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  1. Neat lil coin and I really like the production numbers... thats keepin it real!
  2. Wow, these turned out nice! I like em! I like the 2 tone and solid metal colors best I think... but they all turned out very nice! This is the first I have been able to pop in and take a look! Ill bet yer proud of these lil beauts! 8)
  3. I told ya the breathing part worked! Melllllllllllow......Melllllllllllow Alllllll betta now......Everythings fine......Everything is fine[/size=1] Ahhhhhhhh...... KAY, back to the real world! If there is one thing that could shut down the world, its a Tsun coin sale! I hear the lights were flickering in London and internet across the world was on hold briefly! DANG SISTA!
  4. SWEET!!!! CONGRATS MINZ! Been lookin for this topic...its hard to find! Just checkin in on all the Slashin Cachin Mayhem!!! Nice to see the Reaper is still reaping what he sows, I guess slashin is hard work but he gets the jobdone!!!~ Who knows...maybe its even a lady slasher!!!!! One cool coin!!!~ I still really like that brushed finish SLASH HARD and SLASH ON!!! Or as they say in the underworld... Keep on Slashin!
  5. Actually, I havent been diving in over a year! I couldnt find my good mask and snorkle (cuz its been so long) but I snagged my hood and a cheap mask as I was headin out! If you look close, you can even see where I photoshoped my Red Shirt out where the hood didnt quite cover! look...you can even tell my mask wasnt tucked into my hood! I had to be quick..."what the hecks a guy doin standin out on this beach with a hood, mask and snorkle in his Carhartts takin pictures of himself!!!" That particular beach is Glass Beach and was an old dump back in the 40's and 50's... YES...ITS ALL GLASS! Good thing they were not very Earth Friendly back then, cuz we gots an AWESOME beach now!
  6. Well, OK...If it'll help MY chances to get a coin for myself, then I wish you the very best of luck, cuz God The devil only knows you deserve on! There... You think that will help my chance by acting like I really care about others, when in all actuality its just ME ME ME!!! Sweet!!! Congrats!!!! Thats a cool coin ya got there at the door!.... THERE!!!! I congradulated somebody too! SEE Im sincere!!! Really! I meant it too!!! NOW do you think that will help my odds???? I mean Geeze, 2 posts in 2 days from me here!!! Im tellin ya...Dont make me auction off my GCF donations to buy me some new boots!!! Just kick down the devil...Right here!!! ME ME ME!!!
  7. SWEET!~ The Devil made me pop in here and spout off a bit for no other reason than it may by chance increase my chances of obtaining one of these beauts, by showing a little interest in whats going on. When the fact of the matter is, that I would just like to have a Devil made me do it coin and really only breifly scanned the topic again for new posts, so I could ensure that I wont make an arse of myself for congratulating some who got a coin 6 months ago. Really I think its cool that others get one, but am really after after a coin for nobody but myself by posting anything. I mean, id like you all to think I really care about what you got, but really...its all about me!
  8. These turned out really nice! I need me another V1 for my collection now, and then on eof these for a cache and my collection! Dagummit...why'd ya have to go and make another version!!!! Glad ya did! Nice coins!...Makes me want next year already!
  9. I never got back in here to drop some tunes .... CRAP! Day late and a dollar short Dave here! I always do that! Thats all good, Id like to hear the set when its all said and done...very cool project and the art is pretty cool too!
  10. Ive been meaning to get this one up! It was such a sweet gift from Geo-Error for my birthday and a total surprize!!! Check it! YEEEEOW! - That was cool! ~ Emerald Loves it! Dude...check out all the Dutch Treats!!!!!....LOVED IT! I ate the chocolate with Nuts! And the little Dutch Shoes! ...How cool is that??? Thanks Corina...Emerald loves her lil chipmunk pillow!~ She really does
  11. Just Looky here what Popped up at the beach this past weekend!!! ~ YEAH BABY!!! Just figured id take a dip to see if MickeyDiver was out and about...SURE ENOUGH! Swooped him up just after a DNF on Glass Beach~ Nice Catch-eh? Lookin out to sea....Sorry buddy, You got a new home! Check the beach!... This is a Secret Cove ...Not many come here, they all go devastate the common beach! So its a cool spot to sneak over too Mickey Loved it here! Thanks Mickey Diver.....That was cool! Congrats to all, cuz this is one sweet little coin! Nice pics from The Amigos too ....You had a clutch on that Mickey!!!
  12. OH MY.... Check the remix! Cherry Chocolate Rain!
  13. WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!!! OH...You dont collect coins-eh? Well theres gotta be SOMETHIN that can lay special in your lil humble collection that I KNOW you have! To answer your question..YES, people do trade for Mystery coins. I was middleman i a special edition Mystery coin for some friends. I have also traded for the AE Geocoin Fairy and had a V1 Secret Agent that I opted Not to trade, but rather sent it out for its main purpose....To make the guy happy! Really havent seen the guy since and he never claimed that he got it I still have yet 2 Mystery coins to "claim" so I cant complain too much. So Yeah...People do trade for mystery coins, Just would have to be a 2nd mystery coin I happen to stumble upon in order for me to do so. SO.... What can I do you for??? SLASH HARD and SLASH ON!
  14. DANG IT.... I scanned through and MrBrian got it! Check it out....Stupidly funny!!!! This guy was on all kinds of night shows for ths stupid song!
  15. WOW...we need the Wizard to visit a few of our local caches! You just tell me if you need a list POOF...all gone!~Now thats a happy thought! Wish it was that easy sometimes Cool Coin... I wonder who may be the Wizard!!!!!!! Ill be keepin my eye out for this one!
  16. My whole thing is... Make em good!!! I have yet to actually grab a quality proxy, but I know they are out there. Best I have actually grabbed was a coin case with a peice of paper copy of the coin, which hardley resembles a coin. I also think if a coin is in your collection, then leave it there. Its not lost or stolen...just made a crappy replica of a coin you didnt wanna release! If it was lost or stolen, I think THEN its a little better to persue a method to keep it traveling, but to just release a proxy so you can keep yours safe is cheesy. Thats just MY opinion and we all have our own way to play. There is so much you can do with a tracking number to make it more interesting than just a laminated peice of paper. Attach somethin to it, make it "Coin-like"...SOMETHIN! For anyone who really doesnt like em...well dont grab em. Maybe post a note to include the word Proxy or somethin in the name so the next will have a clue that in fact...There is no coin in here, just a proxy. I dunno, but its nothin to get worked up about, its just somebody else playin the game how they wanna and there aint nothin wrong with that except your personal opinion...and they're all different too. Somebody will enjoy movin it, just hope its not somebodys First geocoin to enjoy it!
  17. Yeah...and I believe they ONLY sell their coins on ebay. They dont trade or offer they're coin elsewhere which as a result I have NOT ONE of their coins in my collection!...and will continue to not add their coins to my collection. Cool coins though...there were a few I really liked, but my morals opted me outa collecting any of them. Just think its a crappy tactic to ONLY make coins avail on ebay. I remember when every on of their todem pole coins brought in 70.00 and 2 years later STILL bringin in a decent price. Sure its legitamate, but I never thought it was right! Glad you got one that was "cleansed" by someone worthy Enjoy
  18. ....IM ON IT!!! OK maybe not as I am 7 days late, BUT Im on it now! and just for future reference... anybody wants to trade off one of my personals, PLEASE coinsider me first Thanks Email sent!...or sending
  19. Havent seen one. But sounds like the ball is rollin Gotta give ya a thumbs up ... Shasta has worked with the mentally disabled in the past and they were so much fun. Ive always thought that people with mental handicaps are the happiest people alive! They're always HAPPY! any idea's as to how it would be designed? I am sure it will be a coin that is special to many.
  20. DUDE... GREAT IDEA!!! How cool is that??? Makin a mix-set just FOR US!!! Im gonna think it through for the day and see what I may be able to come up with. To Cool! Thinkin I may be a little reserved on my song choice and story! But we'll see what I can come up with... This is gonna be fun! Thanks so much for your dedicated work, where do you list your sets now that MusicV2 is dead??? (That was a major bummer)
  21. Have been thinkin on a way to make a proxy suitable for people who actually like to move "coins" I know some folks absolutley HATE proxys! I have seen a simple copy cut out and placed in a plastic coin case to travel, that seemed the best so far. I got little metal tags I can stamp numbers into, but the coin part I have not come up with a good enough idea to release my MIA coins back into circulation. I havethought about a TB and coin ressurection graveyard, where I may be able to create Tombstone coins, possibly with pics or somethin, but a laminated peice of paper just doesnt do it for me. Thinkin washers, wood or some other medium where the proxy can be most coin-like or at least substantial enough to represent a coin or at least appeal to whomever grabs it. A rule for this would include the word "Resurected" in the coin name So far its just been an idea, but the more I think bout it, the more I think it'll be a good thing. Just gotta come up with a happy medium for replacement. I was also happy to grab Cruiserdudes Land Cruiser which only had a metal tag attached to the Land Cruiser. I was happy that it was at least related and reminded me of moving a Jeep TB, so that worked well to keep me happy moving a proxy
  22. Couldnt help myself, tis the season ya know Oh and they're unique alright and yes I know this As far as them being a REAL geocoin, you could call em that, its all in the eye of the beholder They will all share a common tracking number this time around owned by me Who knows what next year will bring Till Next Time~ CACHE HARD and CACHE ON!
  23. Yep, I feel for ya! Im out on the majority ofthe missions for one because I cant seem to make em happen in a timely mannor without turnin out a crappy mission. (At least it feels that way) and for 2, because I just havent got my end in the past on multiple occasions. Only had a couple good trades gone bad, so Im still in on the trades...You just gotta regulate and not be afraid to renegotiate a trade if it starts gettin hairball on ya. Dont think I have had anyone propose a guarantee with their trade, but I know I have ensured a "You'll love it or your coinage back" policy on a few trades I felt where I was gettin the better end. Funny because they thought the same thing Hang in there... You do what makes YOU happy! If its making others happy, so be it. I could easily see how a few bad trades and presales could change your tune real quick and Im sorry for that. We gots quite a few awesome folks here and I really enjoy relating with em through trades and common BS. I still have a good feeling bout coins and the people here, I hope your coining slump picks up soon.
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