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  1. I've recently moved from A Garmin Legend to a Dakota 10 as I was keen to do paperless caching. In general its a great little gadget BUT I'm having difficulty navigating to Waypoints associated with a cache and can't find any relevant info on forums etc.. It goes like this: The Dak is set to Geocaching profile and has latest OS. I've navigated to the published coordinates of a puzzle cache (say GC123) which requires some questions to be decoded to give the next Waypoint. This is then entered in to the Dakota as (say)WP 001. I then use the touch screen to navigate to 001 as follows: Where to-Waypoints-001-(it then shows map with 001 pinned) but if I then press GO the map reverts to pointing at GC123 and I can't use the compass to navigate to 001. What I want is to use the compass to navigate to 001. As it is I have an idea of the distance to 001 but no indication of direction. No one else seems to have identified this as a problem so I assume its me thats dumb?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Thanks for that - easy done!
  3. I've been happily caching for a while, but have never quite worked out how some people seem to get immediate notification of new caches. (For instance a new cache has just been published near home, but it wasn't included in the last email news). I'd like to have a go at FTF's! What's the secret?
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