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  1. I'm not a fan of these roadside memorials, but I still wouldn't look at it as another smiley for my stats. In my opinion, playing a game at the site of somebody's demise is insensitive and disrespectful.
  2. We've come across a couple of shanty-towns while caching in SW Florida. While setting up our latest paddle cache we came across a 35mm camera. Film still in it, but ruined. The worst was while doing some CITO on a canoe trip we pulled out a grocery bag with dead kittens in it. Some people just plain suck.
  3. Short and sweet: If this goof had an issue with the placement, why didn't he just email the owner first. Posting hate notes on the cache page and (possibly) stealing a cache is just malicious.
  4. That's a pretty [bad] thing to do. Unfortunately, there's not much can be done unless they are caught in the act doing something like this. People like this are spineless little vermin who hide in the anonymity of this website. [Potty language edited by moderator.]
  5. Having read the postings I think that this clown has some real issues. Mental issues. I don't believe that he is any sort of Official GC.com Reviewer. I'm of the opinion that 'The General' is a sock puppet for another user. The General (or whoever he's speaking for), with his grand total of five finds, has taken it upon himself to be the local "Geo-cop". It doesn't matter that your caches were reviewed and approved, he knows how to review them better! Maybe he thinks he should be the local Reviewer. There are a couple bad elements like him in my area, one of whom berated a friend of mine about some penny-ante crap so much that my friend isn't hiding caches anymore. Anyone who truely appreciates this sport would find a much better way of giving constructive criticism.
  6. It's not uncommon to encounter them while caching in Florida. We were caching in the Naples area and came upon a shanty-town not far from a busy intersection. I had two small kids with me so we left. It's just another 'situational awareness' thing that you have to keep in mind down there.
  7. There's one guy in my area who posts these huge, self-centered, ego-laden dissertations in his logs. He'll also email you after finding your cache and criticize. He acts like some sort of 'Cache-Cop', saving the world of geocaching. People like this are just on some huge ego trip. It's better to just let them go on and ignore it. If you can see that he's an a**, so can everyone else. It's not personal.
  8. If that's the case, perhaps you should delete the logs. I think I would.
  9. We'll be around Clearwater in October. I'll keep that one in mind. Thanks!
  10. If you are in Boston (BOS), there's really only one cache you can realistically do. You don't need a cab ride for this one, just the airport bus to the subway, then take the subway one stop inbound, then it's a short walk. There are other caches that are closer in straight-line distance, but Logan Airport is on a penninsula, so you'd have to run down one of the taxiways and jump in the harbor and swim across to do them.
  11. As my father used to tell me: "If you can only do one thing, then do it well."
  12. Absolutely right. Last year I was out in central Missouri for business and was researching some local caches. Looking at the logs, I noticed that a cache owner was logging his own caches as 'finds' multiple times! Every time he did maintenance, or dropped off a TB-logged as a find. This guy also listed several benchmarks as finds, even though the benchmarks were listed as destroyed back as far as the 1970's. At first it made me angry, then I realized that if I figured this out, so could others in the local caching community. He's just making a fool of himself. So knowing this I would add: The only one you are impressing is yourself.
  13. I'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't seem to ever get it, but my wife is the exact opposite. She ended up in the hospital a few years ago from it. There's a product, I believe it's called 'Renew'(?), anyway it comes in two parts:one large bottle with the standard calamine-like lotion, and a smaller bottle that has a lotion to use right after you think you've been exposed to the PI. It removes the oils before they can irritate. It'll work on your dog too, before he passes it on to you.
  14. I'll be sure to check it out. thanks for the suggestion!
  15. I'm visiting the Fort Worth area soon and was looking for a few good caches to hunt. I'll be staying north of the city off of I-35W near Alliance. I'm hoping to find something 'Off the beaten path' aka: no micros in lamp posts or guard rails. Micros are okay, if there's a decent hike or historical site involved. I'm hoping for something to remember. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  16. [so what you're saying is, basically is, whenever some idiot calls in a bomb threat on a hospital, petty crimes like vandalism, littering and trespass become SUPER FELONIES for an indeterminate number of miles around? i really don't see the logic behind an unsubstantiated (no doubt anonymous) complaint changing the response to an incident that no one has any reason to believe is related.] Now, now. It's not polite to put words into other peoples mouths there kitty cat! The man ran out of the building, told the guard "Today will be a very bad day". Minutes later, a package was discovered. It had wires and all the trappings of a pipe-bomb. Soon after, the reports of the very classy middle finger-pointing 'Lite-Brites' started coming in. The suspect from the pipe bomb has been arrested and arraigned. So much for anonymity. How would you expect the police to react in this day and age? If they blew all this off and something did happen, I'd bet you'd be amongst the first to call the talk shows, or blog, crying about why the government didn't do more. I hate big government as much as anybody, but for once, I'm glad they responded like they did. Even if it's for some dumb stunt a big corportation paid a couple of losers . What do those two care anyway? It's not like they pay taxes.
  17. I can't believe some of the people out there. Just a prank, a marketing stunt? What most of the people don't realize is that when these 'things' were first reported, there was a bomb threat at a local hospital, with a suspect telling a security guard 'Today will be a very bad day'. In addition, there were reports from another city of toxic fumes in a subway. So what are the emergency management agencies to think? I'd rather have them err on the side of caution. What would all the bleeding hearts have to say if something had happened? Turner is to blame as well as the two imbeciles who placed them. Someone earlier wrote that they aren't surprised since we're the same ones who keep re-electing Ted Kennedy. They're right, I can't argue that. Teddy couldn't care less about bombs in Boston, he's bombed in Boston more often than not.
  18. I like it. How about one about those thimble sized, magnetic containers that get stuck under park benches or in the crevice of some statue?
  19. My two five year olds love picking up trash as much as finding the cache itself. We drop off homemade 'CITO kits' at every cache they'll fit in. A friend puts 'souvenier' CITO kits in his cache to tempt cachers into doing a little clean up on the way out. He hasn't had much success. I suggested having a 'contest' or reward for doing CITO at his cache. Maybe a 'weigh in' would work. The most trash wins a prize or something. Any other ideas?
  20. I would avoid using an ammo can. The seals are just too unreliable over time being under the pressure from the water. All the suggestions for brake fluid and silicone grease are fine, but you'll be needing maintenance on the can frequently. You can totally forget it if it's going to be in salt or brackish water. Ammo cans are made of steel and will corrode. I found a cache in Florida that was hidden in ankle-deep water. The box was still water-tight, but the latch was rusted so much that it broke off.
  21. WOW! Looking through here I see the US Cavalry is well represented. I wonder what the connection is? As for me: 5 years OH-58 Crewchief in the 3/17th CAV, 14+ USAR as a Drill Sergeant. God Bless all Veterans.
  22. I have been back to a few that I have already logged as found, when revisiting I usually just log it as a note...not sure if this is correct or not. Yep, me too! There's one in particular that is a TB hotel. I stop by there every now and then either to drop off or pick up a TB to move to another spot. ivylibra224 Michelle There should be something built into the website where you can only get credit once for finding a cache, no matter how often you try to log it as a find. In the end, I think it comes down to integrity. Sure, we all want impressive numbers, but really, who are you going to impress? I was thinking about this same subject last summer. I had been out in central Missouri and did some caching. As I was reading the logs online, I noticed that the OWNER would log his own cache as a find every time he did a TB drop or something. The same person logged multiple benchmarks that no longer existed. I love this sport as much as the next person, but I don't need to 'beef up' my numbers for some assumed glory.
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