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  1. i like to leave something that personifies me so I will leave a package of fishing swivels or something that does not inolve sharp objects (just incase of kids) or I will trade what I found in another cache, and if I dont have that stuff with me or anything in my truck, I will TNLN
  2. I will admit I may seem like a relative noob according to my find amount (19) but dont let that fool you. I just live in an area with very few caches. And I have some advice to determine if missing or is a DNF: 1)Check Cache's page first. Read it thoroughly, it may contain inadvertent or blatant hints. 2)Become involved in Forums, there are posts such as "what was your hardest find" or "most unusual find" those may give you some insight into other places to look. 3)Always check within your accuracy range first, then if no find, search within about a 35 foot "radius" because cache hiders coordinates may have been off without their knowing. 4)If there is still no find then check back to the caches page and check the caches log and see how many people ahead of you posted DNF's if there has been a couple or more then I feel it is okay to post a needs maintenance. If there are DNF's sporadically posted then it may be a hard cache to find, and I will post a DNF.
  3. lol just got cornered a couple of hours ago. I found a cache earlier today and i was explaining the game to my cousin and went and showed him the cache later. And just as we were leaving two cops flew in and turned the spot lights on. (We were on a dead end road by a cemetery!) So we proffered our Id's and he asked us what we were doing, we mentioned geocaching and he let up. His fellow officer didnt know the game so he asked us to show him. After that we left and went to walmart and my cousin bought his new GPSr. ON TOP of all this, when I found the cache earlier, I stumbled onto a couple having sex, outside the car. Most unusual caching day i have ever had!!!
  4. my favorite so far is an extreme micro on a magnet attached to the "clapper" (is that right) inside a bell. Bell is not in use but it is definently a hidden in plain site cache, and extremely tiny. roughly the size of a medium paperclip, and about a quarter of an inch thick.
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