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  1. Our Letterbox Hybrid is set up for both cachers and letterboxers, not simply a cache with a stamp: http://coord.info/GC35DGW For a pure letterbox hunt we posted it here: http://www.atlasquest.com/showinfo.html?gBoxId=216645 To keep it simple, you could post yours on GC.com alone, but with full letterboxing clues for those who might want to skip using a gps.
  2. Why does there have to be a 'default log' for anything? How about having the app instruct the player to 'write a thoughtful log about your experience'? This is just promulgating poor habits to those who are newcomers to the game.
  3. We're not big fans of TB Hotels. It seems that they seldom actually have any trackables in them. There are some TB 'Wardens' around who try to impose their additional rules in the listing. This is an example from around here, but not labeled as a ' TB hotel': It is also important to trade equally or trade up. Please do not take anything from the cache unless you have something to leave in its place. I have placed two trackable items in the cache and that means there should always be two trackables in the cache. If you do not have a trackable item to leave, please do not take one from this cache. It is part of being a fair and responsible cacher. I posted a note about TB etiquitte, not being regular trade items, wanting to move along etc. The note was promptly deleted. Some folks see things differently...
  4. TeamThrowdowners (9000+ Finds) Found it! Cache is MIA but I replaced where I thought it should be.. Seems like they cut the tree / Bush down at GZ.. I stuck a small container in the brush. You should and relocate it. TFTC CacheOwner
  5. Why the initial restriction? After noticing that the vast majority of the attendees at our CITO events are premium members, I figured we'd let PM's get first crack at it. Some undoubtably will disagree with our reasoning, but there's a group of PM's in our area that always come out and support us. It's a gesture of gratitude is all. Bash away...
  6. Our recent hides have been PMO until FTF. Then we open it up to all.
  7. Not only can it be dangerous, it's a dumb idea. They couldn't find some place interesting to hide a cache?
  8. Exactly. We held an event last summer at an old abandoned fishing shack out on a marsh. It wasn't far from land, but you needed a boat of some sort to get there dry. Some folks borrowed kayaks or hitched a ride in a canoe. Where there's a will, there's a way. Another way is to ask a friend. Then again, some people don't have friends.
  9. We've hidden 22 paddle caches including a lengthy (30+ mile) paddle trail series. Have also hosted a few paddling events. I wish there were more around. Paddling and caching are two of our favorite things to do. You should place a few more in that whiners area.
  10. I agree with most of that, but there are plenty of cachers who strive to find every last cache they can to make their find count increase. Finding hundreds of identical, unimaginative, film canisters placed .10 mile apart along a highway makes many players giddy with excitement because of the large number of smilies they can possess and tell their friends about. Eliminate the find tallies in players profiles and there will be far less motivation for hiding and seeking 'crappy caches'.
  11. Found it! Found the X but no cache to be found...0 for 2 today :-(
  12. The best thing to do would be to contact your local reviewer and run some things by them to see what may be possible.
  13. Last year: 37 DNFs on 225 searches for 16.4% Our Total: 135 DNFs on 1366 searches for 9.88% That made 2013 a banner year for us! Check that... (edited for poor math)
  14. Found It! First find for me and my 4 year old son.Well we found the rock not the cache
  15. I only counted a few TB's that were listed as 'location unknown'. Quite a few were in possession of one particular cacher. It appears that they are playing the game within the guidelines. They took it, they logged it. That is, unless you subscribe to the 'take a trackable - leave a trackable' mindset, which isn't correct since the purpose of a trackable is to move, not necessarily to be traded. Perhaps this cacher is really into collecting GC icons? They could 'discover' the trackables to get the icons instead of removing them, but I don't see anything really wrong here. Just sayin'.
  16. Would this be based on seven years of research?
  17. Some Boy Scouts went benchmark hunting: DenMutha Found It! I am the other Assistant Scout Masters of Troop XX located all the survey marks up here per other log. Not sure if this one still exists; since others are logging it I will too. (from the Boy Scout Handbook) SCOUT LAW A Scout is: TRUSTWORTHY. A Scout tells the truth. He keeps his promises. Honesty is part of his code of conduct. People can depend on him.
  18. +1 Once at the posted coordinates, how hard is it to find the event? Some folks may have a more difficult time paddling a canoe than others, but that's not where the difficulty is represented in the rating. Go with a 1/5.
  19. Assess the risk, mitigate if necessary and re-assess. Then decide if the risk is worth the reward. Only you can make that decision, and some are bound to be wrong.
  20. And happy caching to you as well. But while you're here, what is your take on the subject at hand?
  21. Originally I had tried scrolling, and my laptop froze up. I guess its patently true. Haven't tried your method yet, but I will. Your previous post wasn't disputed, but restating it was frankly, unnecessary. Back to the topic...
  22. You got me there. Poor choice of words on my part. My interest is in seeing if these events, where it seems to be common practice to log multiple 'attended' logs as a way of crediting finds for temporary caches, are all going through the same reviewer. It has been suggested earlier that these practices are common in this locale. If so, my question would be why hasn't it been addressed?
  23. [quote name='Keystone' timestamp='1386697609' post='5329210' Are you saying that reviewers should say "no" to an event if they think it's cheesy or tacky? No, I didn't say that. You're trying to put words into my mouth. I stated that I tried to scroll down to see who published it. No need to jump.
  24. Nope. No drama, mellow or otherwise. But, how's this for a stat page: (From one of the merry virtual temporary event loggers) That's 744 duplicate finds. Of course at 80 or so 'attended's per event, that's only about nine to ten events I suppose.
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