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  1. Found it 11/07/2011 I'm debating on whether "found it" is appropriate for this. We were able to find where it USED TO be but only the hook. The cache itself is gone. Whether I actually "found" this is up to (CO). Just let me know! Cool spot anyway! If you have to debate with yourself, the answer is probably 'DNF'.
  2. Blackwater River is at the top of our list.
  3. How about not placing a cache on private property without permission?
  4. This was a 2.5/1.5 with 'no rappelling needed' in the description: Found it 06/11/20-- I saw the cache, but couldn't reach it. Thought about rapelling to retrieve it, but the will to live overtook the will to retrieve the cache The logger has over 16K in 'finds'.
  5. From the cache description: Cache is now a larger camouflaged pill bottle. Bring a pen. Please do not leave travel bugs in this cache.they have a habit to get lost from here. Note: There is a letterbox near this cache where some of the bugs go. Pill bottle, letterbox nearby. Pretty simple, huh? Not simple for all... anylogwilldo Found it 12/30/20-- What a nasty, gross area. Garbage everywhere. Pill bottle has no cover or contents, but found log in a nearby box. whatzthediff Found it 12/30/20-- Gross place. We don't know if we found the cache with the empty pill bottle or the little box that looked like a cache, logginanyting Found it 12/31/20-- We stopped on our way down to the new years party a couple hrs before midnight. The area was packed with people. No one noticed us stopping. Quick find. Signed the letter box as the original container was empty. Thanks for the cache Maybe they could have just scribbled their name in the dirt using a stick?
  6. Crossing over from the other thread: Posted Yesterday, 02:02 PM I would have snapped a photo and logged a find. Around here, if someone can't get the log out for whatever reason, usually a nano, they 'photolog'. Sometimes you're presented with situations the CO didn't intend. Like this: Read Log Entry Just because you were there doesn't qualify a find. A case in point: Found it 03/07/20-- I am claiming I found it even though it was not there, because my kids and I got very muddy feet, mosquito bites and cuts from the bushes. Nice area but disappointed in no cache
  7. Trying to get this back on topic a THIRD TIME... This was a cache with a small, but very unusual homemade container: Sneakin1in Found it 08/09/20-- Found the lid with the geocaching markings on it, but no container or any other evidence of it. I am afraid someone has messed it up. WN cacheowner 08/13/20-- The lid of the container did not have any "geocaching markings" on it. Those ----'s are sneaky Two logged DNF's and an Archived log quickly followed.
  8. Getting back on track....AGAIN!! Didn't find it 05/09/2011 we found shingles but we think the cache may be buried under a great pile of branches that has been recently dumped at GZ Found it 06/25/2011 No luck here today, I also believe this one got buried
  9. Getting back on topic: It seems that you don't always have to find the actual cache.... McToysCount Found it 08/01/20XX Found nothing but a broken toy on 8/1/XX ??? This next one was in an area with a fair amount of trash scattered around.... HonestCacher1 Didn't find it 07/30/20XX With HonestCacher2, we searched the area without finding anything. Is it still there? Ifoundsumthin Found it 10/13/20XX Found bits and pieces of what i think us to be the CC ,GPSr was at 2 ft maybe it's gone someone needs to check NM Ifoundsumthin Needs Maintenance 10/13/20XX i think it's gone Sad thing, this last guy has almost 3,000 finds logged. Maybe his PM account didn't come with the DNF option.
  10. We've done replacements for missing caches, but only on ones we've already found. Most of them are older caches where the CO isn't playing anymore. There was one challenging cache in our area that was found floating down river from GZ. We talked to other local cachers who'd found it and one of them replaced it. We went out later and made the find. Logging a find on a throwdown is akin to logging a find on one of your own hides. But that's just my opinion....
  11. This was from a CITO Event. The CO decided to boost his numbers and log a find, twice: 4/22/11 by EventHost (1256 found) Had a really great time. Thanks for the help XXXX! Might try this once a month. This place could use some help. EventHost and Gang 4/22/11 by EventHost (1256 found) Worked it. EventHost Funny thing about this one is that the CO's logs accounted for half of the total attended.
  12. We were there back in February. The place is loaded with history and has had its share of tragedy. We were trying to grab a late afternoon cache by coming down the yellow trail on the east side of the park (we didn't know the bridge was washed out). With no bridge, we decided to hike down and get a view of the factory ruins before heading back. Night started to fall fast as we headed back to the car. Can't say we saw anything supernatural, but the conditions sure felt right, if that's possible. That park is a cool place.
  13. This one was a for a cache that was archived by the reviewer for non-maintenance: SavesMeAWalk Found it Found replacement cache in hands of NonFinder while at the ****** gathering in the park. Thanks for the cache. Want to boost your numbers? Have a friend who carries around a replacement for somebody elses archived cache! Nonfinder Found it All is well at this cool tree. Nice, easy find. TNLNSL TFTC Of course it was a nice, easy find. You were carrying it around with you all day!
  14. I wonder if the 'STL Throwdown Duo' is aware of how famous they've become?
  15. Found it! by Bovinecachers 07/09/2011 Found cow, no cache
  16. Not sure what 'Spanish Style' is. We do recommend avoiding anything that's hidden 'Greek Style'.
  17. Identical log by cache owner for all of their hides, on the same day: IBFibbin (696 Found) 12/23/2010 Found it Log It's sad when a CO uses a cut + paste to log finds on their own caches.
  18. This is a small cache in a small park with a long history of being muggled: Found it by LastFinders 03/30/2011 Team XXXXX First find in XX. Tftc Didn't find it by VeteranCachers 04/10/2011 Stopped early in the day and a group of folks were all around listening to a Herring lecture. Looked a bit but too many muggles. Came back later, when everyone (almost) was gone and made a more thorough search. Still could not find the cache. Maybe it has been muggled again by the locals. Write note by PreviousFinder 05/15/2011 Checked in on this one, it has been muggled Write note MasterOfTheObvious 07/25/2011 Muggled? Didn't find it by HonestCacher 07/27/2011 DNF'd it think it needs a maint run. Needs Maintenance by HonestCacher 07/27/2011 See previous logs Didn't find it by HonestNewbie 08/18/2011 Muggled This entry was edited by HonestNewbie on Friday, 19 August 2011 at 01:24:39 UTC. Found it by DamnImGood 08/18/2011 Muggled Found it muggled? You are good!
  19. If we look at the picture, can we log a find too?
  20. This is an urban cache that requires climbing part way up a tree: Found it (well, saw it anyway) 09/09/2011 Ok, I found the cache. Actually putting my hands on it, another story. I brought a special lady here on a date and we found this one. I could see myself falling for this Gal, but Im not gonna fall out of this tree for her ! I was in dress shoes and the tree was wet from recent rain. Made it up a couple branches but was slipping all over the place so I came to my senses and climbed down. Thanks for the adventure ! What adventure?
  21. If at first you don't succeed (or even if you thought you did)... Found it 08/20/2011 This cahe is hidden by the tan brige in the picture ...log, log again! Found it 08/21/2011 We found a decoy yesterday. After thinking about it last night we regrouped this morning amd found the real one. Its not near the tan bridge with railing.
  22. If you like to paddle (or even if you don't): Blackwater River There's also some great caches in the Fackahatchee Strand. You can also try posting on the FGA's site.
  23. December 29, 2008 by BiAnnualCacher (150 found) Took the Travel Bug... look forward to seeing it in sunnier climates soon! December 31, 2010 by BiAnnualCacher (150 found) Found it again this year. It's always a great find! I gotta remember to revisit all my finds from two years ago and log them again. There must be an ap for that.
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