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  1. A couple years ago while canoeing, I pulled a garbage bag with dead kittens in it out of the water. Just plain wrong.
  2. Here's a couple from Town River CITO - On Land and Water: Tires, paint cans, a computer monitor, and a window among other junk pulled out. The team in another canoe pulled out all of this in one trip! There was a lot of trash along the Bay Circuit Trail which runs alongside the river here. When it was all said and done the area looked great! Hopefully it can stay this way for a while. Thanks go out to: Boot Group, Boot Group Three, Gonascar, The4Syms, Marc The Shark 18, Deadhed42, and all the non-cachers who helped make this a great success.
  3. It was about 230' from So Far from Home. It was right on the trail where there's a step bridge over the fence into the campground area.
  4. I was out caching in the LBJ north of Ft Worth when I came upon a container sitting right out in the open. I was still about 200+ feet away from my target according to my GPS, so I opened it up. It had the standard GC.com info sheet in it, a bunch of some small swag, but not much else. There was a logbook in it (heart shaped), and inside it had the words "To Russ with Love, Happy Valentines Day". I've been unable to figure out who the owner is, or what the name really is (a search of Valentine's Day yielded nothing for Texas). If anyone has an idea about who this belongs to, please let me know. And yes, I'll post the question on the Texas Geocachers site as well.
  5. I took your question as rhetorical. I think I'll keep thinking that. Excuse me it was not, email the answer if you don't want to answer me here. OK, the answer to your question is, "it depends." You're welcome. Thanks Thats all I wanted to know. That makes you think . My next cache ITS IN THE WOODS I'm thinking more along the lines of my next cache being listed elsewhere. We're with you on that one.
  6. I agree with you. The point I tried to make is the relation of the cache description and the editing of my previous post. That's all.
  7. Image removed by moderator? All it was was a picture of Eric Cartman from South Park with one of his famous sayings. It wasn't graphic, profane, or obscene. Why remove it? It may be that freedom of speech is not always within the Groundspeak guidelines? Liberalism approaches Communism.
  8. As a Veteran, a Legionnaire, a Geocacher, but mostly because I'm an American, I say: (Image removed by moderator) GOD BLESS AMERICA! HOW'S THAT FOR AN AGENDA?
  9. I really don't like to have any decals on my car. I just bought an '06 Wrangler and I want to remove the vinyl lettering that the dealership put on. Should I use a heat gun or maybe some solvent? I don't want to scratch the finish. Any suggestions?
  10. Why would it be? It's just a sticker. It's not a sticker. It's to cover his front license plate. We have two types of plates here in Mass. The older, green ones were issued with only one tag, for the rear. The newer, red ones are issued in pairs. Since it's a POV, not an official cop car, wouldn't failing to display the front tag be a violation?
  11. NANO is Latin for EVIL. They're magnetic and about the size of a sewing thimble. More prominant in urban caches, stuck to signposts, guardrails, ect.
  12. Isn't having that blue thing on your car illegal? I notice in your other picture that you have the red Massachusetts tags. The red ones are supposed to be displayed front and rear, aren't they?
  13. This rock carving is near the spot of The Dwelly Stone now archived. J.H. Dwelly once owned the property where the rock is located. I would hardly consider it graffitti. I actually find this really cool. Spray painting graffitti is just as bad as littering in my book.
  14. Here's a few photos at our most recent DNF: Cellar hole Old well We'll post some more, and better pictures from when we go back after this one again.
  15. I find it funny that this 'event' took place in Hagerstown. The only place I would have expected such bizarre behavior would have been over on the Eastern Shore near Salisbury. The Delmartians have a hold on all things weird from generations of inbreeding, sniffing dried chicken manure, and the obsesive fear of being trampled by the ponies on Assateague.
  16. It kind of sounds like a personal geocoin or perhaps a path tag. You could try contacting Fluttershy via their profile to find out exactly what it is.
  17. I've never seen one myself, but go to the TB/Geocoin page and try using the GW5 with the other three numbers after and see if that works.
  18. Funny that this topic came up. A few weeks ago we had a DNF on a cache placed in a swamp. Went back later and searched for over an hour in the blowing snow before we found it. There's pictures with our log entry.
  19. I've heard that California is full of people just waiting to be offended.
  20. You can't beat a military spec lensatic compass. You'll have to hunt around locally to find a real one. There are fakes that look similar. A real one will be slightly heavier than a fake, and also have a NSN (National Stock Number) stamped into it. IE: 6605-01-196-6971. The NSN may vary from the older to the newer models. The only real difference is that the older models used radioactive phosphorus on the dial, the newer ones use something else. A good lensatic compass is a great thing to have if you plan on going out into nature. If you're more into lampost's and magnets then don't bother. My old Garmin doesn't always give me good compass info, so I turn to the lensatic to keep us on track. Here's an exampleof what you're looking for. I can't vouch for the vendor or the website, I just wanted to give an example. Best of luck. J11
  21. The numbers have been going up ever since Buddy got paroled. VOTE CIANCI IN '08 !
  22. This old stone foundation holds a stage of Barking Pumpkin one of our favorite multis. This stone bridge is in the middle of the woods now, but it used to be a field for a farmer to graze his cows. It's between stages of The Dwelly Stone cache, now archived. Here's the actual Dwelly Stone: This tiny, ancient burial ground is near Rogers Rangers Cache This is the final resting place of two Rangers who died nearby in early Colonial times. This last one is a 18th century stone bridge that still stands mostly intact. Skim Milk Bridge
  23. No, I'll be glad I've got another set of batteries in my backpack. Extra batteries are always a plus. If you are on the side of a road looking for a magnet on a guard rail. A true Lensatic Compass is a must if you are going into the woods. You'll find that your GPSr will be showing your distance, but not always the proper heading. Higher end models will do better, but even they can't control the canopy or severe weather. Magnetic North won't change on you, ever. That's why a Lensatic Compass is so valuable. We carry a US Military Issue Lensatic with us. You can tell the authentic ones because they are made of steel, and a bit heavier. (There are replicas, but they are lighter because they are made of aluminium). A second thing to look for is on the back of the compass. The back will be secured with screws, not pressed together. There will also be a warning about Radioactivity. (No need to worry if you don't open it up). If you are going more than ten feet into the woods, have a compass with you. If you're going to go deep, get one like I described. You shouldn't rely on a sattelite signal to get you back safely. A lensatic compass is a must have. Unless of course, you are going after lamp post's and magnets.
  24. 1) Religious Propaganda of any kind. 2) Outdated coupons. 3) Animal skulls (yes, it's true) 4) Anything related to the NY Yankees.
  25. Yeah, you should take off any markings related to explosives or ammunition. You could plant one in a tree stump in the middle of a swamp and somebody will be sure to think it's a threat to national security. The yellow comes off pretty easy with nail polish remover. I've never seen any with a red diamond on them however. Got a picture?
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