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  1. hit the bottom left button (looks like a pin) then use the center button (enter symbol) to edit the coords
  2. have you tried sending messages to the 2 people that visited the cache in between the time it was dropped and the time it was reported as not being in the cache?
  3. My brother and I placed the South Farmingdale, NY USA bug on the 29th of december. http://www.geocaching.com/track/log.aspx?L...8a-657f11cb4216
  4. In my limited time here, I have noted that asking for help on puzzles is frowned upon. Do some google searching may be your best bet. or you could email the hider for additional hints.
  5. Came across a van that was moving a bit more then it should be in a parking lot while caching today.
  6. Although I don't know where mine is right now I believe you could use the coin from the "Scotch & Soda" Coin Trick
  7. Some people also leave unactivated tags as FTF rewards.
  8. TEAM RETRIEVER your dog is absolutly stunning. I wish she could hop out of the screen so I could give her a big snuggle. Those eyes, they melt my heart!
  9. It is my hope that our locals will bring it around the town and the ssurrounding towns gathering pictures along the way. we shall see
  10. My Brother and I took this one its last 20 miles today and got it placed in South Farmingdale. Hopefully a few local cachers can take it on a good tour of the town to meet people there! http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...d7-f406a2692f1a
  11. I was hoping for a geodog for Christmas but it wasn't to be
  12. http://www.geocaching.com/about/cache_types.aspx pretty sure it uses the same symbols
  13. I could just imagine the torch bearer vearing off course just to log a lamp post micro
  14. being that I only have 6 finds so far, its kind of hard to say but knowing me I'll keep everything
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