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  1. One reason Garmin has claimed for not using memory cards in units like the 60CS, is that they don't want to compromize the water resistance capability of the receiver. Perhaps it's just blue shades, but that's what they said.

    I've seen similarly-phrased comments from Garmin, but I'm not buying it.


    Magelleans meet the IPX7 specifcation just fine - why can't Garmin?

  2. I agree with BlueDeuce that it's because of the marketing strategy.

    As the market leader, Garmin can do best by offering products today with just enough memory to satisfy consumers current demands given the memory requirements of today's maps.  That will allow them to continue to have sales opportunities for improved products with more memory and features as the maps become more detailed and memory hungry.


    The strategy has worked so far since they've been able to stay ahead in other features, but I expect they'll eventually lose enough sales to competitors that support memory expansion in handhelds that they'll have to do so as well.

    I think your logic follows mine most closely in this discussion.


    After getting a Rino 110, I broke it a year later. Replaced with a Rino 130 (more memory!) Also got a 60CS (more memory!) for autonav. Sent an email to Garmin saying "Er, hey, how about a Rino/60CS combination?)


    A short while ago, they announced what I asked for - Rino 530. More memory? Nope. 56MB, same as the 60CS.


    My follow-up email to them was "I'm not buying another Garmin unit until you come up with a Rino 530 with SD cards and a 60CS with SD cards."


    I travel a lot on business, and I'm constantly loading different maps in the 60CS so's I know how to get to my customers, not to mention my home area of North Georgia. Don't get me started on the 500 waypoints in the Rino 130 and it's 20(?)MB of storage. More please.


    As you said, they're staying *just* enough ahead of the curve, but at what risk? I love their products, but not enough to buy another one - not unless they update the technology/give me what I'm asking for.

  3. I have a Blackberry, mostly for work purposes (email fowarding/sending behind the firewall, etc.). But I've been known to log a cache or two via the wap browser, or to visit the "real" site with images and everything. Works pretty well overall. No Palm capabilities, so no Cachemate on it. It's also a Nextel-model blackberry, and I use it's radio quite a bit to chat with work, friends and family.


    For caching, I have an old Palm i705 that I use. It's rugged & cheap. 8MB RAM base, holds 1000 caches with 20 logs each; no reason for adding an SD card.


    Treo's are cool because of integrated Palm OS. If I didn't have the BB, I'd get a Treo.. That said, you can have my Blackberry when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers. :laughing:

  4. In the main screen, the "Found by me" column that has the date still has the proper date but the cache names display white for "not found" instead of being highlighted yellow for "found". When I go into the "edit" screen, the found is not checked and the date found field is empty. The "do not overwite" field is checked. My GC name is in the proper field and all my other caches resolve as "found" with the yellow highlight.


    If I edit those entries to be found and enter the date, export it to a GPX file, close GSAK and then open the GPX file again, it has again forgotten that I have found those locationless caches while at the same time displaying the date that I found them.

    See the post right before yours. Do you have "Clear database before loading" checked?


    Just a thought..

  5. The other problem I am having is my waypoint memory is full and I can't figure out how to delete them. I would like to delete *all* my waypoints but I can only seem to delete one at a time manually. GSAK can't delete waypoints and the manual doesn't seem to be any help.

    Since you have a Rino, I'll assume you know to "click in"/"enter" on the clickstick after each function.


    - Hold the click stick down, "Find 'n Go", "Waypoints", "Nearest"

    - Toggle left to menu, select.

    - "Delete All"


    Voila, you're done.


    As to the original post:


    The Rino 110 and 130 both work great for caching. I still have my 110 but don't use it much anymore. The 130 puts me where I need to be pretty much most of the time - YMMV. Battery consumption can be a pain given that it uses 3 batteries, but I just switched to rechargable Powerex 2500 mAh batteries. I just recharged yesterday after running the unit almost *18* hours, which is a new record for me. I selectively turn the radio on and off, which also helps.


    The NOAA broadcasts have come in handy a few times. Digital compass works pretty well, and the unit itself is pretty tough. I had to send mine in after the radio microphone malfunctioned, Garmin sent me a new unit.


    Lastly, I just like the way it feels in my hand. The extra battery actually makes it "fit just right." No other GPS I've held has that quality. I wrap mine in the Bash Guard, which gives it just the right heft. (Drawback: You have to remove it to put it in Garmin's cradle, which I use on my bike).

  6. Feature Request: Secondary "check" column (?) for deletes.. or something.


    Would like to see the ability to "multiple select"* waypoints and then be able to delete them WITHOUT having to reset the User Checked status to something else.



    - I load a (singular or folder) of queries, opting to reset User Checked.

    - I want to take other actions based on User Checked, but FIRST...

    - I want to delete this one, that one, that one, this one, that one.. say maybe 3-10 entries.

    - "Multiple select"* those I want to delete, right click, "Delete waypoints".


    * - either right click and multiple-highlight, or a secondary checkbox, or...


    Anyways, hope the general idea is clear. Multiple highlight makes most sense, but a secondary checkbox for "action now" might be cool / useful for multiple purposes too.

  7. 56MB of RAM in the 530, that much I know. Same as a 60CS.


    For that matter, the The 530 is Rino-ized (radio) 60CS with a smaller screen


    I'm sticking with my Rino 130, won't be upgrading - I like my AA rechargables. The color screen is nice, though. Plus, I already have a 60CS for the truck/travel and the Rino for caching.

  8. Some laptop manufacturers (and some aftermarket vendors) offer DC powerbricks. I got a dual-mode brick for my Thinkpad. It comes with two cords that attach to the power-in side; one DC cord with cig lighter plug, one AC cord with two-prong.


    Eliminated the need for the converter. It's a fair shade larger than my normal brick, but given that Thinkpads have pretty small bricks anyway it's not that big a deal. I take the dual-brick when I'm going out of town.


    Just a thought..

  9. Some smaller roads such as those in the local cemeteries and shopping centers are shown in City Select 6 but gone in 7.


    Looks like the sacrificed some detail to make room for more POI.

    Hmmm, interesting. A couple of cemetaries/office complexes nearby that didn't have the roads before in 6 do now in 7.


    Then again, I haven't revisited a few cemetaries that have extensive roads. Guess I should check that out.


    It annoys me that they still didn't "dead-end" a road a mile from my house that has been rerouted/deadended for 7 years, even after I reported it twice (the second time including a KMZ bookmark). Autorouting "home" always wants to take the dead-end road.

  10. I have been *waiting* for this model since I got my 60CS and Rino 130. (And the Rino 110 I also own.)


    Unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to be waiting a while longer.


    - I don't want Li-ion, nor do I want external AA battery pack.

    - I want 1000 waypoints.

    - I already have 56MB RAM. Put in a 1GB chip - same footprint. (Better yet, cardslot)

    - Boost FRS wattage to a full watt instead of half-watt. (I don't have a GMRS license)


    So close, yet so far...


    <strike>I'm going to send this exact list to Garmin, too.</strike> I've sent this on to Garmin as well.

  11. My power button is doing fine, but all of the other buttons are losing the rubber "coating" that appears to be on them. When I go out caching and start digging and scratching in the dirt and in holes and nooks and crannies and crevices, all that gunk gets on my hands and then onto the buttons of my 60CS. Wear and tear is starting to make the coating flake off (although I can still read what's printed on the buttons). It's starting to look like it's getting over a bad sunburn...

    Glad I'm not the only one - I thought something was happening to mine.


    Most of the plastic (?) coating on my arrowpad is peeling off, it's completely gone on "in" and "out" buttons (and the lettering is now unreadable>


    Good thing I know which button is what. All the rest are flaking off to one extent or the other.

  12. I'm in the 180 degree (straight) connector crowd. As someone already mentioned, I went with it because it makes removing it from my GPSr easier so that I can stash/hide the unit out of sight. Also, it goes with me on trips and I usually don't take the antenna. Same thing.


    Unfortunately, I paid the higher price for mine - didn't realize the store was still in existance. Grr. Welp, I need a shorter-cable one anyways. :P

  13. If you can upload waypoints FROM the unit TO GSAK... then something's up. Post in the GSAK 6.0 thread Clyde started.


    If you can't... you installed the USB drivers from Garmin, right? If so, post in the GSAK 6.0 thread Clyde started. :P


    Unless something funky is going on, this is an odd one.

  14. For those of you complaining about "closing one application, then opening another"...


    Take a look at Franson GPSGate. Works great. Not too expensive either.


    Point is we already paid for Mapsource and now we need 2 programs to do what one used to! :rolleyes:

    Ok, I'll grant you that. It was included, now it's not, but it's still free.


    I posted about Franson GPSGate because it's handy for feeding GPS info to multiple applications at once. I offered it up for those in situations similiar to my own.. or who wanted to use both Mapsource and nRoute at the same time.

  15. I really don't want to drill holes in my dashboard!  I'm also leary of anything that says it is a permanant adhesive disk. I have no desire to make permanant modifications to my truck or car.

    Mine is starting to "slide" a little in the heat. If you want to take it off, you can - just do it in summer when it's easier to take the mount off.

    Just how hot is it there that the disk is sliding loose? I live in northern CA and it gets pretty darn hot here. Normal summer weather will give us a long streak of 100º+ weather. (I think its around 102º today). With weather in that temp range it can get extremely hot inside a parked vehicle.


    A few weeks ago we had a solid week of 95-99 degrees here in metro Atlanta, GA. During that time, the adhesive disk didn't so much as slip as become.. what's the word to use here.. oozy? no, not that liquid.. less solid? Somewhat gooey? Hard to describe.


    Net result is the mount was able to..twist slightly.. in place. I noticed it after taking/replacing the GPSr into its mount. I was able to twist it back, since it had only shifted/spun about an eigth of an inch. It was nowhere close to coming off or coming loose. I probably could have pushed hte issue and twisted the mount right off, but I didn't want to do that. :laughing:


    Outside of a "gap" now on one side between the dash and the bottom of the mount/adhesive of about a sixteenth of an inch it's fine now. Still rock solid and stable.

  16. Before sending new waypoints to the Garmin with GSAK, I first delete the waypoints from the GPSr by Symbol. (If you're like me, you may have some "permanent" waypoints in the GPSr that you don't want to get rid of).


    So, simply delete all the Geocache and Geocache Found first. Then, in GSAK, delete all the ones you have found.


    If you're loading a new query, you shouldn't have any. If you're updating an existing query/database, the ones you've found shouldn't have the checkmark next to them. Those you can delete - I do that individually to make sure I don't delete the wrong thing.

  17. For those of you complaining about "closing one application, then opening another"...


    Take a look at Franson GPSGate. Works great. Not too expensive either.


    I finally got it so I could use my 60CS with Delorme StreetAtlas (USB support, my bottom. Thanks a TON Delorme. Grr..)


    Nifty feature in this case: Share the GPS with N applications. Mapsource, Delorme, Nroute all at once? Ok, no problem.

  18. I really don't want to drill holes in my dashboard! I'm also leary of anything that says it is a permanant adhesive disk. I have no desire to make permanant modifications to my truck or car.

    The "permanent adhesive disk" is permanent, but *isn't* permanent.


    Mine is starting to "slide" a little in the heat. If you want to take it off, you can - just do it in summer when it's easier to take the mount off.


    The remaining "sticky residue/leftovers" you should be able to get off with WD-40.


    (WD-40 works great for getting old bumper stickers and other sticky goo off your paint, too. Just rinse well afterwards)

  19. No - Logs are never stripped out by GSAK.


    If GSAK doesn't recognize a log  type it just shows it as a note.


    I would rather not strip out any logs as there will always be users that will want them for one reason or another.

    Could you maybe set it as on option? So those who don't want them can not include them and those who want them can have them. Probably set it so that it defaults to including them.

    I will look at adding this (also don't forget you can delete individual logs via the row right click menu and bulk logs via the Database menu)

    Definitely a better solution than my original request. Thanks for taking a look at it.

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