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  1. Don't use them, don't realy care for them either...
  2. I have left gift cards, Unactivated TBs and unactivated coins.
  3. I also use it to include the solution to the puzzle.
  4. I can't even aford 1 either right now
  5. came across this fallen tree the other day while out with Aiden, figured we'd have to turn back as we had a lake to our left and thorn bushes a plenty to our right. But since I am not one for making good choices I desided we'd go all E.T. on this one. So here is a view of Aiden once we went over the tree. It was not easy but it was fun!! Edit to add: I figured we could take it since his stroller is a Jeep!!
  6. Mine is 18 months old and we take him in a jogging stroller. Its not always easy depending on the terain though.
  7. Could also be an armchair cache. If they answered it right it might as well stand. Some people will do anything for a smiley.
  8. Will it possible to reorder out origional front designs with the new back?
  9. Or I could take a stroll down to my library and get it for free
  10. TnT Geotag Hobbycache Geotag Thanks for the trades!!!
  11. YAY! the only thing missing is JMBella's backyard tree
  12. OMG this is great!! I hope the FSM is kind enough to touch me with his noodly appendage!
  13. For Theseus: For Bosrek_Barbarian: pay $3 for 1 month DL a PQ of all the MoCs and your problem is solved. Maybe after you have used the PM features you will deside it is worth it.
  14. Team Sand Dollar, Buffalo Wings, Edugator Geotags IBcrashen Geotag Glennk721 Geotag Thanks for the Trades!!
  15. Found this cute little guy a few feet from a cache yesterday.
  16. I love the use of glitter to accent this one. Its a nice touch without being over done.
  17. Would love to trade with you as well when the come in!!
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