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  1. I'm working on it. I'll post anything I come up with. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  2. things to include in a logo, suggestions?
  3. I blame Microsoft. Of course... I always blame Microsoft. Last night it was their fault when I bent a window screen I was trying to replace in the bedroom. I like to pick a scapegoat and then stick with them. It makes life so much easier.
  4. Some of our Pittsburgh vets are famous now. Click for the article ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  5. What the heck is going on here? ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  6. I also sent my eTrex back after I had dropped it and cracked the display. I got it back yesterday (8/15/03) and I had sent it to them last wednesday (8/6/03). They gave me a new unit and transferred all my data. I was very impressed with the service I received. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  7. I've got a PalmConnect USB Kit (Serial to USB adapter), an eTrex Summit, the Garmin data cable, and a g4 Titanium Powerbook. I'm attempting to connect using the new GPSConnect 0.2 from Chimoosoft. Has anyone been able to figure this out? I realize this is pretty niche, but it's worth asking... ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  8. For the hell of it, off the top of my head: SAGA :: Southern Allegheny Geocaching Association ACES :: Allegheny Caching & Expeditionary Society quote:here is a news flash, with 70 caches found and 8 hidden, you aren't newbies anymore 72. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  9. Well, as for a formal SWPA group, I can see the benefits and disadvantages... The major disadvantage is that you get people that are really excited and offer to do a bunch of things... then they are never heard from again. The major advantage is being able to track the people that are in our region. If we did something as little as setup a mailing list so we could tell people of impromptu caching events that would be a start. Setting up a ewbsite dedicated to SWPA would certainly be an option. We could isolate our discussions for SWPA specific things there. However, this seems to be a duplication of effort since these functions are already here for us on GC.com. If anything comes of this I'd be more than glad to help out as I'm a web & graphic designer by day. I've got an in with a hosting company as well if we need webhosting space. The veterans of our area should be the ones making these decisions however... ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  10. We've run into deer and bunnies alot. One of the animals we actually caught and keep as a pet! ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  11. *shrug* Alot of people just love the numbers. Personally, I just like getting to a cache that has been hidden well or requires some sort of extraordinary adventure to get to it. Now I *do* mark in my logs if it's a FTF so that if another person finds it that day, but logs on the site before me, the cache owner can keep it all straight. When I retrieve my cache logs ans try to authenticate finds it makes it much easier when everything is in order.
  12. <soapbox> I've been a web designer since the mid 90's and I can surely tell you that Front Page is crap. All the other web development apps have progressed and stopped producing non-standard (bloated) code except for Front Page. If you only want it to work on Windows and the newest build of IE then you are fine, otherwise stick with something that employs W3C standards. If I called a web design firm and found out they used Front Page, I would laugh out loud at them. For making brochures I use: =============================== Adobe InDesign 2.0 Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Adove Illustrator X For websites: =============================== Adobe Photoshop 7.0 (ImageReady) Macromedia Dreamweaver MX Macromedia Flash MX Any old plain text editor (Notepad, vi, pico, etc) </soapbox>
  13. Any Farkers here? ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  14. Yeah, a darker color would be nice. Anything but white. 1 day of caching and it would be stained forever.
  15. Hurried this one as I was late to the game. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  16. You'll hafta excuse Jeremy, he used to work for Microsoft. But seriously, there are plenty of options out there for OS X, as for 9 and lower, I have no idea. If you can't find something, look at Versiontracker.com
  17. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  18. Last weekend I got a CD from a cache. Got home and popped it in to find 600 megs of guy on guy porn. Not my cup of tea. The cache was placed by a group of frat boys who have zero finds, and only this one hide. The posted coordinates are 100ft off. The account has never been validated. The user first visited Nov. 6 2002 and their last visit was Nov. 7 2002. Not so much the porn, but the stats on the account are troublesome to me and the lack of cache maintenance. Should a non-validated user account be allowed to post a hidden cache? ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  19. Coming Soon! ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  20. I have to say that the people who did TerraBrowser and have now done the GPSconnect software have done a great job in creating a free utility for managing waypoints. This is EXACTLY what I've been looking for. ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  21. I was out caching recently and I was sitting on a bench. My GPSr fell off of the bench (half a meter) and hit the sidewalk. I picked it up and the LCD had cracked. With a cracked crystal, when turned on, I could only see about 1/2 of the display. I was more than upset. I believe the word 'livid' best describes my mood. I called Garmin because it seems that the unit should have a much higher drop rating (at least a meter). I spoke with a fellow named Ryan and he took my name and info and told me to send it back and they would fix it at no cost to me. I am very impressed and pleased with Garmin in treating their customers in such an understanding fashion. Just some background info on the GPS: An Etrex Summit, purchased in mid April 2003. When I get the unit back I will let everyone know what they did to it (replace or repair). ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
  22. 25/m other team members... 25/f and 33/m ::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+::=::+:: Searching through the cave. Team VaxCave.
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