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  1. A link to the video : http://svt.se/svt/play/video.jsp?a=914349
  2. Pikku jutta Vasabladetissa: http://www.vasabladet.fi/story.aspx?storyID=10518 Lehdessä oli pitempi juttu.
  3. McBack

    Who's watching?

    Oops, sorry. Tried to search in on the "normal" pages.
  4. McBack

    Who's watching?

    Can I check who's watching my cache? Only curious
  5. Nice, now it working. Thank you!
  6. May be stupid question, but... I think many of the TB:s are nice to see, and want to log them on my account. If I've been to cache, and later there is a TB in it that I like to check. Is it okey to go and discover it, at a known cache, and can I remove it to transfer it to another cache? What if the cache is my own, is it then a proper thing to discover it? I think that in one way, it's ok to discover it, but I don't think it's good to move it. But the id the cache is somewhere where not so many people go. Then it could be good to go after it and move it even if the cache is owned by me. What's your thoughts?
  7. Hi Don't know if it's discussed before but, if I create a Pocket Query for caches around my home coordinates, then I get none in the list. But if I put my coordinates in the coordinates boxes, then it works? The distance in the "Normal" lists seems to be okey, so my coordinates in my profile are ok.
  8. Sama juttu, laita ainakin pieni [ENG] selitys siihen. Kokeilin nopeasti etsiä semmosia, mutta en löytänyt, eikö niille voi laittaa viesti ja kysyä kiltisti jos ne voi kirjoittaa sitä englanniksi?
  9. Muistakaa myös niitä [ENG] [FIN] tagit. Pieni vaiva, mutta auttaa paljon jos joku yrittää lukea sitä muilla kielellä.
  10. Tuli mieleen, eikö olis hyvä jos kätkäselityksissä olis ainkakin pieni selitys englanniksi, jos halutaan että ulkomaalaisetkin löytävät meidän kätköjä?
  11. What if there is a different Stat Bar for TB:s? Or maybe three options, only caches, only TB:S or both.
  12. Don't know if it's been discussed earlier, but I tried the "View My Friends" function today. A friend has 1 hidden cache, but it says 0 in the Friends list windows. Tried to put myself as a friend. Same thing, I have (only) 5 hidden caches, but in the friends window it says 0?!?! Bug?
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