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  1. Not quite sure, if it is correct to post here, but anyway: I will have one German multicolour version left for a trade. The last one I am looking for (at least for the timebeing ) is the Geoswag Club Coin, preferably the complete set with the pin. Please mail to michael (at) altissa-museum.de, if somebody is interested in that trade. Michael
  2. Hmmm, sounds I quickly have to collect some cash
  3. Thanks for the info. I was already surprised about the colour, which is much darker than my blue two tone version of the CToL. So do I understand you correctly that there are 25 "real" TO blue CToL and additionally 10 coins of the dark blue version?
  4. In your auctions it is stated "1 of 10", whereas at your website minting number is 25. How many of these coins were finally minted? BTW this version is really awesome!
  5. Hmmm, got the mail about the immediate sale during night (2 a.m. in Germany). 2 hours later, everything was gone. Did I miss an announcement other than the global one a couple of days ago? Anyway, if there is somebody having some extra Natures's Night & Day coins beside the five regular editions, I do have one each Celtic Tree of Life red/green in Gold/Silver for trade.
  6. I believe some of these may still be available on his website. Unfortunately, it seems there is no development in Ellandel coins anymore since about two years. Visiting the site is no fun (nasty pop ups, homepage is instantly redirected, etc.). The only coins left in the shop (if they are available at all) are the Nickel versions, but none of the limited Gun or Gold versions. So sad, these have been wonderful coins, and I was eagerly waiting for new editions...
  7. I am actually seeking: Titanic Satin Silver 4 Musketeers (GCF 2010 funding XLE) As my box with traders is empty right now, I would like to buy these coins, and would be willing to pay up to 50$ for each coin incl. shipment to Germany. Is anybody interested to sell?
  8. I received my traders today: Thanks a lot to YemonYime for these coins. I am EXTREMELY proud of having these two jewels in my collection! Specially the 2010 version is my all time favourite. One must have them in hand, pictures can't show the beauty of this coin!!!
  9. Just as a short info: Sending out: Crowesfeat30, RUUD4D Receiving: Yemon Yime (2); will take some time across the Atlantic
  10. I checked the list and I am extremly happy with the result . I always thought that Yemon Yime's Compass Roses would be an unfullfilled dream for me, but now I will receive two of them!!! Phantastic!!! Thanks a lot to Chuck for organizing this Math Trade. My two traders will be sent out tomorrow. Thanks again and regards, Michael
  11. Add one set on the reservation list for me, please. These are really great coins! Michael
  12. I am searching for a Titanic LE Coin in Satin Silver. I could offer a Tranquility Light Rhodium. I s anybody interested to trade? Regards, Michael
  13. No, only a few rarities will be sold on ebay. I will prepare a list within the next days and post it here in the forum. Michael
  14. As my coin collection has become far too big, I have decided to sell some of them. Actually, I am offering a Tranquility Blood in the Ocean, but there are more to come soon. I am just leaving a post here, because the coin ist offered in the German section of ebay. I am not quite sure, whether this is checked by collectors for example in the US, but I am selling the coins worldwide. Michael
  15. There is already a coin showing exactly the same symbols on one side: 1. Geocaching Proving Trail Michael
  16. Don't worry, we all will come back for sure. Your coins are worth to repeat this procedure another time Good luck! Everything will be fine in the end! Michael
  17. If I am able to get more than one I'll contact you.? Hello Switzerland How many other countries do we have in here
  18. Germany calling: no connection either. Too much traffic on the server (I wouldn't wonder)
  19. I mentioned it already in another thread, but for keeping the list updated: Hurra!!!! I received my first Mystery Coin this week. It is #321 MINE!!!! Thanks a lot to Geo_Bandit, I never ever expected to have one of these coins in my collection . Regards from Good Old Germany Michael
  20. Yyyeeessss ! ! ! I also find that black envelop in my PO Box! Thank you sooo much for this beautifull coin! I realy like it! moulinsart Yesssss! One more!!!!! I received a black envelope as well. My very first Mystery Coin. I never ever expected to get one at all! You made my day!!! Thanks a lot from Good Old Germany Michael
  21. I received mine in Germany today. I had to be very patient, but in the end, it worked out more or less exactly, as Jim promised months ago. Thanks! Michael
  22. Same for me, I recieved mine yesterday.
  23. Not being an expert in manufacturing coins, but but isn't it some kind of a chemical process to get the "ant.-effect" on a coin? So could it be, that both coins are based on the same material one of them having a bit more of the effect and one having a bit less? Just an idea when I saw the pics. For all those of you, trying to complete their collection: there is another mint error for sale in ebay, called "Bood In The Ocean Edition". So there is still room for improvements
  24. Although it will probably be a hopeless case, I'll try it anyway: I am trying to find the Tranquility Portugal in gold, one of the very few TQs missing in my collection. I can offer a TQ Germany Black Forest for a trade. Anybody out there to offer the golden TQ from Protugal? Regards from Germany Altix
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