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  1. Well, so much for that idea. We got drenched. Let's plan another attempt with a lower tide. Who can join me 9/1 @ 0600? Also, do Vintage: Coastal Hike while we are in the area.
  2. Doug from dougandsuzy and I are planning to hit Indiana Jones: The Lost City of Atlantis in La Jolla Sat. Morning early. Anyone want to join us, you are welcome.
  3. Congrats to Don Coyote on his 400th find today! He found it at my cache Great Minds Think Alike !
  4. The main page is showing status updates. The new software is up and running... Cache pages now display a count of Finds, DNFs, Notes and so on. Pictures uploaded by the cache owner are displayed above the logs (Not sure I like this feature...It kind of gets in the way if there are very many pictures and it's going to be a drag looking at cache pages on the browser of my mobile...) Thumbnails of pictures are displayed with the associated log on the cache page Any events that you posted a "Will Attend" log are noted on your "My Account" page (very useful for people like me who tend to forget about things like this... And there is something called "My Friends" Very cool! I like what I see so far.
  5. Congrats to dougandsuzy for the big 5 0 0 !!! See their log at Miracle cache. Good job!
  6. Yep - I guess I have some work to do. Just send me a .gpx file of all your hides and I will work on them next! (Of course, I would like all the puzzle shortcuts as well!) . I the meantime, nobody has found all of my 58 caches either. Happy caching!
  7. You only scratched the surface...you left out some of north county's worst!... My opinion is: I don't like them...and I think the ones that do not state, in the description, that it is there house or that they have permission, should be archived. I loved the one that is 40' down a driveway (big red ammo can visible from the street) and the listing says you don't need to enter the driveway. Another good one is the one next to some one else's driveway (they don't know about it I guess) because they followed us for half of a mile and wrote down duncan's! license plate number when we stopped. Which ones do you know Dave? Also thanks Dave for letting me know about those three! I added them to my ignore list. I did the 3 that I listed no problem. Actually, Dizzy's was cool because I met the owner. Thanks for letting me know of the others. Maybe that would be an interesting bookmark list!
  8. There is a little controversy brewing in North County about suburban caches. No, not the Chevrolet kind, but the kind that are in peoples' front yards. Here are a few examples: Dizzy's Playground Gir-Cache san marcos Whats your opinion?
  9. I guess it is time to solve some more puzzle caches ... or follow you around on the SDCET trips!
  10. Way to go Dave!! Thanks, and thanks to everyone that has ever placed a cache! I have found: 35 by kwver 54 by SKILLET 5 by TrailGators 10 by jahoadi and john 27 by GRNZOOM
  11. Found this Blue Belly sunning along the "Way Up" trail near the Harmony Grove Overlook spot at the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve. This is a great path with a wonderful view payoff at the top of the 1.5 mile trail. I was on my way back from Indecent Proposal cache GCZJE1. Sure, it is not a Bighorn, but I had fun taking pictures of it and trying to get an angle with the blue belly.
  12. That being the case, I was wondering if you could avoid needing to use any PQs tomorrow evening? (For what it's worth, I just ran a PQ. It took several minutes before it ran even though it was one that had not run in almost a year, but when it did run, the e-mail was almost instantaneous. As always, your mileage may vary...) Thanks James ~ I'll try again and see what happens, but neither one of them showed up in my e-mail yet and I know they ran because I checked them out. Splashette The trick that worked for me is to copy the PQ you want and run the new copy. Seems a new PQ has a higher priority that established ones?
  13. I would'nt dare post any photos here! Thanks for all the well wishes. It was a freaky accident.
  14. I disabled my San Luis Rey Trail until the arson investigation is over. The place has been crawling with police for the past few weeks. I would hate to have a fellow geocacher be questioned / suspected of arson! There are a few other caches in the area of the fires and they would be even worse to visit right now! FYI / CYA.
  15. Bummer. This is the last thing I wanted to do, believe me. Last night, (4 AM with no light) I had a bit of an accident and fell on my kitchen tile floor and gashed my nose and forehead. 8 stitches later, I am fine, but I don't think I should be planning a bike ride / camping trip this weekend. (putting on and off the helmet would tear my sutures and/or stretch my wound) Sorry about this. It could have been worse, but I am thinking it could have not happened! After inviting everyone, now I am canceling everyone. We will reschedule for the 3/31 weekend.
  16. maybe if you responded to your email. My wheels are already in motion. The idea, the spousal approval. Anyone else still up for it?
  17. Maybe - Whats your starting point and time?
  18. Next weekend, the 16th to the 18th, we will be camping at the Superstition Mtns. (32 56.014 115 48.120). We will be riding our dual-sport bikes around and some short hikes on the nearby mtn. We have a trailer and another in our group has a trailer also. You are welcome to camp in our "circle" if you wish. There are a bunch of caches out there and it would be great to see you. Let us know if you can make it. Bring green food coloring for the beer! -- Regards, Dave "kawikaturn"
  19. Yep, it made it to the front page. COOL! But wait... it gets even better, is that a Gecko on Rabbit Peak in the big banner? Woohoo San Diego Geocachers! SWEET! Congrats all! Awesome! Thanks to the higher powers whoever you are! I thought that was a pretty lofty goal, but maybe I should set my goals higher.... like a 4 week geocaching trip in Hawaii! I would like to clear all the caches in that state! .... a lofty goal for sure.
  20. We had some fun today - My nomination for a home page photo if anybody has some connections! Taken at Where's the Coyote Cafe?? cache.
  21. If anyone is looking for a challenging Thanksgiving cache, I recommend Keeping it real . It is a good multi-cammo cache. Reminds me of a special Dan-oh cache from a couple years ago! I made a new bookmark list of cammo caches because of this cache! Good luck completing it in one visit. Anxious to read your found logs soon.
  22. Congrats to habu! for finding Patriotic Rock !! If you ever pass thru Iowa, this is a must do cache!
  23. Looks like it is still available: A piece of history for $4500! I guess you don't need a Jeep if you can walk across America.
  24. Congrats again to Thunder-4 for the big 1000. Also double congrats to all the other 00's out there!
  25. Congrats to Tinfoil-Hat Head & Wall-Eyed Nutbag for joining the top 100 cachers in CA! 2104 finds. AWESOME!
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