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  1. arnt they great ...surprizes ...and this coin
  2. LOL...if there was someone under that pipe, well...THEY SHOULDNT BE! lol The 1st pic was a bell, the site had chains surrounding it with these bells on it, also had marble cornerstones. This part of the cemetary is really old and yep, that is a wooden headstone, although I couldnt make the year on it.... neat place and there is a cache there that I havent found yet. We're actually headed there now Hope The Amigos and mrls1996 meet their fate with the reaper... for the sake of the Bell witch if nothing else!
  3. Nice work... First I saw of the Pink Yime wish i got in on it, but I think they turned out really nice and for a good cause
  4. Wishing all recipients a congrats ... dropped in to check on things and saw I never posted my pics!!! I have some cute ones with my daughter unveiling my #007 Carpe Diem from its mysterious mailer. Ill dig em up Thanks again and for all that you've done to Carpe Cache
  5. I GOT SLASHED!!!! [] What was meant to be a slashing for a lack of caching turned into a prize to light up up my eyes...THE CACHE REAPER WAS MINE! [] Met up with the Cache Reaper at the stroke of noon, to duck and weave the slashes and what was left behind for me was this great prize! Looks like a great photo op for the Bell witch [lol]... been wanting one of these for awhile now! Thanks Cache Reaper, I almost met my fate with you...Just didnt think it was gonna happen, but look whats mine now! From the beginning and till the end...IT WILL BE MINE! Thanks for the slashing... I needed a kick in the pants and got a lil bit more []
  6. and you get a pretty sig as pictured ............ <---here - oooh, how bout a 1944-1946 wheatpenny sig that was gathered from battlefields and battleships of WWII that were recycled after the copper shortage in 1943???? huh? that good? .... thanks again
  7. sellin a few here to make a quick buck in my paypal, so I can spend some money ya know... nothing crazy like for bills n stuff, just a bday present for my girl and figurin my coins can help So heres what i got for ya... Ill set a price of 9.00 and if theres anything you want, send me an email to my profile. First come first serve, ill try to update the thread as soon as i can. Shipping to US is 2.50 per coin and .50 for additional coins. add 3.00 for international and 1.00 to canada. Please tell me your location, so I can send you the correct shipping invoice. All coins are unactivated and trackable. Thanks for lookin and sorry I havent been around, so just that you know...Im still thinkin bout you all here, and a few got some love comin sooner than later (even though its already later than sooner) Till Next Time~ CACHE HARD and CACHE ON! 5 Jahre Geoclub.de german 5 year coin (green) 2006 Buffalo wings- bronze Grand High poobahs leader board For the love of caching- feb 2007 oak coins club coin Trans re heart Geocoinfest Mosaic Minnesota 2007 Grayling 05 or 06 - pink flower Atlantagal 777 Pocketpups all american Red white and blue Red remembrance poppies micro 2007 Evil micro- nickle cinema boxers Spud502 2 coin set Climbing and caching- Blue and gold carabiner 4 Fs personal Goofy 92 German coin 2008 Blazing sun micro- copper Blazing sun micro- gold Canadian reviewers American caching - 2 Cache dollar bill 2006 - gold Crakes symbology- bronze- ? LE FTF ribbon in Gold Breath of life V2 - Gold on silver 2 tone Vancouver to Wheatland GW6 California or Bust
  8. NOVUS ORDO SECLORUM... congrats to all. Boy could I go on and on with this one... No New World Order! infowars.com
  9. YEEEEEEEEEOW Holy Smokus!!!!!! I had only heard talk of the mysterious Gold Mailer goin around after Dorkfish got word from here Mamma...but it was untill I approached the PO box after a lengthy 4 days of unchecked mail when BAM...GOLD MAILER sittin in there just waiting for me! I snatched that thing outa there and decided I would not open it before I got back to my truck, I would not rabidly open that pretty gold mailer with my teeth before the next step was taken. Instead I showed it to my sweet EmmaGem and I think she got more from the gold mailer than even I did with the coin, BUT SHE WANTED IN! she ripped every stamp and label off before we made it to the park where I told her we'll have to wait for Dorkfish, so she can see just as if it was her own she opened and we did What wasnt to be expected was the fact that this beautiful coin not only sent to me, but marked for life with the number 007!!!! YEAH BABY!....... Carpe Diem! Loved it..........One REALLY cool Mystery coin! Thank you so much....I actually took some pics, but im logging this from The Dorkfishes computer so ill do my best to get em up, but you know me... Maybe next week, right
  10. OK...Just heard back from the mint! The shortage on coin stock hit harder than in previous years and was made aware that the mint WILL NOT have the coins finished till beg-mid of may! THOSE GUYS I TELL YA!!! Technical difficulties have rendered an extreme back log on all coins...I think we are gonna have to work on die re-sizing aswell, hence the possibilities for the middle of the month! Just needed to drop in to tell ya the hold up for all of you eagerly awaiting your most beautiful April Fools coins that have not arrived yet...Dont worry~ "Its in the bank" Just building the suspense edit to add: This status update brought to you live via the Mendocino County Library!
  11. Thanks again all and its great fun every year, just wish I could tend to the thread a little closer... TommyTrojan won the 3rd wheel edition by default The mint is a little slower than last year, the coins will be made this week and hopefully sent out by Monday the 12th. I got married for April Fools, (at least as far as facebook goes) so my time is no longer my time Ill try to actually get pics of them before they go out this time and ill let ya all know when they ship...Thanks for being hardcore Wolfslady...ill ensure you are a happy wolfslady [] Till Next Time~ CACHE HARD and CACHE ON!
  12. that was smooth now to get crackin on the mint cuz they are slow as heck these days! So we gots Toojin Gatoulis EdDakota Odyssey Voyager Wolfslady DaFunkyfrogs Scificollector... Thats only 7? so i guess the 3rd wheel XLE version is still up for grabs or did i miss something from my phone? thanks for playin and CONGRATS...I think dont forget to PM me your addys!
  13. take another chance....quick!
  14. and for anyone wondering whats this all about... Read post #237, that'll explain prolly confusing for anyone who wasnt around for the last 3 years of shenanigans and DUDE, ya cant try for others unless you get on their account and not tell anyone...so get to hackin Gatoulis! ~ dang cat lovers I tell ya!
  15. LOL...Im on my phone too, cuz thats all i gots these days i was happy it worked...wasnt sure that it would. Good luck from your phone... Thats hardcore Hi Nikos...Emmy is beautiful~wait till you see her again! I just got my 1st coin trade in a long time...maybe ill take a picture of her with my new WOMBAT! he he
  16. IT WORKED! so we gots: Toojin Gatoulis and EdDakota OH and in my haste i failed to realize that an ending time of 7:00 would indicate 8 coins by starting it all off @ 12:00 PT, LOL SO... I guess the "3rd wheel edition" will be given away @ 7:00 PT~ theres always been an extra anyway, you get a few rejects along the way of the involved and complicated minting process thanks for playin...
  18. Hey hey Hey...what do we have here! Decided to pop in here for the annual Wolf Cointest! Only this year I dont have time for the him-ha of yankin yer chain or pullin your leg, so lets get right down to it! 7- 2010 edition wolf coins trackable just like last years 1 every hour on the hour just like last years... only this time we'll have to go by forum post rather than by email. So the first Forum post to ring in on the new hour will win that hours coin. We'll start at 12:00 and end at 7:00 PM pacific time. The winner of the coin should be obvious to everyone and the winning post of every hour will PM me their addy. I appologize for the lack of attention throughout the cointest, but I currently have no internet and have 3 minutes remaining of my 15 minute session at the library! Hope everyone has a great April Fools...maybe ill be able to get one over ya better next year! SO....you got 8 minutes till the first coin goes and 6 other attempts for anyone who may actually want one these beauties! OH MAN just wait till you see it in person Till next Time~ CACHE HARD and CACHE ON!
  19. Congrats to all who have met the wrath of the reaper...now who do I gotta slash to get one? BTW: That sure is a purdy knife ya have there Mr. Reaper
  20. I like the Turtle coins The other day I received a Thirstymick personal, very nice coin and recieved as a result of a very nice gesture THANKS
  21. No. The only time Groundspeak has ever unactivated a coin is if it was an incorrect tracking code entered by accident. Hmmm... I have one of those Never knew GS would do that, just been awaiting its owner to try to activate it, LOL check it....right here http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=1065081 If all you need is a unactivated geocoin to enter the cointest and thats what your wantin to do, I gots one for ya. tell me where it goes and get in on the cointest or you can often get em for less than 10.00 at many of the coin sites.
  22. This is Bizarre! ~ cuz not only did I release a coin to venture to Tsun back in April, but I also JUST 5 minutes ago sent a link of the coin to her! and I never read this thead!!! The coin never moved from the cache till September, but I just got a note on it, that it will be in MT soon Heres the linky: http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.as...b4-851e57e759ca The item attached was made by 2 travelers upon see'ing a cache for the 1st time!...a cache that had not been seen for YEARS and mistakenly found after being archived in 05 It sat in that cache unactivated till another cacher came along for FTF (on a tribute cache) and swooped it up I guess i forgot to even activate it! LOL Heres a link to the cache that was found after not being found since 05! http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...=y&decrypt= where the coin started. and the tribute cache is GC1R25N
  23. I want to do a pathtag still... Its a personal token that costs 1/15 the cost of minting a coin! Its personal Though it is no geocoin, thats for sure I like em... there are some great ones too. You will always have more detail with a geocoin, but thats not limiting the beauty thats possible in creating a really nice Pathtag either. Its a way for you to create a personal token, most of all reletively inexpensively
  24. Got me some coins! yep~ Got my Anasazi Spirit Dwellers, Fiero V3's and Hogwild Benchmarks all yesterday and last week I got a nice lil postcard from Amsterdam! With a Dutch Micro INSIDE! My first Dutch Micro... Thanks a bunch Pingos , it had been awhile since I had got any coins, specially a wonderful gift!
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