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  1. Hi guys!


    I just bought the Garmin 60cx for my father. He hunts, and, like everyone, drives a car.


    I had a few questions about it, however.


    A poster on here, by the name of Iwiski, said that to need the following to have a complete 60cx:


    1. City Navigator North America V8 NT


    2. Mapsource Topo


    I'm wondering if the two above are included with my purchase of the 60cx already?


    On the back of the box it says:


    - Includes MapSoruce Trip and Waypoint Manager for transferring waypoint, route and track data between GPS and PC.

    - Built-in basemap; automatic routing capability.

    - Compatible with MapSource BlueChart and 24K TOPO Software.


    This may sound silly, but does that mean that the items Iwiski noted are included with my Garmin 60cx?



    Any help would be great!




  2. Hi guys!


    A few things for the Garmin 60cx / 60csx.


    - While driving, are the buttons big enough to press/easy?


    - While driving again, lol, is it easy to see in your opinion?


    - Driving again - does it mount to the car well?



    Sorry for the blitz! It's just getting short to x-mas and I need to get this guy before the stores get even craZier!!! %)


    Thanks so much!

    Jenny :)

  3. Hi guys!


    Thanks again for all the information!! :(


    iwski said, I should have the following, if my dad is in to hunting and driving and buy these features seperately:


    1. Garmin 60cx from Buy.com

    $285.23 (after $50 garmin rebate and $20 off using Google Checkout)


    2. City Navigator North America V8 NT from PlanetGPS.com



    3. Mapsource Topo from Amazon.com



    4. Don't forget about a 1Gb micro SD card or two. Usually another $40-50


    I just want to make sure, that, if I'm buying the Garmin 60cSx or cx that I have to buy all of the above seperately?


    And, do I need the 1Gb micro SD card if I'm getting the City Navigator and Mapsource too?



    Thanks so much!

    Jenny :D

  4. Hi.


    I want to get a GPS unit for my father for x-mas.


    However, I don't know much about them, other than they provide great/easy directions.


    I was talking to a guy at Best Buy and he said the Tom Tom One is the best for what my father needs.


    What my dad needs it for is:

    - Hunting in forests

    - Driving to work


    I need it to be dual for both means.


    My budget is $400 to $500.


    If anyone could provide any input out there, that'd be great!


    Or, if someone could direct me to a good site that has info on what I need!


    Thanks guys!

    Jenny :D

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