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  1. You can click on the "Geocaching.com Google Map" under "For online maps..." instead. I think it was better with the link on the map, but ...
  2. McBack

    Bub in TB email

    Got a mail that I'm watching was taken from a cache, the mail Noticed that the log link is OK, also the profile link, but the link to the GC goes to acache that has noting to do with the GC.
  3. Yes. You can put the gps in a gps (depending om type modell), or in a computer software like gsak, a free trial is found that works for some time, but doesn't cost mush. Then there are many softwares for other hardware like phones, ipods, and so on.
  4. Or do you mean: If you have the code for a coin, or search it by the TBxxx code. Go to the coin page from the http://www.geocaching.com/track/ page. I checked TBT62Y as an example. Then I come to the page for "Nevada Geocoin RF#2". If I check the title on the webpage, In Firefox the row above the "File" "Edit" ... menu. There it says "(TBT62Y) Nevada Geocoin - Nevada Geocoin RF#2 There you have the TB:s code, Coin type and the coins name. everything on one place.
  5. I don't remember if you can get the My Finds Query without a Premium account, but if that works you could also try http://www.itsnotaboutthenumbers.com/
  6. I dont know how DeLorme works, but when I create (and get) the Pocket Query, I unzip the file to the gps folder in my Garmin. That is the easiest way to do it.
  7. Strange with the binary text "please stop abusing the features of this site". What's the purpose of it, if there is something automatic disturbing the page, is it easier to get the software/script, whatever, to stop doing it if the text is coded? Stange. ???
  8. When downloading with Firefox, it automatically splits the file into two parts. One has the file name GCXXXXX.GPX the other GCXXXXX.GPX.part. When the download is complete Firefox addes them together and removes the .part file. Does so with all downloads, not only from gc.com. Maybe the settings could be changed, but this is only there to make the downloads go quicker.
  9. Why don't you want the coordinates in the GPS, you could go and find them at the same time. =) If you want a software to check distances, use FizzyCalc, a free, no install needed software. There are many tools in it but of if them shows you the distance between two given coordinates.
  10. Then I don't really understand you. If you have the coins in a place that the whole family can access. At an event anyone can log it with a discover anyway, and all in the family can access the coins and their codes. A have many coins in my "HomeVault" and if I have the coins with me anyone can log them as seen. There is always only one owner of a cache, but why should that be a problem. If four family members owns it, then all four gets the log when someone discovers it!?
  11. The second one is easy. Just make a cache but don't publish it. Keep it in "editing mode". I have one made like that where I store my GCs and TBs that I wan't to keep.
  12. Checked the wap page again. The coordinates is still visoble without loggin in. Not a big deal, but maybe a muggler risk?
  13. I don't think the checker is going through due to the "cheating" risk mentioned. I know cachew that is supposed to be done the right way, and there is always the risk that someone does it the wrong way. And the second part. In Finland someone made a "sofa mystery" bookmark list. All those mysterys can be solved while sitting at home having nothing else to do. =) I haven't checked, but I think there is a "night mystery" bookmark list also. That could be one way to do it until the type as changed. And isn't here any caches that has somekind on information at the first point that has to be calculated or something. What about those caches?
  14. Or maybe the html code for paragraph could help. <p>Paragraph text</p> <p>Next text</p> But I haven't tried if it's allowed on the geocaching site. But I usually use <br /> myself. =)
  15. BTW you can hide the right column by clicking on the grey arrow between the map and the cachelist. And I have a laptop with the resolution 1900x1200 on a 15+ in screen and I think it's enough. But that's only me. =)
  16. Does it help? With a bigger resolution you get the 500 caches limit quicker, and then you have a small part of the country in a big screen. I understand it helps in cities with many caches in a small area but wondering anyway.
  17. McBack


    About the question about Garmin Colorado. Actually not the same this as this one, but. Put all .gpx files in the /garmin/gpx folder in the Garmin device. I put all three unzipped PQs in there and then I have all caches available. The next time they come, I overwrite the old ones.
  18. Noticed a moment ago that the link to the finnish karttapaikka isn't working. Checked the link and it looks like this: http://kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi/kartanh...e=LATLON%3Aetrs but the end should be EPSG%3A4258 like: http://kansalaisen.karttapaikka.fi/kartanh...ame=EPSG%3A4258 The change was made 9:th of februari due to an other site. Keep up the good work. =)
  19. Working. Usually when something isn't working on the net, it's only temporarily.
  20. Easiest way is to get a notification mail when new caches are published, but it requires Premium Membership.
  21. Works for me. I live in Finland so I tried From: Vaasa, finland To: Helsinki,finland and click "Search" Then I get the route in the map. Then if I want I put the "hand" on the oute and pulls it to another place if I want to drive via that place. No problem for me.
  22. Have you checked your home coordinates in the "My Location" part of your profile page?
  23. I don't have that section under my Firefox (ver. 3.5.5)?
  24. Put the page on the browsers bookmarks?
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