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  1. I did know that, but I didn't think to search that. Thank you!!
  2. These are great ideas! I love the middle box. I think I am going to see what I can find to buy that looks like that. Thank you!
  3. Want to show off how you display your coins? I need some ideas! Jenn
  4. I sent a message to Maine Family with my address to be added :-) Jenn
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/263802370191?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 Back in 2008 when I had first started geocaching, I really got into geocoins. I was a member of multiple coin of the month clubs, and stalked the forums for release dates of new coins. I bought all kinds of coins that I just didn't love. Now I'm older (but not too old!) and I've decided that when I collect something, I do it because I enjoy the piece, not because it's limited edition or because someone tells me that it's rare. So I have gone through all my coins and sold quite a few on ebay. When I listed this one, I didn't realize that it was a rare coin. But hey, It's not my favorite and someone out there will really enjoy it. and maybe I can take my husband out for a nice dinner. He deserves it after I've dragged him caching and insulator hunting (my other collecting obsession)! Here is a link to my other auctions https://www.ebay.com/usr/chateau_montana Jenn Montana
  6. I got mine!!! I will have to upload a pic tomorrow. I have mine all ready to go..... We had a drunk driver hit our house the other day. She came within 10 feet of our 5 year old son and about 15 feet from our 6 and 3 year old.My nerves are still jumpy.... I went to the post office today and forgot to mail it :-( Sorry everyone.....my minds been on other, not so fun things. It's in the mailbox all ready for tomorrows mail. Jenn
  7. We are a family of 5 and are under one account. my children are small enough that they could care less about stats. Either myself or hubby is always with one or more of the kids. I guess it depends if you care about the numbers or not. I care more about the family doing something together than how many each of us found.
  8. We will be there! We are just down the hill :-)
  9. I understand the "Discovered it" option for coins.... But I agree that it shouldn't be an option for TB's.
  10. What I don't understand is when there is a TB or coin in the inventory....and someone logs that they took it....but they never log the trackable. Inventory still shows the coin there. If they are going to take the coin or TB and not move it along, then they really shouldn't SAY THAT in their logs!
  11. I can drop coins in Lake Tahoe, California. Remember that Lake Tahoe is also in Nevada....the lake crosses state lines. Once a week I am in the town that the upcoming GeoWoodstock is in, Wheatland, California. If anyone wants a coin, or TB, to start there and come back to them....then I can drop it there also :-)
  12. Not exactly my style..... but I know that my daughter will LOVE them. I'll have to get one in every color for her!
  13. The v2 coin were a preorder, so they are minting them now. I guess you will get all your coins shipped together (or did you split the order and paid shipping twice?) Oh I understand that. I probably messed up by putting them all together..... I would like a response to my email.
  14. Great coin! I'll be there! My parents live in the same town as Geo Woodstock so it will be an easy weekend for us.
  15. 1) how many do you have in hand: 7 ( I just started this a couple weeks ago) 1a.) How many coming? 10 2) how many do you have released: 0 still waiting on some that I ordered. I plan to release at last 2 of those. 3) how many have been given away to those who don't "Do" coins. 0 so far
  16. I didn't get any V1's...but I did order a few V2's. I also ordered a few in stock coins. I haven't gotten them yet either, and my order says processing as well. I emailed them about it. I hope everything is ok with them and that they are just backed up. Jenn
  17. Wow! Please tell me you have me ;-)
  18. I clicked on the link to your personal version and my 6 year old tells me that she likes it. Can I get it for her? i just smiled and told her that maybe some day I will get one Let's just hope she forgets!
  19. I can't help with the second one.... but the cemetery is probably part of a cemetery district. Best way to find out is t goggle the cemetery name. Should come up with lots of pages about genealogy. Most likely hosted by rootsweb.com. If you need any help, let me know. I know MUCH MUCH more about genealogy than I do geocaching!
  20. Ack! I WAS early. Thanks for letting me slide by 2 seconds :-)
  21. ooooo. I got the BEAUTIFUL copper one!!!
  22. Crap. My outbox says 3:59....but the navel clock said 4:00 and the forum clock said 4:01. I hope I didn't miss this one.
  23. Email sent. Crossing my fingers that your clock and the US Navel Observatory clock are the same!
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