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  1. Hello Grandmaster,

    First off, I don't think basswood is such a great material for you to carve in...most molds were made of maple or cherry in the old days...much more uniform grain structure.

    As for a program to set up your design, you might try MS Publisher... I don't know for sure, but I think you can do what you describe. I want to do something similar to make a stamp to print WG in a circle on the bill. Please tell me if it works. If not, try going to one of those plastic sign shops...they might lay it out for you.

    What about making your mold out of rubber? We use RTV (like bathtub caulk) to make molds for producing cultured stone out of concrete...work great, very fine detail, easy to work with, and not too costly. All you need is a GOOD master ...make a coin out of cherry the size you want, wood burn in your info, spray it w/ silicone spray, cover it w/ RTV ...try brushing on 5 or 6 thin coats on each side,then wadding a big, well no more than 1/4 inch,layer on itwhen it is cured, cut in at the edge all the way around, and your mold is ready...


    good hunting



  2. Hi folks,

    We use TYVEC brand paper for making label to put on cubes of concrete blocks that we make. We print them on a standard ink jet printer,with standard BLACK ink - the colored ink will not stand up to the weather. These tags still look ok after two years on the lot... not that we like to see them stay there that long, but.....

    If anyone wants to get some, try contacting DuPont, if you are nice, they will send you a ream as a sample, just think up some kind of special project, or say that you want to test TYVEC for this or that. The first test lot I got was going to be used to cover model air plane wings !!! BTW... TYVEC = FEDEX letter bags icon_rolleyes.gif

  3. Hi all...ya'll need to come visit real soon,hear?

    Sorry...couldn't help myself...it has finaly rubbed off on my NJ brain...but please do come visit the fine city of Bowling Green. I'll see you Lex people in mid Feb.


  4. If you check with your local soda bottler, you can get what are known as 'preforms', these are testtube like plastic vials with the bottle cap threads already on them, but the preform has not been blown into a big bottle yet. For a long time, we ( Iused to make them ) would give these to the elderly to put their medical files in,which were then put in their frezzer. Ent's are trained to look there in case the patient is unresponsive. If any one wants some for micro's, I do have a limited supply, and I would be happy to share some for the asking...just ask. I may put some empties in my caches, so please no comments about what they look like... David

  5. I would be happy to work w/ anyone in the Bowling Green, KY area to promote these ideas....I am planning a "Plain Sight {Site ? }" cashe near here ...just would realy like to talk w/ some, shall we say, 'Geocavers' too. Keep your eyes open for 'All dressed in blue'.



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