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  1. I once activated someone else's coin with 1 wrong number... its still in my list of trackables named "???????" LOL. Guess if they ever go to check it for activation, they'd let me know... and good to know it could be deactivated if they so choose, but till then I guess I gots me a coin named ???????
  2. MICKEY....I am your father!
  3. Boy if there is one person who can sell a friends coins, that'd be you karma. LOL. You sure are a good helping hand when it comes to needing a helping hand. - good work...
  4. Hope they do well... been dealing with Mamma issues for awhile now too. Activated coins are just as well off in my book : )
  5. Hope they do well... been dealing with Mamma issues for awhile now too. Activated coins are just as well off in my book : )
  6. LOL... You can do whatever it is that you wish with your coin...You can grab it, place it, discover it, let others discover it, toss it in a cache, mass produce 100 proxys and release em, I have no preference as to what you do with your coin Ive got an "error" coin from the mint im gonna toss in a cache and see what becomes, I also sent one to Toojin to do the same with. As far as this coin goes... it will never get too coinfusing. Maybe I better update the page so everyone knows that everything goes! Glad you all got em and once again, CONGRATS AGAIN...I think! heres the TB page for anyone interested, the tracking number is on the back of the coin. http://www.geocaching.com/track/details.aspx?id=224414
  7. Thanks for the lunch yesterday buddy... you got yourself the #007 imagine that! we CAN arrange a local pick-up!
  8. THE RESULTS ARE IN!!!!- and we have some WINNERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Keewee- #001 Lewisclan77- #002 Mamoreb-#003 EyeD10T-#004 LadyBee4T-#005 Teamhaynes-#006 Family of Goats-#007 GooseFraba1- The 3rd wheel edition Now as today as the jokes on me... we had a great night and I bring you these here cointest winnings 26 hrs after the the official start time of the April fools cointest!!! But today is also the official facebook anniversary of me and and my sweet wifey all that him-haw about April Fools played out well 365 days ago TODAY!!! Here I sit on the porch with her lil field working dog at my feet and the sun is shining! Thank you all who played and had fun and please dont forget to PM me your addys and The sweetest April Fools Cointest prize winnings will be at your doorstep by this time next week! that is unless your on the other side of the pond somewhere, then yur waiting a few more! who knows what next year will bring????? guess you'll have to wait n find out and JUST MAYBE Avroair with drop a post on the right time! LOL Thanks again and hope it was fun... Till Next Time!!!!!~ CACHE HARD and CACHE ON!
  9. STOP IT!!!! No really... You Stop it Mickey Diver, er, umm...Jedi Mickey Yer killin me here!!! If im not totally mistaken, I think I may have saw some sort of Pyschadelic Jedi Mickey tripper mystery dude somewhere too!!!!!!!! Seriously man...yer killin me!!!
  10. 4 coins left up for grabs...and then to decide what becomes of the 3rd wheel!
  11. You got it buddy! But dont you worry...unless those crazy Greecian postal workers are playin tricks on you...ITS IN THE BANK! edit to add: or if any coins go unclaimed, which we all are wondering "who actually wants one of these darn things" ~ ITS YOURS! lol ~ you really need 3 of these things? -DONT ANSWER THAT!!!
  12. COME ON MARK... you know you want it! Quit foolin with us...its in the bag for ya buddy! you gots till 10:00 your time
  13. SO as of now we gots Keewee Lewisclan77 Mamoreb ..... shoot...as of now, next to post gets the 4 O'clock hour! sure wish I could stay and play, but I gotta run yet AGAIN! I may not be back till later but for all you fools out there, dont be afraid of a lil April Fools fun n games! TELL ME A JOKE OR SOMETHIN MAN!!!! Please PM me your addys to my forum inbox, it'll keep things clean on my end and ill have your coins off to all the winners on Monday! Thanks for playin and for all you out there in Geocoin Forumland.........Happy April Fools Good luck... i think!
  14. and I forgot also to mention NO MOBILE posts!!! geeze girl... ya cant be cruisin down the freeway playin geocointests MAN! yeah... you may wanna do the same and drop me an addy in my inbox too. and from now on... I guess ill accept a mobile phone entry.~ specially cuz THATS ALL I GOTS TO WORK WITH RIGHT NOW!!! I tethered my phone to my laptop and went I went to start the cointest, I had no 3G...so here I am my freakin phone hangin out the window just waitin for the 3G to pop up and BAM "enter" LOL seriously!... thats why it started late and the 3rd wheel ordeal was all throw to the birds and ACTUALLY keewee gets his pick of the 3rd wheel or #001 CONGRATS...I think! (eagerly awaiting a 3G signal to hit "enter" and...........
  15. Sorry man... I forgot to add that any members with 77 in their name are excluded from the cointest ... oops, I mean BUT, by the way the wind blows on this day...you aughta prolly throw your addy in my inbox LOL
  16. Yeah... April fools Facebook marriage! LOL was this day last year when I went through every possible relationship change possible on Facebook, BUT...I couldnt be MARRIED untill I had a faithful bride. Karma actually stood me up at the alter as we had planned it, and all I had was my phone, so she had to send it to me. "SHE DIDNT KNOW HOW" SO...I asked everyone on Facebook to be my bride for a day and who comes through for me than my sweet lil wifey I now have She accepted my marriage proposal, but it didnt end there OH NO... we started hangin out more, became roomates, started dating, got our own pad and BAM baby on the way! So I hold it all to you April Fools day... Jokes on me and we have a new cacher on the way! No kidding! SO...GIVE IT UP TO APRIL FOOLS!!! now im off like a prom dress and will check back in here in a few.... maybe the mint has some mint errors layin around for a foolish fool, cuz this fool knows you tried...NOW SET YOUR ALARM!!!
  17. CATS OUTA THE BAG!...and its that time of year again!!! No jokes, no foolin around it’s a nose to the grindstone April Fools COINTEST!!! This year I made drastic improvements on the design over years past that incorporate a 1/4” recess die rather than the 1/8” and YUP…ITS TRACKABLE!!! Fresh off the mint and this babys HOT! The mint got ahead of the game this year and the 2011 April fools coins are ready for winning and now up for grabs!!! Last years coins came in rock solid a year later…but not this one! (the mint had die issues and quite a hard time locating a good washer stock after the popularity of this here coin. All center-pieces will be of recycled shell casings of the battlefields and battleships of WWII from 1944-1946, the years succeeding the infamous 1943 steel penny after the copper shortage during the war efforts, so not only will you get a pretty penny, a sig item AND a geocoin…YOU GET A PIECE OF HISTORY! ~only the Fools of Fools may participate… and if you won last year, ya gotta wait till next!~ Gonna be the same as last… first post to this here thread ON THE HOUR every hour from 1:00pm (which is the upcoming hour) till 7:00 pm Pacific time gets a coin. You must be the first post ON THE HOUR. Lets start if off early with the very next post as the winner of the “XLE 3rd Wheel edition” and it all starts NOW! Happy April Fools everyone, good luck to all who actually give a hoot and CONGRATS to last years winners…I think Im pretty slammed today, so I dont think ill have much time to play, but ill try to drop in to check on things throughout...
  18. I GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!! yes oh yes... it took a frightful trip to the boneyard but upon my visit I found lurking deep in the night, none other than the BELL WITCH chasing me down! I didnt put up a fight, just let her have her way with me and just look what i got outa the whole fiasco!! ...OUCH OK I did have to put up a fight... I STILL WON!!! thanks Bell Witch!!! WE LOVE OUR NEW COIN! Next time I may not be so lucky
  19. VERY NICE Lori! Congrats indeed! This is one coin I have wanted since I saw it awhile ago...and guess what???...............
  20. I like the sound of that! This thread just will not die, will it! Anyway, how are you my friend, and how is the family? i cant talk till tomorrow!!! GEEZE MAN! all is well and we have adopted MY MOM now! OH...and yet another new cacher on the way come August!!!
  21. I too am having mamma problems... except I had to go to KC and grab her up take her back to Cali and MOVE HER IN WITH ME!!! email sent...rounding up my sweet sweetlife coin for you now [] I hope for the best with your mom. ya know... I have fondled your coin many times and thought to myself "I like this coin" [] (can you tell im used to using smilies in my cache logs, LOL)
  22. HI BERNICE!!! guess what I have for you!!! hit me up to meet the man that met his fate...you know where to find me
  23. 007BigD


    So sorry to hear of Mikes passing...while I never had a chance to meet him personally, what I gather from his great friends here, he was a great man and he touched many. I recently had a family member pass on from what took mike aswell, I can only hope that his family heals from his passing... Thanks Mike
  24. I think about this coin bout everyday... kinda funny really, cuz i cant help it. been so for months now really...well, ever since I saw it first here. ~ Ill try to round up a pic for ya soon as to why ~ Congrats to all who has already undergone a NWO
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