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  1. Trackables are fair game too.... 'Long Missing TB' on your watchlist has a new log: Logged by: Desperate4da#'s Log Type: Discovered It Date: 8/23/2017 Type: Travel Bug Dog Tag Log:Seen on the Photo Gallery.Thank you very much for sharing. The game must be going totally virtual.
  2. Found it! What a bad new, we rent a small boat to a old man (no engine) we explain him what we wanna do, and he say (you frenchy's are crazy) so, arrive there with the kid, and....Nothing, it seems everything were flooted. Special message to the owner: you have a nice idea, just need a maintenance. We flought home tomorrow so, we cant come back again. Thanks for the work on the cache
  3. On a six-stage multi: Found it 12/28/2014 Holy crap! Found stage #1. Attempting stage #2 another day. [cachers]. Dezember 2014 3:38 PM Found it 12/28/2014 Haha! Found it... Took a lot of looking around and were about to give up, but found it based on unique place marker. Coords for #2 in bottle hardly legible, so not sure we'll find #2... Write note 12/28/2014 (previous finder) Um, that means ya didn't Haha and holy crap!
  4. Found it 09/14/2014 No actual cache but the spot was found.
  5. Found it 06/28/2014 Found this while on Skype helping my dad. TNLNSL Thanks!! Found it 06/28/2014 Found this while on Skype helping my dad. What a cool history lesson. TNLNSL Thanks!! Skype and Log?? (S+L)
  6. "Why isn't geocaching organised by a non profit organisation?" There are non-profit caching websites out there. You'll have to look elsewhere to find them.
  7. Ditto. A lame and uninspiring power trail that creates a virtual shape on a map. Place them along a road on utility poles and have the shape appear in some farmers field, or other location you'll never visit. Woo Hoo.
  8. Some call them 'trailhead bonus' caches. 'Cause just one smiley just isn't worth the trip.
  9. ??? Wide open spaces are cool, no matter where they are....
  10. In our area, one can place a cache with 'Boy Scouts' or 'Girl Scouts' or 'Cache to Eagle' in the name without issue. Mention 'Honoring Veterans' however, then there's an agenda issue.
  11. If you found it prior to adopting it - keep the smiley. If you didn't find it prior to adopting - don't claim a find. If you were to adopt out a cache that you were the original CO of - don't go and claim a find afterwards. That's lame too. $.02
  12. I see the game evolving, at least on this site. Many who no longer feel an obligation to sign the paper log, or answer the questions for an earthcache or virtual. No interest in hiding or finding something away from a paved surface. This is what is becoming the norm. One day soon we'll see something like this: No need to get out of your car. Powertrails can be completed in a fraction of the time. It can even log caches you didn't even know are there. But you were there, right? You're entitled to a smiley for being there, aren't you? Who cares if you found anything? (edited for spelling)
  13. There are also those who claim a benchmark find based on a photo from someone else.
  14. Accepting the lesser of two evils? Both examples are wrong.
  15. PencilPoker (750 Finds) Found It! Found the site with a pencil sticking out of a hole and nothing else around. Me thinks this one has been muggled.
  16. Found it! 11,000+ Finds When i got here and read that this tree is over 700 years old, i couldn't bring myself to climb it. I saw what previous cachers were referring to hanging from a pink string up above, but seeing as how it isn't a proper container anyhow, i opted to not retrieve the cache. As i had offered to help maintain the cache in an earlier email to the cache owner, i did place a bison tube at this location to highlight the tree, but it does not require the cachers to climb this magnificent oak. Will email the cache owner with info soon. Thanks for bringing me to this amazing tree. Thanks so much for the cache ! Justifying the throw-down, or in this case maybe it's a 'throw-up'?
  17. We once left a $25 gift card for Bass Pro Shops. Other times a $5.00 card for Dunkin's. Left an Andrew Jackson once as an FTF as a prize on a difficult to get to cache. Have never seen anything more than a few coins in a cache. Then again, it's exceptionally rare for us to be FTF.
  18. Another power trail of uninspired hides that make a virtual geometric shape on a map, published under a sock-puppet account. Oh boy! (Squeezing fifty-one more listings into the ignore list)
  19. Found it! First find for me and my 4 year old son.Well we found the rock not the cache Sorry Dad, you still need another find to get to 'first'.
  20. Reminder, no debates. Just logs. IE: Found it! 800+ Finds We knew exactly were it should be, but its gone too.
  21. Giving the people what they want!
  22. It seems that more and more folks are employing the 'drive along and throw a micro out the window' method of placing caches these days. Players who hide caches in the woods or at other interesting places are in the minority now.
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