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  1. Butler reminds me of a little known team from my home town in West Texas 44 years ago. in those days the school was called "Texas Western College". in the 1966 final championship game, this little school of unknown players, was matched up against the mighty "Kentucky" team filled with All-Americans, and were led by the Hall of Fame Coach Adolph Rupp. "Texas Western College" was coached by a new and inexperienced man who learned the game as a player of the Hall of Fame Coach, Henry Iba. that young man was named Don "The Bear" Haskins, and he also went on to be inducted as a coach into the Hall of Fame. that classic 1966 match-up of "David vs. Goliath" gave "Texas Western College" a fairy tale victory for the ages, as seen in the movie "Glory Road". it also gave the Great State of Texas, its ONLY college basketball National Championship ever! don't you just love it when the little guy wins?! as you can tell, i am quite partial to the underdog, and i love my college basketball, having been a fan of "Texas Western College" and "UTEP" and the late great Don "The Bear" Haskins for many many years. Go Butler! and long live all the "David's" of the world! "Glory Road" Wikipedia
  3. ...and so...it all comes down to David vs. Goliath...the little school of Butler vs. the mighty mighty powerhouse of Duke. now less than 4 hours to game time! so good luck to "acadiahiker" and to "gorillagal". may the best team win!
  4. and then there were two... "gorillagal" vs. "acadiahiker"...who will win?! now, its for all the marbles!
  5. West Virginia 31 Duke 39 at half time West Virginia 48 Duke 63 with 8:59 left to play. West Virginia 52 Duke 67 with 7:07 left to play. West Virginia 55 Duke 69 with 3:55 left to play. West Virginia 57 Duke 72 with 2:53 left to play. West Virginia 57 Duke 75 with 1:08 left to play. West Virginia 57 Duke 78 FINAL SCORE! congrats to "gorillagal" you are into the FINALS!
  6. most of the players are between 17 years old and 22 years old. all very young men, playing with a lot of pressure on them. the pressure will be increased even more on monday when the FINALS are played!
  7. Butler 47 Michigan State 43 with 3:17 left to play! Butler 47 Michigan State 44 with 2:36 left to play! Butler 48 Michigan State 44 with 2:23 left to play! Butler 50 Michigan State 49 with 0:15 left to play! Butler 52 Michigan State 49 with 0:05 left to play! Butler 52 Michigan State 50 FINAL SCORE! congrats to "acadiahiker" you are into the FINALS!
  8. thanks for posting this. my, my...what a convenient excuse to sell fakes and stolen ideas..."no no, i don't make them, i just buy the items from China...i'm completely innocent!" so, does anyone else STILL believe this is all just a CONSPIRACY THEORY contrived by all the old ladies here in the forum?!
  9. i was introduced to geocaching by my former girlfriend in january 2006. i would basically tag along with her and help find the hides. i was good at locating them! she had many travel bugs roaming around, so i learned about travelers and i thought they were kind of cute, but i didn't get into them very much. so she kept telling me about geocoins...geocoins...geocoins...and how special they were, but we hadn't found any, so she decided to buy one online. she bought an "all season winter caching" geocoin in 2006. then i started looking online for geocoins she might like, and that is when i came across the "9/11 memorial" geocoin, and since my girlfriend and i were both firefighters and EMT/Paramedic, it meant something special to both of us. so i really, really, wanted this geocoin! i think i was outbid on a couple of auctions, until i finally won! once i received the coin, that was it...i was bitten by the geocoin bug! i started buying coins for me and for my girlfriend. a few months later, after buying, releasing, and collecting many geocoins, i asked her if she wanted to help me create our own geocoin. so, inspired by the very first geocoin i ever purchased in 2006, we designed and produced the "code 3" geocoin in january 2007 as a tribute to the firefighters that were lost at "ground zero" and the profession we both loved. here are the first geocoin i bought, and the first geocoin we designed together:
  10. 12 hours to game time! good luck to all those still standing! i hope both games are exciting and close battles!
  11. thanks for the fun and games! congrats to the winners...i think!
  12. those are cute! i missed them the first time around, but they seem like the perfect item to represent a little piece of paradise!
  13. Butler winning it all would be a great story! Gatoulis, i thought you were a Spartan fan??!! and from the movie "300": "...The world will know that...few stood against many..." ~ King Leonidas speaking of his vastly outnumbered Spartans battling the Persians ~
  14. so, does anyone have any predictions on the semi finals or the finals?
  15. "millions"?! you mean..."billions"! gotta start by stating...please read this link 1st, it might answer a few questions: Groundspeak Coin Tracking Policy
  16. too late! thanks for the fun!
  17. not sure i'm doing this right...but... now!
  18. hmmm...i've heard this one before somewhere...lol...i guess we are doing variations now!
  19. to the brave soul that hides behind this "sock puppet" account...do you honestly think "rising sun mint" or the ebay seller "ameropaintball" and "central metal corp" (who appears to be working in conjuction with the mint) will give a truthful answer as to how they acquired the "knights templar geocoin" design, and were selling it on ebay, in violation of the original geocoin designers' rights?! hmmm...no crazy conspiracy theory needed here. they are in possession of stolen property, plain and simple, and at the very least, they are guilty of unethical practices. among these practices is selling inferior items to unsuspecting buyers. even a little old lady with sock puppets over her eyes can see that! peace. Link to the Questionable ebay auction
  20. "There's no two ways about it...I'm logging the 'first to find'...now, both of you get off of me!"
  21. no problemo...i just hope this is the information that was needed. my online translator didn't do a very good job deciphering the OP's message.
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