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  1. the Flyers win an exciting game 3 in overtime! games are now: Chicago 2 Philadelphia 1.
  2. can anyone upload a picture of this item? or tell me where online i might be able to see it? thanks. EDIT TO ADD: nevermind,...i found the picture at cointracking.com, very nice 3D likeness.
  3. thanks for the auction geocoins you offered before. they are awesome!
  4. PM sent to drneal. UPDATE: DirectMint sent me a quote and the geocoins have now been paid for. The factory in China will begin the minting process, and they should be ready in a few weeks! Roadrunners are fast, so hopefully the process is a speedy one! beep beep!
  5. the reservation period is now closed. i have given the "green light" for this production to begin. i am waiting for a reply from DirectMint now. the official production numbers will be: ~ "Cache Me If You Can" Roadrunner Navajo Edition ~ 50 geocoins ~ "Cache Me If You Can" Roadrunner Hopi Edition ~ 50 geocoins ~ "Cache Me If You Can" Roadrunner Apache Edition ~ 50 geocoins these editions WILL NOT be re-minted. if there are more editions made in the future, they will all be different colors and plating combinations. congratulations if you reserved one or more of these geocoins! stay tuned for more updates as they come in.
  6. Thanks, I thought the avatar kinda fit with the game. I like the Amelia Earhart Geocoin idea. On of the waypoints is a place where she began to get into flying. Gotta check that out. Thank you all for all of the help. Its nice to know that people do help others. no problem...just a word of warning...if you place an "Amelia Earhart" Geocoin in a geocache, its almost guaranteed to be lost forever! possibly missing over the pacific somewhere!
  7. there is also a cool "Amelia Earhart" Geocoin at compasscoins.com, i hope that giving out the webstore address isn't a violation. if so...my bad. by the way...i totally dig your avatar "ihorn"...too cool!...SQUIRREL!
  8. I am pleased to announce that the Memorial Day Charity Geocoin Auctions have raised over $75.00 dollars to benefit the children and spouses of fallen American Soldiers during the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars. Thank you to all forum members that browsed the auctions and bid on the geocoins. Congratulations to the winning bidders, I hope you all cherish these beautiful geocoins and the memory associated with them. Once again, a sincere "thanks!" goes out to geocachers: "Maine Family" for their "pay it forward" geocoin donation gift to me. I hope they are pleased with my decision to "pay it forward" on this Memorial Day. I will personally add $25.00 to the donation total raised to bring the amount raised to an even $100.00. Its not much, but sometimes its the thought the counts. Finally, I would like to say "Thank You" and give a Salute to all our men and women in uniform and those who have served in the past for their dedicated and loyal service. To those American Soldiers that have been injured, and to the family of those that have paid the ultimate price, please know that your sacrifices will not be forgotten. Bless you and Godspeed. "...and the Home of the Brave." For without Them, there would be no "Land of the Free..." Peace.
  9. thanks for the update Gatoulis. it seems that deliveries can be fast or slow from USA to Europe. there is no consistent time. delays may be caused by the volcano activity or by the customs office. i am glad that most Europeans i have shipped geocoins to, have been patient. thanks!
  10. i'm not sure if this is related to the volcano ash flight delays in europe or not, but it recently took 3 WEEKS for 1 geocoin to travel from the southwest U.S.A. to Italy. just thought i would post this information here for anyone shipping to and from europe.
  11. if i was ever gifted a mystery geocoin, it stays with me FOREVER!
  12. These auctions are now in their final 20 hours. Please bid if you can. I hope all Americans at home and abroad have a safe and peaceful Memorial Day Monday.
  13. reservation period has been extended through the end of Memorial Day Monday 05/31/2010.
  14. is my team still alive?! i've got my DVR set to record the game! i'll watch it late tonight or tomorrow. go blackhawks!
  15. you can try contacting hogwildstuff.org (seller website), although i have emailed them a few times already and have not received any replies. nothing. if there is a problem with the icon, it would be nice if the designer or the mint company would update the people that purchased and paid more for a GEOCOIN WITH UNIQUE ICON (as advertised), as to why there HAS NOT been an icon associated with this geocoin yet. if no unique icon will be associated with the coin, then shouldn't a partial refund for each geocoin purchased, be in order? i still think these geocoins are cool as beans, but i purchased a geocoin AND a tracking number AND a unique icon. i only want what i paid for, or at least a reply and an explanation. i don't think this is asking for too much.
  16. thanks again to everyone for the bids and for browsing these auctions. just a friendly "bump up" for the cause. i hope everyone has a nice and peaceful Memorial Day weekend.
  17. reservations are coming along quite smoothly so far. thanks to everyone that has reserved their editions. i hope these geocoins arrive sooner rather than later. i could not afford to have samples made, so i will be as surprised as you guys are when they arrive! the reservation period has been extended through Memorial Day Monday, since everything is closed for the holiday anyway. so, get your reservation in soon, if you haven't already made it. by the way...in case anyone here is not familiar with the minting process...once the final approved artwork is submitted to the factory (which will be next week right after the reservations are closed), it can take anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks for the geocoins to be made and delivered from the factory in china. i know this is a long time, but such is life. i optomistically expect these geocoins to arrive by the end of june or beginning of july, and only if there are no delays or holidays in china! i will update this thread as i receive updates on the progress from DirectMint. as the anticipation builds...i appreciate your patience. cheers!
  18. well, after working with DirectMint for over a month, we are about ready to submit some approved artwork to the factory for production. first of all, i was undecided about what the official name for this geocoin should be. i was afraid that the Navajo word "Naatsédlózii" would be too hard to pronounce or to remember, but i really liked it, so i have compromised, and left the Native American word for roadrunner on the front of the geocoin, but the official name will be "Cache Me If You Can Geocoin". For submitting this name suggestion, i will give forum member "tommytrojan360" his choice of any edition! congrats to tommytrojan360! thank you all for your replies, name suggestions, and interest! below is the front and reverse sides of the geocoin! the rose colored areas are the only locations that will take translucent colors. THE COLOR IN THE DRAFT BELOW IS NOT ONE OF THE EDITION COLORS (it is simply to illustrate where the colors will be applied). the reverse side features over 90 small Native American rock drawing symbols or petroglyphs. some of these symbols were hand drawn and edited, some were free clip art, some were a form of free letter fonts. all these symbols are half-height and will appear to float under the translucent colors! the background also has sandblasted texture for added depth. the base area on the front will also receive translucent color over some half-height letters and a weave pattern background texture for added variation and sunlight reflection. the roadrunner bird area itself will not receive any color but will be only a light and dark contrast of metal and antique finish, or dark nickel and bright nickel. i want to have 3 editions produced in the first run of these geocoins. i don't know at this point if any re-mints will be made in the future. the editions i have decided to produce will be: the "Navajo" (regular edition) with antique silver and light blue translucent. the "Hopi" (regular edition) with antique gold and light aqua green translucent. the "Apache" (artist edition) with two-tone black nickel and raised polished nickel (no translucent color). as mentioned before, the Native American Tribes of this region, whom the editions are named after, considered the roadrunner to be a sign of good fortune and that it had powers to ward off evil spirits. this fearless and feisty feathered creature is also the official New Mexico State Bird. i hope you all will reserve your own lucky charm, and collect a little piece of New Mexico, the "Land of Enchantment", and home of some Southwestern Native American Rock Petroglyphs. i will now be accepting reservations for both REGULAR EDITIONS (Navajo and Hopi only). the price for these will be $11.00 each with FREE shipping for U.S. residents and $13.00 each with FREE shipping for International residents. reservations are limited to 4 geocoins per order. i am also offering WHOLESALE PRICES (only for U.S. and Canada geocoin store owners who reserve 12 or more REGULAR EDITION ONLY geocoins) with a NON-REFUNDABLE $25 DEPOSIT FEE, this fee will go toward the final purchase price, with a shipping cost of $5.00 priority small flat rate box (up to 20 geocoins). i will give store owners a total quote when they contact me. FOR ALL RESERVATIONS PLEASE CONTACT ME THROUGH MY PROFILE EMAIL ONLY! DO NOT PM ME HERE OR YOUR MESSAGE MAY NOT BE DELIVERED TO ME. if you make a reservation, you should receive a confirmation email from me. post a reply here if YOU DO NOT RECEIVE a confirmation email within a day or two. please be patient as this is the 1st time i have done reservations so it might take me some time to get organized. when the geocoins arrive, i will notify you by email to pay me through my paypal account, you are NOT obligated to purchase anything at all right now, but remember, if you do not reserve a geocoin, or if you do not reply to the invoice email within 48 hours, you may lose your reservation or your deposit. so if you don't like to read email or answer your email, please DO NOT make a reservation. this saves us both some time and effort! i hope you all like the way this design looks so far. i will accept reservations until Memorial Day! 5 DAYS ONLY! so don't miss out on this opportunity to reserve your own edition now, and guarantee that you get yours! thank you all for supporting new geocoin projects in these difficult economic times!
  19. thanks for enlightening me, and the forum. sometimes we all do things with good intentions not realizing we may be stepping on someone else's toes. seeing things from their point of view (in this case, the photographers lens!) certainly gave me a new perspective. i will certainly be more aware of this in the future. (no sarcasm here either)
  20. yes, but we must respect all intellectual property rights. i would appreciate the same respect if someone wanted to use something i made or created for their own commercial use.
  21. you might try checking out this thread and contacting the OP (original post) member: "Erik K"... "Caching Dove" USA Geocoin Thread "Erik K" Geocaching Profile
  22. that is definitely a "legitimate" tracking code, and has not been activated yet. i seem to recall someone recently posting info on the "caching peace dove" geocoin. let me see if i can find out who that was, and they may be able to help with the activation code. stay tuned.
  23. which company did you email? some company employees are members here at these forums and they read the threads.
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