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  1. Well this has to be the funniest post of the day. *****
  2. quote: lowracer wrote:Moving caches are fine, all naysaying to the contrary. I agree. Moving caches are fine and add a positively to the game. They allow newcomers the advantage of being 'coached' by seasoned cachers on how to place caches, etc. They allow some fun competition amongst local cachers. They are self-policed by local cachers. If they are not working properly, then perhaps it is the fault of local cachers. They do work, and should be allowed. *****
  3. quote: Zuuky wrote:That would Eldbjorg to you. Raknes. Eldbjorg Raknes. I'll be incorporating her into my next avatar if the juggler keeps on with his act. So after we exhaust the controversies this week, what can we put some tires on for the next? Some people just aren't happy without controversy. Are you having a problem reading Zuuk? -- I wrote B... O... R... G. Borg. Like in Star Trek. You know, the collective guys? Not some Norwegian folk singer. Seems like you're right about one thing though -- some people aren't happy without controversy -- and you appear to be one of them. *****
  4. quote: Zuuk wrote:It's like a collective approach to bringing out the context... Like, uh, um... the Borg? *****
  5. Double post (again). Why are my posts being posted twice when the 'Post Now' button is only pushed once? Must be part of the conspiracy. Nice new avatar Zuuk. *****
  6. quote:The topic is (loosely) about trojan horse threads, and the general inter-relation of the controversies of late.I thought I was on topic. But apparently I'm not -- perhaps you could explain exactly what the topic is and shed some light on this trojan horse thread theory. If you're more specific, perhaps a specific reply could be presented. *****
  7. quote: It's so deep, there was an echo, a reverberation, a thunderous reply from the hollows below... Hello... hello.... hello..... hello...... I can hear the echo from here. What's that? I thought I heard something. Must be the wind. *****
  8. Wow. That's deep. I can feel the ground shaking here. Are you off your meds again Zuuk? *****
  9. Maybe you should stop worrying about pirates, giants, and fairy tales. Go find something. *****
  10. Everything is a conspiracy. It's all part of the master plan. Because you can't put your finger on it, proves that it's extremely evil. *****
  11. Thanks for everyone's patience -- I finally got a bunch of images resized and upload to the Event Cache page. I'll work on a write-up of the event over the coming weekend. Thanks again to everyone who participated -- it would have been completely different if you hadn't have shown up. *****
  12. I don't recall that anyone has specifically asked you to buy into it Zuuk. I've stayed out of the discussions about pirates over the last few days and this will be the last and final thing that I have to say about it. There are pirates out there who are plundering caches -- I say plundering in the sense that we all use the word -- to mean that the cache has been stolen or gone missing. Do I agree with this? Of course not. I do not condone or support the actions of the pirates who are stealing caches or moving them great distances away. There is at least one pirate who tried a different twist to the pirate concept -- a friendlier, playful twist -- but because the majority of people here couldn't get past the semantics and made a big deal out of a simple word, they won't even listen to what is being said, no matter how much good sense it makes. Instead of changing the perception of that word, several people insisted that the word itself is evil and will not stand for anyone else having any other view. For those of you with the forward vision and the maturity to accept that the word 'pirate' does not necessarily need to have negative connotations, good for you -- I applaud your open-mindedness and sense of fairness. For those of you who believe that there *is* a way to incorporate a playful twist to the game, I also applaud your open-mindedness and your ability to appreciate the creativity of others. No one should be telling me, you, or anyone else who AGREES to participate in this variation that we can't. We are all grown adults capable of making decisions for ourselves. But, there are those amongst us who don't think that you or I are capable of thinking for ourselves. Those of you who don't think that it is possible for the pirate concept to work in any form, you need to give this some more consideration -- there are indeed ways of making it work. I'm extremely surprised at a good many people who refuse to open their minds to anything new and different. You ought to try it once in a while -- it can be very refreshing. Now, very carefully read this very, very slowly: It's... OK... with... me... if... a... cache... is... pirated... with... the... owners... approval... There is no harm being done if the cache owner is willing to participate. No... harm. There are some very good points that have been made to support a variation on the game and I'd like to thank SylvrStorm for his valiant attempt to cultivate some positive ideas in this thread. There are many possiblities if minds are kept open... That's it. That's all that I have to say. It's my opinion. It's not open to discussion and I will not reply to any comments regarding this opinion. If you don't like it -- too bad for you. It's mine, and I'm very much entitled to it. *****
  13. We most often leave first finder or bonus items in our caches. We also usually leave a note on the cache page that if the FTF opts not to take the special items that the next person is welcome to trade for them with a normal trade item, i.e., they are not expected to trade up. So far we've left CDs, DVDs, compasses, and books. *****
  14. I'd like to thank everyone who showed up for the event. Sorry you couldn't make it MrPeabody, hopefully you'll be able to join us for the next one -- there was lots of talk about doing a two night event next year. It was a huge success and we all had a terrific time. Awesome weather, good company, lots of caching, and even a couple of surprise caches. I'll be uploading some photos to the event cache page tonight (got some good ones of everyone umbrella sailing). Thanks again to all who attended for making this an exceptionally enjoyable experience. *****
  15. OK Zuuky, whatever you say. As far as your request a few posts up to close this thread, I don't think this is your post to close Zuuky. If that's the ignore button right next to the big red button, I just pushed it. ***** [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on September 22, 2003 at 06:05 PM.]
  16. quote: Canadazuuk wrote:This whole thing is clunking slice of nonsense. How can anyone claim to even know when RobertM's cache was hit; it's been sitting idle for 6 weeks. How do we know the pirate is local? If the pirate is local, does that mean it is a geocacher we all know? Can't answer all your questions Zuuk, because I don't have answers for them -- but the pirate posted a message on the pirate board saying that he was going to hit another cache -- I assumed that he kept his word and didn't hit a cache without permission of the owner -- Robert gave him permission to do so in an earlier post to this forum. But, you may be correct, he may have hit this cache prior to giving his word. I guess you'd have to ask him yourself. As for the rest of your post, I can't say that I agree with you (or that I'm surprised with what you say). What you are missing however, is that there are a lot of people in this community that don't share your views. There are many who have already indicated that they LIKE this new concept, including myself and many others beyond those who have posted to this thread. The cache belongs to the cache owner Zuuk. And if they want to put a logo on their cache page to say that want to participate in this pirate game or not should not make one bit of difference to anyone but them. Has the pirate contacted you for permission to have your caches included Zuuk? If he has and you told him not to do it, or if he hasn't contacted you, then you have nothing to worry about have you? As long as he keeps his word, he's not going to visit your cache. *****
  17. Acuracura, thank you for your post. Your opinions are well taken and make good sense. I feel compelled to say something about your last comment however. The person in question is the only one who is being immature -- he's pointed an accusing finger not only at me but at another cacher since all this started. Who's he going to point a finger at next? Could it be you? He needs to be taken down a notch before he gets himself in a whole lot of trouble. There are those who are not as tolerant of him as I am. His unsubstantiated and childish accusations are creating problems for others. He needs to back off and think about what he's doing before he posts. In light of your post however, I will simply ignore his senseless posts in the future. *****
  18. quote: cachew nut wrote:I'm pretty sure Brian brought this upon himself, making himself a target by some of his posts here in the forums. Whoa there nut man. Perhaps Brian is a bit outspoken in the forums and this makes him somewhat of a geocaching celebrity target, but I disagree that he brought this upon himself. There is no excuse for the way that BrianSnat's cache was plundered. *****
  19. I voted no. But only because there is not an appropriate other choice. I do not agree with the pirates who are taking caches and not returning them at all, nor do I agree with the caches that are taken and the contents are removed, and then placed great distances away, requiring the owner to travel to retrieve them. However, there is an exception. We have a pirate in our area who is getting a lot of acceptance. Many here actually LIKE what he is doing (there are a small few who don't). He's shown a willingness to work with local cachers and has agreed only to visit caches where approval has been given by the cache owner. He's also leaving a container so that the person who finds it can use it to place another cache. When he takes the cache contents, he leaves the log book and pen, and only moves the content of the cache a short distance (so far, all the pirate containers with the cache contents have been within 30 or so meters (100 feet) from the original cache location. Not all pirates are evil. *****
  20. quote: Seneca wrote:I have no problem with a “new twist” on the game provided that everyone agreed that this is how its going to be played. I agree as with this statement as well. It seems however, that the only pirate playing with any sense of fairness is our local pirate, Captain Urchin. The other pirates are taking caches and either not returning them at all, or are holding the contents for extended periods and then requiring the cache owner to travel great distances to retrieve the contents. I know I'd be pretty miffed if my caches were taken in the same manner as the pirates in New Jersey or Washington. I don't mind a bit, if they are taken in the same manner as our local pirate -- I don't see the harm in this, as long as he sticks to his word and only plunders the caches that the owner has given permission to do so. With regard to the pirates having approval from gc.com to pirate caches, I just simply don't see how this can be enforced. Zuuk, I don't think the pirates are going to ask gc.com to advocate the pirate concept -- these guys don't care about gc.com, as they've shown very clearly -- but our local pirate does seem to be respectful of those who do not wish to participate by agreeing to contact cachers to get their approval to play his game and by respecting those who don't want to play, by leaving their caches be. I don't see where gc.com has anything to do with me or you agreeing to allow Captain Urchin to visit our caches, and quite frankly, nor should they -- if I give permission to allow the pirate to play his game with my caches, I certainly don't need gc.com (or any other caching website for that matter) telling me that I can't do this. It's my cache and I'll do with it what I desire. Gc.com is a listing service and that is the extent of it. Not to be inciting an argument here but what do you think gc.com could do about it anyway? What kind of uproar do you think they would experience if the people who don't have a problem with this new pirate were told that they cannot make decisions regarding their own caches? I'd guess that it would be much worse than the current situation. I see that Captain Urchin visited another cache this weekend -- I guess Geo-trekker's accusations about me are not as well founded as he'd like to think. ***** (edit: typo) [This message was edited by Jomarac5 on September 22, 2003 at 04:01 PM.]
  21. Zuuk, everyone made it back safe and sound, but a bit tired. I'm sure that logs will be coming as soon as everyone has rested up a bit and has time to write something. It was an awesome trip -- too bad you missed it. *****
  22. Well this is interesting. I just received an e-mail from Captain Urchin. He said that he received the following message and thought that I'd like to know about it as he didn't think it sounded like me. It seems as though someone has set up a hotmail account called Jomarac5 with the e-mail address piratecacher@hotmail.com. This is the message that Captain Urchin forwarded to me (message is in italics): From : "Jomarac 5" <piratecacher@hotmail.com> To : captain_urchin@hotmail.com Subject : Pirate Caching and a partner in crime Date : Fri, 19 Sep 2003 23:19:32 +0000 Aye Aye Captain, A commendation of your work...Good job on th' pirate caches. Say, If you're lookin' fer a partner in crime, let me kn'w. I love this new concept. Jomarac5 P.S. I'm still in school, how about yourself? I got to Lord Byng in Vancouver...You? Sound like anybody we know? *****
  23. Someone is posting with my username over on the pirate site (apparently you don't have to sign in there). My guess is that it's the sock puppet above who goes by the name THE GINGERBREAD MAN. Just to let everyone here know, I have not posted anything on that website, nor do I plan to. If I do however, have reason to post on that site, I will mention it here. cacherunner, glad you like the 'no pirates' button. You can use it if you want, as can anyone else. I'm out of here for a couple days for the kayak event cache. Have a good weekend everyone. *****
  24. quote: charis_sophia wrote:I kept seeing accusations of removing caches, trashing them, and other things like that, but it seems to me that those activities aren't the pirates. I tend to agree. It doesn't appear that the pirates here or in Washington are trying to be malicious. There are caches in our area that have gone missing in the last little while and I've heard some grumblings from a few that are pointing fingers at this new pirate, but as you suggest, I don't think that's the case here either. The pirate up here seems to be very upfront about his intentions. I just read his response to SylvrStorm over at www.piratecaching.com and he seems to be quite reasonable and has a sense of fair play. I hope that people will at least give this thing a chance -- it's a whole lot better than someone running around stealing caches. *****
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