also find the satin finishes very clean and fresh. 2. What is your favourite 2-tone finish? shiny nickel and gold in metal, and shiny gold and red translucent in colors. 3. Do you like to see multiple finishes offered for a coin? Do you buy them all, or just your favourite(s)? more than one choice is nice, but some version have become ridonkulously numerous, too difficult to keep track of, and extremly difficult to collect them all. i don't care for a million versions. 4. Do you prefer round coins or shaped coins? both, although in my opinion, a nice shaped coin requires more imagination to design. however, i must add that i feel a "coin" should remain a relatively flat item with two sides. if it becomes 3 dimensional and bulky and has working parts, its not appealing to me (not as a coin anyway). 5. Do you prefer trackable or non-trackable? always trackable. in my opinion, what makes a geocoin a GEOcoin is its trackability. otherwise its a nice memento, collectible, or keepsake, but NOT a geocoin for me. 6. Do you prefer personal coins, caching-related coins, or 'art' coins? no preference here. if it appeals to me, i will collect it! 7. Do you collect around a theme (what theme), or collect whatever catches your eye? my theme seems to be geocoins with intricate detail work. as geocoins have evolved, i've come to realize just how fine the detail work can become and i love that minters and metal dies can be so precise with something so small. i love that! 8. Do you have a coin budget? Do you ever go over this budget? a budget?! whats a budget?! 9. Are you more likely to buy a coin, or trade for a coin? often i need to restrain myself from rushing out and buying a geocoin. with a little patience, often i may be able to trade for a geocoin, or adopt, or find a sale price. 10. Do you have any 'absolutely never trade' coins in your collection, or are they all fair game for a trade? my own designs (first activated) are NEVER TRADE, ALWAYS WITH ME, items. everything else, unless it has sentimental value, can be traded or sold. i am currently building my 2nd collection, after i sold off my 1st collection on a whim, and now i am regretting it...lol...i'm finding it impossible to acquire many of the items from my original collection. i do build quite a personal attachment to all geocoins i've held in my hand. .
  16. hello. i don't have any of these to trade, but if this is the geocoin you are looking for, here is the website to purchase them: Honu Turtle Website .
  17. wow...i just checked out your website. very impressive! i would have imagined you guys coming up with some cool, space age, holographic, 3D image geocoin! the current design is very cool too, maybe you can post some sample pics of the actual geocoin when its' ready for production. does anyone else here remember the holographic baseball and football trading cards?! those cards were really cool. i wonder if those cards increased in value over the years. just curious. .
  18. thanks drneal for the trade, i found a nice place for the kathy geocoin right between my two chinese unity dragon geocoins. i think its a perfect location for it! .
  19. good job to the parents! awesome news! congrats and happy birthday to little JJ! .
  20. awaiting the good news on the special delivery! until then, my 3rd guess is: 1.) 08/31/2009 2.) 11:15 A.M 3.) 7 lbs. 4 oz. 4.) 20 inches hope to hear from you all soon. .
  21. 2nd guess is: 1.) 08/31/2009 2.) 09:11 A.M. 3.) 7 lbs. 4 oz. 4.) 19 inches once again...congrats! and best wishes! .
  22. hi diana, welcome to the geocoin forum and to the geocaching sport! i am glad you are asking questions about geocoins. you will find your answers here. geocoins are trackable on the geocaching.com website just like travelbugs. i see on your profile that you have already discovered and moved a few travelbugs. good for you! a geocoin can either be collected by you and be kept safe, only to be discovered by friends, and maybe travel from cache to cache with you to log miles, OR you can activate a geocoin and place it in a cache, for others to move along and discover like a travelbug. as the owner, you will receive an email every time your geocoin is moved or discovered. many geocachers like myself, enjoy seeing their geocoins travel from place to place. sometimes a geocoin will "disappear" but that is just the risk we all take when we set something free, but sometimes it comes back to you! good luck with travelbugs and geocoins and pathtags, too! whether you decide to start a personal collection, or decide to set them free, enjoy yourself and have fun! .
  23. oooohhh...so it's actually forum avatars...well then, that makes things much easier for me...NOT! .
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