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  1. er, uh, nobody really cares if you log or don't log attended at your own event. What we care about is your inability to decide for yourself and your apparent need to validate your choice with this forum. Make you own decision and don't bother us with this nonsense.
  2. Did anyone consider that the reviewer might have been , not rude, not abrupt, not condescending, but 100% spot on correct and the cache owner so full of himself to not even consider that possibility?
  3. Check other listing sites. Open caching in particular has bee pushing for listings.
  4. I have always believed that logging your find should be relatively contemporaneous with the visit to the location. so I think you should go back to Egypt and visit the pyramids once again. Do so soon.
  5. Two years no find, 12 known DNFs , owner not active. Hit the archive button now. The last thing this game needs is more geo litter, abandoned caches and absent owners. Get itboff the board. better yet send an e mail to your reviewer asking that it be archived.
  6. At times when I am first to find, I will purposefully hold back logging on line to allow some interest in the cache to ripen, especially if I think it will be a difficult find. I am not one of the obsessive local FTF hounds, so it does make for some little bit of enjoyment to just lay back and watching. When I log has no bearing on when anyone else logs.
  7. First logged find June 03, joined Dec. 2012, and it was six months before someone told me I was supposed to log on line. I seriously thought the whole object was to take me to great spots in the woods. Some wonderful friendships. some great caches, Harry Dolphin and Andy Bear make some great local puzzles to keep the grey matter in shape. Recently someone asked me to reprise the sunrise hikes I used to run...more than 100 group hikes over 700 participants at one time or another. It is a great game .
  8. then why are are there so many stray cats? They game is one of annoyance, the good kind of annoyance where doubts, difficulty frustration give way to satisfaction. If it were otherwise no one would bother. So quit complaining and go out and do a Harry Dolphin puzzle, you will never kvetch about a nano again
  9. I found some of my best friends through this site. Note to self, your premium renewal date is tomorrow, don't forget.
  10. Before using any substance in the supplemental arena, be sure to check for potential adverse affects: I recall Tea Tree Oil being a topic of caution not too long ago. I have since been told that men should not apply it to their skin and pregnant women should not use it at all. From Web MD Applying products to the skin that contain tea tree oil along with lavender oil might not be safe for young boys who have not yet reached puberty. These products might have hormone effects that could disrupt the normal hormones in a boy’s body. In some cases, this has resulted in boys developing abnormal breast growth called gynecomastia. The safety of these products when used by young girls is not known.
  11. We were able to keep Sunrise Stepoff active for 4 years, and I believe there were more than 100 group hikes and more than 700 cachers who participated in total. Interest waned when caching converted from a hiking activity to a driving activity. Although some of the originals continue to knock out some adventures.. Young bucks like Weathernowcast, brianb and Waylesswood have put some impressive mileage into their hiking, becoming members of the Catskill 35OO club by summiting all of those peaks. polskikrol and wgrun pounded out some heavy hiking, George I believe is now doing NJSAR. One thing that came out of Sunrise Stepoff is the number of people who have formed some real nice friendships, such as Weathernowcast and brianb and Waylesswood. I count Ramapo and accbd and citicar and stillnoname among a select group of friends. We also put together the High Mountain CITO, which is I believe the longest continuing CITO event in Northern New Jersey and through that an amazing result has been achieved. Weathernowcast continues to put it together and this year I believe about 40 people showed up, making it among the best attended CITO events. Some of the old timers still get together and maintain the Blue Trail in High Mtn. Wayne. Last year some of us rode our bikes and camped on the C&O Canal Towpath in Maryland. We somewhat regularly get out and go. Some of us do a fair amount of bike caching. But many of the others who were regulars got caught up in other activities and children activities and are not that active in caching anymore. Of late the entire North Jersey Community seems kind of moribund. It is not that unusual for a cache to have but 3 finds in total, which tells me that interest is flagging beyond the initial FTF blaze. So if anyone wants to join us tomorrow night for a 2 hour hike beginning at 6 PM, come to Chicopee Drive Wayne NJ and walk with us. There are a few caches, but the company is always nice. And we might just start a new tradition.
  12. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/log.aspx?LUID=5c69e256-9631-4308-b782-7018f91ba35c&IID=09238df5-39cd-44cf-be67-5f4d013c7ce6 I take my dog out with me on occasion and he has actually found the cache a few times without prompting. At the one it was a dog cache and he was young and he zeroed in from several hundred yards away.
  13. It is 3:50 am, I can't sleep due to not feeling well , thank goodness this topic is here , read it and fall back to sleep. really?
  14. Thanks for the food for thought. We will be travelling in early July (around the 8th I think). We are leaning more towards the coastal route There is no Coastal Route to speak of, the Garden State Parkway is an inland route and that is the road that goes to the Cape May/Lewes Ferry. Remember that last year many of the shore towns were devestated by Hurricane (Typhoon) and are still not back up. However , should you go over the Ferry, be sure to visit St. Micheals Md, and Annapolis.
  15. These are the Groundspeak forums, no sympathy is ever allowed here, unless it involves untimely death.
  16. Can you even get them , they are "temporarily out of stock" and have been for months on end. I was wondering if they had gotten out of the business. I was looking for a replacement for my PN 30 and all I see is out of stock, not available. Amazon.com That price is 100 dollars more than DeLorme's own suggested retail for the same item. That is another reason why I wonder if they have gotten out of the business, are the few remaining units being pedaled at a premium ?
  17. Actually, the use of Oh, My God must be read in context. If someone is using it as in the context of prayer it would not be profane, if however one is using it in the context of putting soneone down or criticizing something as being silly or stupid, it is profane. You need to look to the original conceptualization of what profane was, it was a desecration. When you use a term such as "crumbs" you are not descrating anything and therefore it is not profane. We are a society that has lost the art of precise language choices. Which can be seen by the number of times a teenager uses the universal adjective in a 3 minute span. But we are straying from the point of trying to find a workable solution for the OP.
  18. Can you even get them , they are "temporarily out of stock" and have been for months on end. I was wondering if they had gotten out of the business. I was looking for a replacement for my PN 30 and all I see is out of stock, not available.
  19. We are doing a bike trip on May 22, we are interested in getting a feel for the caching opportunity and any tips that might be associated with riding the Pine Creek Rail trail. We plan on riding from Jersey Shore up, camp one night, ride to end and make turn about and camp and return to cars on third day. Anyone have any local tips or suggestions for us. Thanks.
  20. And, yet, you use profanity in your post! "Oh My God!" Taking your God's name in vain You get no sympathy from me. Harry, is that why I get no sympathy from you either ?+ To the OP, perhaps a cooling off period would be appropriate, go out cache and do you own thing, stop engaging , stop the thought process that makes you think that you need to have the last word. Start now.
  21. Straight drive down the nj turnpike over the Delaware memorial bridge, follow 95 down past Baltimore , take 495 west to exit 29 , silver spring md, get off on colesville road, take that to spring follow around to 16 street n. e. take it straight on into downtown Washington dc, do your caching of virtuals at the national mall area. Park the car , use bike , foot or tour mobile . Cherry blossoms are probably gone but festival last for weeks and draws millions, almost as many people as a Crocodile Dundee opening night. Park the car because driving in DC sucks as bad as a Great White feeding frenzy on the Great Barrier . Skip Phila, skip Lewes, skip Baltimore, go to old town Alexandria, mt Vernon , great falls , c& o canal in Georgetown Make sure you do lunch at Old Ebbets Grill , 15th street near white house, get a drink in teddy Roosevelt bar. You can metro to Alexandria . DC is the virtual capital of the US. We were at cherry blossom last weekend , very crowded see Eastern Market in capital hill district, eat crab cakes there. Many great eateries in Georgetown , by coming down 16 street you cut about 15 miles off the beltway and it takes you right by the National Zoo, rock Creek Park which you might enjoy, then follow 16th to new Hampshire ave, to DuPont circle, nice places to eat around there. Follow signs to mall
  22. but that they are now again accepting virtual listings is no joke Thanks Groundspeak.
  23. What amazes me is that you think you were the firsst one to think of this , heck we have a ton of these in NJ, a lot of them aren't even in urban areas. I think we have more caches by inactive owners than we have from active ones.
  24. Edit to kill I Pad double post.
  25. Just last night, after work, went home grabbed dog and went back to a DNF. Well it is a DNF again. CO last checked in a year ago, 3 hides, 2 active, one archived 9 finds in total, I went back , and I will go back again just so I will feel right asking the reviewer to archive. I think there is more to just going back to eliminate a DNF , here we have a bag load of inactive owners, caches that have overstayed their welcome and not much happening. I am also not shy about putting up a DNF. But the other night I got a note on my cache which said , cache not found in 6 month wonder if it still there? so I deleted the note. A new note comes in and it says could not find access with a needs maintenance log. I delete the note and grab dog and out we go 45 minutes later I am at cache and all is good. I write to the person and ask them why they put up a needs maintenance log on a cache they never touched, and get smart response, but I am convinced that they either had a DNF and did not want to post it, or they wanted me to verify before they went to find it. Later correspondence showed they hadn't even gone they just wanted me to so they put up a needs maintenance note. So now they will go look for it that they know I put my hands on it. Thankfully I don't mind walking the dog, but putting up a needs maint so you can have you cache hunting per screened seems a bit much. And then to get abusive response when I asked why they needs maint on a cache they never looked for was a little much. Seemed like a change from when we actually went out and looked and hiked. So a tring of returning cachers with DNFs can serve another purpose other than just scratching the OCD itch.
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