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  1. Im sure many who have upgraded to a 62st from a 60csx has feelings about it and far as I can tell, outside of the wear on the buttons, it seems to be a significant upgrade. I love the simplicity and useability of my 60csx vs the Oregon and Colorado's and it recently dissapeared from my truck in my cache bag, so im lookin to replace it.


    Seems as tho the 62st is based on the 60's simplicity, but has more advanced features, better receiver abilities even and after researching here the abilities to store descriptions and hints, which is nice.


    Everyone happy with the overall use and function of their 62's? Is it the same user friendly rock solid unit as the I know the 60csx as? Would you reccomend a 62 upgrade vs the 60csx to a die hard 60csx user?


    Thanks for the help ...I think its the right choice, but tryin to justify the price difference vs a product I know I can use well and works well.

  2. is there any way to get one of the 007 coins.....

    If ya really want one, I have just a few left. I spare them from common trades, but if you have a soft spot in your heart for one of my coins, ill pry open the vault. ;)

    I actually set a few aside in 08 just for 2010 and still have a couple of those left, even bought 2 on ebay, lol :)

  3. I sent both a forum PM and an email. hopefully at least one gets through.

    Thanks in advance

    It got through :) ... we'll get your coin off soon and thanks again for accommodating one of my coins as a resident. :D


    Ill post a list and links of all the coins here soon.

    As soon as I get to an actual computer for a moment, ill get the list posted...and I gotta figure the linky thing all over again these days, lol ;)

  4. Hi folks,


    I'm currently looking for

    • "PAWS"itraction
    • 007BigD
    • 10 Commandments of Geocaching
    • 12 Provincien GeoCoin Race (2007)
    • 12 Provincien GeoCoin Race (2008)
    • 1markymark1
    • 2~Sherlocks Green Bay Packers
    • 2bugs
    • 2bugs Doubloon
    • 2golfers
    • 2LuknF8
    • 2nd Annual Hurricane Katrina Event
    • 2YS4U
    • 3 Doxies
    • 3 Geeks
    • 3 Sparks
    • 3 Wise Monkeys
    • 3Sparks Morpho Butterfly


    Trade offers welcome via my profile.


    I can help with 1 of these, LOL ... Just got one back in the mail and think it would fit well in the hands of a reviewer ;) Not many of em left, but I saved a few for special occasions! :anibad: Thanks for all the reviews. Email sent! :anitongue:


    BTW- are you collecting certain coins that start with numbers??? lol looks like the old front page of geocoincollection.com :blink: Like your tryin to get em all and starting from the beginning. :lol:

  5. So, I have heard from my wife that your coin has arrived but as I am out of the country till the end of next week I will not get to open it yet :( Anyway I will post again once I have :) Thanks again for this idea and will make sure it is safe.

    Thanks, glad it got to ya...I was worried, cuz the post lady didnt even have me fill out a customs form and you been havin issues with mail I noticed. LOL


    After a 2 hour hike in the snow I managed to get the coin to the cache this afternoon :D

    Will upload some photos to the coins page in a bit.

    I saw that! What a great place for it to stay! Like what you did with the info sheet to, didnt think of so many languages needed to keep a coin on track ;) Thanks for the pics too, I really appreciate takin my coin to your cache :)


    Dropped off "Cubby" to have him discovered as we were driving off!

    That didnt take long! Thanks for the drop and permenent housing, may they be discovered by many! :D

  6. My new cache has been placed. It is a HUGE ammo can in the Crystal Basin near Loon Lake. Check out the pics of the view.


    Resident Housing


    Thanks to OO7BigD for the chance to take part in this.

    and a most excellent home for the resident indeed...Thanks so much!


    Set up our newest cache on Monday 10/3 and the coin already has two discoveries. The local reviewer wrote good luck with keeping the coin in the cache - unfortunately too many go missing.


    Link to cache - http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?guid=acb38f05-5f79-4995-b85e-0acd833d2fd5




    I hope it lasts a looong time... sounds tricky to find, thanks so much for placing a cache not only for my coin, but to promote proper geocoin edicate aswell. Thank you :)


    Will be placing our resident coin this weekend.

    Thanks again 007Bigd for the opportunity to share this coin in our cache.

    I think this is a great idea and the next cache I hide (I am working out the details to a puzzle cache now) will have a resident coin.

    Very Nice and its my pleasure. I dont think that as of now I have lost a resident coin yet. Most of my caches are off the beaten path a bit, so they stay in place a lil better and are visited a lil less frequently. thanks again!!! :) ...


    8 coins have been grabbed and 3 coins already dropped in caches :yikes: thats pretty cool! B) Everyone can go ahead and grab the coins when you get them, if you cant get em dropped right away, thats ok... whenever you can make it in your time budget is great :D

  7. Thanks, my coins (one not trackable)arrived this week.

    Mine came with a little note from the Post Office that I owe 43 cents.

    Will not be able to get up to the cache for a couple of weeks but will drop them off as soon as I can.

    You had one of the special bundles... with a tricked out coin flip ;) lol. The non track was the only boyscout related coin I had, so it goes with the resident. :)

    If ya just can't seem to muster up .43 in the couch, let me know. Lol ... funny cuz the post lady weighed and charged accordingly to the packages, so dunno whats up with that. :lol:

  8. The geocoin coming to me got here today! I am really exited. Hope to get it out to the cache in the upcoming couple weeks. Cool sig item also. Was that supposed to go into the cache also, or was that for us? Anyway, neat coin. Good job choosing!


    Glad you like it :) i figured you would. And as far as my sig, Everyone was supposed to get one for the cache and one for their collection. BUT when came time for shipping, I only had one baggy of sigs (when I had 2) so I just sent 1 each, some 2. The penny you should have is the 1944-46 wheatback which succeeded the 1943 steel penny and was made from recycled shell casings picked up from the battlefields and battleships of WWII after the copper shortage.

    The 2nd bag I had were not of that era, so you can toss that one in the cache and ill make sure to send you and your dad one for your collection.


    If anyone else who Participated would like one for their collection or the cache, hit me up and ill make sure to get ya one. :D



    "Snappy" arrived in Oslo today - that was a long drive! :)


    So, is it time for me to grab the coin and drop it into the cache? I'll drop it off tomorrow or Friday.


    Yup... grab that mutha! ;) isn't that a cool coin? Hope u like it!


    Everyone can grab their coins and place them whenever they have a chance... thanks again to all who accepted my request. Ill post a list and links of all the coins here soon.

  9. Only problem I've had was to Germany and the 7 coins I sent never made it. I ended up splitting the difference and sent out 4 more.


    I did have an empty mailer show up and in that case id say it was the packaging at fault.


    Hope your coins arrive in due time. :-)

  10. Cool, cant wait :)

    Heres a question, apart from being in the cache for people to discover do you want me to take it to events with me to be discovered too or just in the cache?

    You can do all that you wish with it... if you wanna swoop it up for an event, by all means! :)

    I mainly just like my coins out in the wild, and so many have dissapeared, id say about 80% that I have sent traveling are idle in someones inventory, marked missing or logged in a cache they haven't been in for a long time.


    So you can do anything you want with it really... I figured outside of the new caches, the criteria I mentioned would hopefully constitute safe and more stable locations for a coin, so they'd be even less likely to go missing... Just safe as possible, while having others enjoy em, is all I could hope for. and IF something happens to them, oh well, we tried! ;)


    BTW, I changed your coin last minute before I sent them off. I like it better now. ;-) you were tough to choose for, the coin you ALMOST got was a copper Geotoids. :D

  11. A special bundle with a tricked out flip? ROCKIN'


    Yup...3 of em got the LE tricked out coin flip bundle! But yours is my favorite ;)


    Top right with a frog leg or bottom center?

    I think its actually the green and yellow lewisclan picked. No frog in this mailer, but it is quite fitting I must say...least the last time I checked ;)

  12. Hey again, sorry for the delay and thank you for your patience... took a little longer than expected but I am happy to say that I got all of the residents off to their new homes today :) well with the exception of 2 that I am still waiting for an address on.

    So keep your eyes peeled to your mailbox and They should be arriving soon! 8)


    I know some of you are eager to see which coin you may have headed your way for residency. So wonder no more ...here is a picture of all them together, can you pick yours? ?? LOL



  13. UPDATE:

    Thanks for the patience and sorry for the delay, all coins have been activated and appointed their Missions! All I am waiting on now is a few extra funds to ship em all off, LOL which shouldnt take too long. Just lots goin on these days and really took a few sessions of finding free time to get em all wrapped up.


    Went from haulin around a 40 lb box of coins in the trunk, to hauling around a 2 lb box of coins, digging through another 40 lbs of coins,then a sheet of paper with all yer names and tracking numbers for activation to finalize a bag of 21 geocoins that will be sent out to new homes. :yikes:


    Even ran into one that was already activated and owned all to find out that 2 identical tracking numbers were issued on the same coin! :huh: Hows that!


    I think ill wait to post a list till they get sent off, id like it to be a nice surprize. So thanks again everyone and ill let you all know when they ship! :anicute:

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